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Derek Bain (author)

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“Hardball Retroactive” chapter summary:

“General Manager Scorecard” and the “Worst Trades” chapters evaluates the front office acumen of MLB executives since 1950. “Taking the Extra Base” examines the art of base running on an individual and team basis. Trivia for one of the most breathtaking plays in baseball is chronicled in “Fun Facts About Inside-the-Park Home Runs”. “The Journey From Expansion to Competitive Team” highlights the path to success for each franchise established since 1960. “Rotisserie vs. Reality” measures organizational performance by the standard Fantasy Baseball categories. The “Best Pitchers Who Never Threw a No-Hitter” are appraised based on Sabermetric principles, “BABIP By Location” is a comprehensive look at individual and league statistics with regards to batted balls in play. The WBC is re-imagined back to the dawn of professional ball in “Baseball Birthplaces and the Retro World Baseball Classic”. Rediscover your favorite hardball arcade and simulations in “Play Retro Baseball Video Games In Your Browser”. “Minors vs. Majors” assesses every franchise’s minor league successes and failures in relation to their major league operations.

I am a New Jersey native with a passion for baseball, statistics, computers and video games who enjoys spending quality time with his family. Visit my Amazon author page to check out my books, promotional videos, and post a review if you're a Hardball Retro fan!


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