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The World Baseball Classic features ballplayers from various geographical regions competing in a tournament which culminates in bragging rights for the winning team and the country that they represent. I devised a slight twist on this theme back in 2017 to retroactively create a computer-based simulation of the best baseball players in the World based on their birthplace. I refined this method (using 10-year periods instead of 20) in order to assemble updated rosters of regional teams including starting lineups, pitching rotations and bullpen assignments. The original article, “Baseball Birthplaces and the Retro World Baseball Classic” is available on my Baseball Analytics website as well as my book, “Hardball Retroactive”.

You can download and import the player libraries for every revised set of Retro WBC rosters for use with Digital Diamond Baseball (compatible with version 10 and above) :

Digital Diamond Baseball – Customer Created Player Libraries – Creative Compilations

For the sake of comparison, my original Retro WBC rosters are available here:

Original Retro-WBC Rosters from my 2017 article


I imported the Master file from the 2022 Sean Lahman Baseball database into RStudio then assigned a “DebutDecade” to each player based on their MLB debut date and merged the resulting table with Win Shares and WAR data acquired from the Baseball Gauge @ Seamheads (data through the 2019 season).

The Retro World Baseball Classic rosters are compiled using the following rules:

  1. Teams are broken into regions (states, countries or groups thereof)
  2. Regions must have at least 40 players (there are several exceptions)
  3. States with more than 100 players in any selected group are granted team status
  4. Rosters are grouped by “DebutDecade” as defined below
  5. I have added the top 250 Negro League players to rosters following the debut season guidelines. However, their WAR and/or Win Shares totals are absent from the calculations.


DebutDecade – grouping of ballplayers based on their Major League debut date. All players making their debut from 1871 through 1880 receive the “1880” DebutDecade designation. This process is replicated for each decade through the 2020 season. Regions are selected to ensure similar roster sizes across each league. The league for every decade contains 16 teams with the exception of the Retro WBC 1880, 1890 and 1900 seaons. Due to the smaller roster sizes and number of franchises during the early days of professional baseball, I restricted those seasons to 8-team leagues. I attempted to balance the regional rosters and in some cases, there are two or three teams from the same region. In those instances I alternated the batters and pitchers selected to each roster based on their best single-season Win Shares.

As defined by Baseball-Reference.com Bullpen:

WAR – Wins Above Replacement “a total-player-value statistic … (which) attempts to measure a player’s value – expressed in wins – over that which would have been contributed by a fictional ‘replacement-level player’ (essentially a AAA-quality player who can be readily acquired by a team at any time for the league’s minimum salary) in the same amount of playing time.”

WS – Win Shares “calculated using the formula in the book Win Shares by Bill James. The statistic is meant to assess a player’s value in terms of his ability to help his team win games.”

Results by Decade

I imported the rosters into Digital Diamond Baseball and configured the starting lineups, rotations and bullpens. Multiple season replays were executed until one team emerged with the best record in four of those campaigns.

Retro WBC 1880

The New York-2 ball club posted a .609 winning percentage over the course of ten season replays to claim the Retro WBC 1880 series championship while runner-up USA_Northeast registered a .592 mark. Larry Corcoran and Old Hoss Radbourn combined for 85 victories per year along with ERA’s of 2.48 and 2.60, respectively for the NY2 squad. Ross Barnes (NY2) placed second in the series with a .357 BA behind league leader Fred Dunlap (.379) of the New Jersey-Pennsylvania-1 squad. Dunlap also paced the circuit in hits (208), doubles (43) and homers (12). USA_South_Southeast was particularly overmatched as the pitching staff (Bobby Mathews and Bill Stearns) yielded a negative run differential of 454 runs per year, contributing mightily to the club’s average record of 38 wins and 108 losses spanning ten replays.

