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Indians Minor League Career Doubles Leaders

Indians (Minor Leaguers) 2B Jesus Aguilar 214 Angelo LoGrande 182 Chan Perry 177 Nate Grindell 173 Giovanny Urshela 172 Matt McBride 163 Jared Goedert 162 Jordan Brown* 159 Jordan Smith* 159 Ben Francisco 155 Ryan Mulhern 155 Correctly answered by…

Indians Minor League Career Runs Leaders

Indians (Minor Leaguers) R Kevin Rhomberg 561 Johnny Parker 559 Dave Oliver* 492 Angelo LoGrande 489 Jesus Aguilar 478 Vassie Gardner 464 Tim Norrid* 455 Luis Medina 448 Russell Branyan* 447 Chico DeCastris* 442 Brian S. Giles* 442 Correctly answered…