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Expos / Nationals Minor League Career Runs Leaders

Expos / Nationals (Minor Leaguers) R
Razor Shines# 668
Leonel Carrion 660
Henry Mateo# 513
Armando Moreno 511
Brandon Watson* 502
Val Pascucci 464
Bill Moore 462
Derrell Baker 458
Mike Hart# 458
Wallace Johnson# 439

Correctly answered by Michael Danes, Jon Winkler, Paul Ivice, Bryan Swank, Brian Bohem, Andy Waldo and James W Neal

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Identify the Minor League leader in career Runs for the Expos / Nationals (Expansion Era).

Steven Souza

Bonus: Use the Comments section to identify the remaining players in the top 10. 3 incorrect guesses and you’re out!

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