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Hardball Retrospective rosters are available for download here –

(1901 through 1912 and 1950 through 1955 available now – more coming soon!)

Earl Weaver Baseball II All-Time AL and NL Greats rosters are available for download here –

I will post the “original” rosters for all seasons since 1901 based on my research for the book, “Hardball Retrospective” using the OOTP 20 format.

To install one of the Hardball Retro seasons into OOTP 20, you will need to download the .zip file from the Mediafile folder listed above. Extract the .zip file to your OOTP Backup folder. Launch OOTP and select the Load Game option from the main menu. Choose Restore From Backup then browse to your Backup folder and select the appropriate file (should have a .lg extension). Assign a name to the league in the “target folder or league name” box. Click the Start Restore button. Wait for the restore process to complete. OOTP should respond with a message stating “Successfully restored the backup set … total # of files.” Click OK then close the dialog box. Select the Load Game option and locate the league name that you previously entered. Click OK to open the new league.

To install the All-Time season into Earl Weaver Baseball II, you will need to download the .zip file from the Mediafile folder listed above. Extract the .zip file to your Earl Weaver Baseball II folder (the default is EWB2). Launch EWB2 and press ESC to access the main menu, then press F5 (Change League File). Arrow down to the ALLTIME league and press RETURN.

Additional information regarding Hardball Retrospective can be found here ->

Would your favorite baseball team make the playoffs if player X had not been traded? Imagine your team’s roster from any particular year. Remove all of the players that your team acquired through trades and free agency. Would you be able to field a competitive team? All right, let us re-populate the roster with every player that the organization originally drafted and signed. Yes, we will include undrafted free agents and foreign players who signed with their first Major League team, as well. How does the team stack up now? Is the club better or worse than the squad that you imagined at first?

I applied these criteria to every Major League Baseball franchise of the modern era (1901-present) in order to establish the proficiency of each organization with respect to scouting, development and performance. In Hardball Retrospective, I placed every ballplayer in the modern era (from 1901-present) on their original teams. Using a variety of advanced statistics and methods, I generated revised standings for each season based entirely on the performance of each team’s “original” players. I discuss every team’s “original” players and seasons at length along with organizational performance with respect to the Amateur Draft (or First-Year Player Draft), amateur free agent signings and other methods of player acquisition. Season standings, WAR and Win Shares totals for the “original” teams are compared against the real-time or “actual” team results to assess each franchise’s scouting, development and general management skills.

I am a New Jersey native with a passion for baseball, statistics, computers and video games who enjoys spending quality time with his family. Visit my Amazon author page to check out my books, promotional videos, and post a review if you're a Hardball Retro fan!


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