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Hardball Architects: Evaluating Roster Construction and Team Performance Based On Player Acquisition Methods – Volume 1 (American League)

Hardball Architects – Volume 1 (American League) –

Kindle edition ($9.99) on sale now! Paperback ($19.99) coming soon…

Hardball Architects examines the trades, free agent acquisitions, draft picks and other transactions for the 30 Major League Baseball franchises, divided into a 2-volume set (American League and National League). All key moves are scrutinized for every team and Sabermetric principles are applied to the roster construction throughout the lifetime of the organization to encapsulate the hits and misses by front office executives. Team performances are analyzed based on transaction type with graphs depicting the WAR (Wins Above Replacement) in every decade. Individual results for each player-transaction is charted over the duration of their stint with the franchise. Every team chapter includes All-Time Rosters and Single-Season Leaders based on transaction type. The Team Trade Record chronicles the WAR and WS (Win Shares) accumulated by players acquired in comparison to those traded to opposing teams. The opening chapter is devoted to the Evolution of the General Manager and incorporates a discussion with former Dodgers GM Fred Claire on a variety of front office topics. Prepare yourself for a journey through baseball history to discover the path to building a contending ball club!

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