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Month: July 2018

Tigers Minor League Career Stolen Base Leaders

Tigers (Minor Leaguers) SB Juan Francia# 233 Nook Logan# 231 Andres Torres# 229 Glen Barker# 215 Michael Holodick 206 Scott Earl 194 Pedro Santana 194 Rod Lindsey 192 Bryan Lambe 189 Jim Walewander# 189 Correctly answered by Erin Underwood and…

Indians Minor League Career Stolen Base Leaders

Indians (Minor Leaguers) SB Dwight Taylor* 311 Kevin Rhomberg 263 Alex Requena# 256 Johnny Parker 247 Jose Constanza* 210 Eider Torres# 205 Delvi Cid 200 Dave Nelson 180 Vassie Gardner 179 Damian Jackson 176 Willy Taveras 176 Correctly answered by…