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Hardball Retrospective – Fielding WAR and WS Leader Boards

Fielding WAR and WS Leader Boards span from 1901 through 2013 and consist of all individuals with five or more player-seasons that meet the following criteria:

1901-1960 (“pre-expansion era”)

– player finished among the top 3 in Fielding WAR and Fielding WS at their primary position
(C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B)
– player finished among the top 9 in Fielding WAR and Fielding WS at their primary position (OF)

1961-2013 (“expansion era”)

– player finished among the top 5 in Fielding WAR and Fielding WS at their primary position
(C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B)
– player finished among the top 15 in Fielding WAR and Fielding WS at their primary position (OF)

Rosters are constructed using “Original” players as defined in Hardball Retrospective such that players signing their first Major League contract with an organization are considered an “Original” member of the franchise for the balance of their career. Therefore Babe Ruth is a member of the Red Sox for the duration of his career, while Reggie Jackson and Rickey Henderson are listed with the Athletics, etc.

Based on the research for Hardball Retrospective. This website will include information that was omitted from the paperback version due to space limitations along with brand new content. Additional content will be posted in the near future. The initial release consists of:

· Hardball Retrospective – Franchise Batting Register

· Hardball Retrospective – Franchise Pitching Register

· Hardball Retrospective – All-Time “Original” Rosters

· Hardball Retrospective – Defensive Lineups By Decade

· Hardball Retrospective – Fielding WAR and WS Leader Boards

· Hardball Retrospective – Old-Time Franchises – Single-Season WAR Leaders

· Hardball Retrospective – Franchise Charts – Player-Seasons by Position, 20+ Win Shares

All table columns may be sorted in ascending or descending order and the number of entries displayed can be selected from 10, 25, 50 and 100 rows. You can also search for text within each table. For example, you could select 25 entries then search for Mike Trout. The resulting rows in that table will be limited to Mike Trout’s seasons and statistics.

 Fielding WAR and WS 
Wally Pipp - 1B (DET) x9George Stovall - 1B (CLE) x5Pete M. O'Brien - 1B (TEX) x4
Bill Terry - 1B (SFG) x6Albert Pujols - 1B (STL) x4Rafael Palmeiro - 1B (CHC) x4
Ed Konetchy - 1B (STL) x6Bill White - 1B (SFG) x4Stuffy McInnis - 1B (OAK) x4
George Scott - 1B (BOS) x6Frank McCormick - 1B (CIN) x4Vic Power - 1B (NYY) x4
Keith Hernandez - 1B (STL) x6Mark Teixeira - 1B (TEX) x4
Bill Mazeroski - 2B (PIT) x9Del Pratt - 2B (BAL) x5Mark Lemke - 2B (ATL) x5
Frank White - 2B (KCR) x9Eddie Collins - 2B (OAK) x5Orlando Hudson - 2B (TOR) x5
Nellie Fox - 2B (OAK) x8Johnny Evers - 2B (CHC) x5Ryne Sandberg - 2B (PHI) x5
Joe Gordon - 2B (NYY) x6Lonny Frey - 2B (LAD) x5
Nap Lajoie - 2B (PHI) x6Lou Whitaker - 2B (DET) x5
Ozzie Smith - SS (SDP) x9Mark Belanger - SS (BAL) x6Rabbit Maranville - SS (ATL) x6
Cal Ripken - SS (BAL) x8Marty Marion - SS (STL) x6Everett Scott - SS (BOS) x5
Luis Aparicio - SS (CHW) x8Ozzie Guillen - SS (SDP) x6
Joe Tinker - SS (CHC) x7Phil Rizzuto - SS (NYY) x6
Brooks Robinson - 3B (BAL) x10Gary Gaetti - 3B (MIN) x7Lee Tannehill - 3B (CHW) x5
Buddy Bell - 3B (CLE) x9Ken Boyer - 3B (STL) x6Ron Santo - 3B (CHC) x5
Graig Nettles - 3B (MIN) x8Adrian Beltre - 3B (LAD) x5Terry Pendleton - 3B (STL) x5
Mike Schmidt - 3B (PHI) x8Evan Longoria - 3B (TBD) x5Willie Kamm - 3B (CHW) x5
Clete Boyer - 3B (OAK) x7Ken Keltner - 3B (CLE) x5
Ivan Rodriguez - C (TEX) x11Bob Boone - C (PHI) x7Charles Johnson - C (FLA) x5
Ray Schalk - C (CHW) x11Yadier Molina - C (STL) x7Del Crandall - C (ATL) x5
Bill Dickey - C (NYY) x8Al Lopez - C (LAD) x6Gabby Hartnett - C (CHC) x5
Gary Carter - C (WSN) x8Brad Ausmus - C (NYY) x6Johnny Kling - C (CHC) x5
Jim Sundberg - C (TEX) x8Tony Pena - C (PIT) x6Steve O'Neill - C (OAK) x5
Johnny Bench - C (CIN) x8Yogi Berra - C (NYY) x6
Willie Mays - OF (SFG) x13Andre Dawson - OF (WSN) x7Bill Bruton - OF (ATL) x5
Andruw Jones - OF (ATL) x11Carlos Beltran - OF (KCR) x7Brian Jordan - OF (STL) x5
Mike Cameron - OF (CHW) x11Chet Lemon - OF (OAK) x7Brian McRae - OF (KCR) x5
Willie Davis - OF (LAD) x11Jose Cruz - OF (STL) x7Coco Crisp - OF (STL) x5
Joe DiMaggio - OF (NYY) x10Marquis Grissom - OF (WSN) x7Dave Henderson - OF (SEA) x5
Kenny Lofton - OF (HOU) x10Mike Kreevich - OF (CHC) x7Dwight Evans - OF (BOS) x5
Paul Blair - OF (NYM) x10Reggie Smith - OF (MIN) x7George J. Burns - OF (SFG) x5
Richie Ashburn - OF (PHI) x10Al Kaline - OF (DET) x6Goose Goslin - OF (MIN) x5
Curt Flood - OF (CIN) x9Al Simmons - OF (OAK) x6Juan Pierre - OF (COL) x5
Garry Maddox - OF (SFG) x9Dom DiMaggio - OF (BOS) x6Lloyd Moseby - OF (TOR) x5
Max Carey - OF (PIT) x9Fielder Jones - OF (LAD) x6Lloyd Waner - OF (PIT) x5
Tris Speaker - OF (BOS) x9Gary Pettis - OF (LAA) x6Mel Ott - OF (SFG) x5
Bill Virdon - OF (NYY) x8Johnny Mostil - OF (CHW) x6Mickey Stanley - OF (DET) x5
Carl Yastrzemski - OF (BOS) x8Ken Griffey Jr. - OF (SEA) x6Omar Moreno - OF (PIT) x5
Devon White - OF (LAA) x8Lance Johnson - OF (STL) x6Sam Rice - OF (MIN) x5
Jim Busby - OF (CHW) x8Larry Doby - OF (CLE) x6Sam West - OF (MIN) x5
Jim Edmonds - OF (LAA) x8Rickey Henderson - OF (OAK) x6Torii Hunter - OF (MIN) x5
Jim Piersall - OF (BOS) x8Roberto Clemente - OF (LAD) x6Ty Cobb - OF (DET) x5
Ken Berry - OF (CHW) x8Terry Moore - OF (STL) x6Willie McGee - OF (NYY) x5
Steve Finley - OF (BAL) x8Tommy Leach - OF (LOU) x6
Willie Wilson - OF (KCR) x8Amos Otis - OF (BOS) x5

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