Season 1

1880    USA_Northeast                                              90        52        0.634

Season 2

1880    New York_2                                                  94        46        0.671

Season 3

1880    USA_Northeast                                              94        48        0.662

Season 4

1880    New York_1                                                   88        54        0.620

Season 5

1880    USA_Northeast                                              96        46        0.676

Season 6

1880    New York_1                                                   91        51        0.641

Season 7

1880    New York_2                                                  89        51        0.636

Season 8

1880    New York_1                                                   86        56        0.606

Season 9

1880    New York_2                                                  94        46        0.671

Season 10

1880    New York_2                                                  86        54        0.614

1880    USA_California_Midwest                              87        55        0.613

1880 International  1880 California_Midwest  
George Wood1891OFCap Anson18861B
Bill Phillips18851BJohn Reilly18881B
Pop Smith18842BBuck Ewing1888C
George Hall1875OFMike Moynahan1883SS
Andy Leonard1875OFAbner Dalrymple1885OF
Dick Higham1876OFCal McVey18751B
Arthur Irwin1880SSBill McClellan18862B
Jimmy Hallinan1876SSJack Gleason18843B
Fergy Malone1873CJoe Blong1877OF
Ed Cogswell18791BEmil Gross1880C
Harry Wright1874OFJoe Ellick1884OF
Bob Addy1875OFHarry Wheeler1882OF
Al Reach18712BScott Hastings1872C
John McGuinness18841BGeorge Strief18832B
Al Nichols18763BDan O’Leary1884OF
George Heubel1871OFWill Foley18783B
Steve Bellan1872SSAmos Booth18763B
Al Thake1872OFRudy Kemmler1884C
Pete Donnelly1873DHFred Cone1871OF
Bobby Clack1874OFCharlie Gould18721B
Ed Duffy1871SSPidgey Morgan1875OF
Pat McGee1874OFArt Croft18771B
Jim Hall18722BCharlie Hautz18751B
Larry Ressler1875OFTrick McSorley18841B
Sam Jackson18712BBilly Redmond1878SS
John Curran1876CJack Allen18793B
Joe Miller18752BHarry Smith18772B
 Evans1875OFPaddy Quinn1875C
 Quinlan1874SSBilly Riley1879OF
 McGovern18742BGeorge Bird1871OF
Molly Moore1875SSJoe Straub1883C
Tommy Bond1878PTom Loftus1883OF
Jim McCormick1880PAl Spalding1875P
Rynie Wolters1871PPud Galvin1884P
Curry Foley1880PLee Richmond1880P
Jim Britt1873PBobby Mitchell1878P
The Only Nolan1878PLaurie Reis1877P
Hugh Campbell1873PDory Dean1876P
Pat McManus1879PFred Andrus1884P
 O’Rourke1872PCharlie Guth1880P
1880 USA_Northeast  1880 NJ_Pennsylvania_1  
Roger Connor18851BFred Dunlap18842B
George Gore1885OFHarry Stovey1888OF
Arlie Latham18873BCharlie Bennett1882C
Jim H. O’Rourke1885OFNed Williamson18853B
John Morrill18831BJack Rowe1887SS
Jack Manning1884OFPatrick Gillespie1883OF
John O’Rourke1879OFJohn Richmond1884SS
Hick Carpenter18823BLevi Meyerle18752B
Candy Nelson1884SSJoe Battin18763B
Fred Corey18833BTom Poorman1887OF
Art Whitney18863BSilver Flint1879C
Mike Dorgan1885OFMike McGeary18753B
Steve Brady1885OFDoug Allison1874OF
Ned Hanlon1890OFWes Fisler18722B
Jim Keenan1889CGeorge Creamer18832B
Barney Gilligan1884CJohn Radcliff1872SS
Jimmy Macullar1884SSJohn Kelly1884C
Lew Brown1878CJoe Quest18802B
Bill McGunnigle1879OFFred Warner18793B
Gid Gardner1884OFRuss McKelvy1878OF
Tim Murnane18761BEd Somerville18762B
Ed Caskin1884SSJim Foran18711B
Mike Golden1875OFDickie Flowers1871SS
Bill Hawes1884OFTim McGinley1875C
Jack Leary18823BJake Goodman18781B
Jerry Dorgan1882CGat Stires1871OF
Sam Crane18832BCharlie Sweasy18742B
Al Hall1879OFHenry Burroughs1871OF
Chub Sullivan18781BSam Field1875C
Thorny Hawkes18842BAdam Rocap1875OF
Tim Keefe1883PLen Lovett1875OF
Candy Cummings1875PWilliam Coon1875C
Fred Goldsmith1882PPony Sager1871OF
Tricky Nichols1877PNate Berkenstock1871OF
Harry Salisbury1882PWashington Fulmer1875OF
Denny Driscoll1882PJim Devlin1877P
Foghorn Bradley1876PDick McBride1875P
Tom Healey1878PCherokee Fisher1875P
Cy Bentley1872PJohn McMullin1871P
George Knight1875PHarry Arundel1884P
1880 NJ_Pennsylvania_2  1880 New York_1  
Hardy Richardson1886OFKing Kelly1886OF
Orator Shafer1884OFEzra Sutton18843B
Dave Rowe1884OFLip Pike1875OF
Tom Burns18903BDeacon White1875C
Jack A. Farrell18832BGeorge Wright1875SS
Blondie Purcell1890OFDavy Force1875SS
Bill Harbridge1884OFDan Stearns18891B
Lon Knight1883OFJim Clinton1884OF
Bill Crowley1884OFBill Craver18752B
Doc Bushong1885CDave Eggler1872OF
Chick Fulmer1883SSMike Mansell1882OF
John Hatfield18722BBob Ferguson18812B
Everett Mills18731BJack Remsen1876OF
Ned Cuthbert1872OFJimmy Wood18712B
George Bechtel1875OFJim Holdsworth18743B
Harry Schafer18753BNat Hicks1872C
Denny Mack18731BCount Gedney1873OF
Bill Parks1875OFCharlie Pabor1873OF
Johnny Ryan1876OFTom Dolan1884C
Art Allison1875OFDoc Kennedy1879C
Harry Luff18753BJack Chapman1874OF
Bill Hague18773BSteve King1871OF
Tom Miller1875CPhonney Martin1872OF
Count Sensenderfer1871OFBill Boyd1873OF
Harry Deane1874OFTom Barlow1874SS
Frank Heifer18751BCharlie Hodes1871C
Dave Pierson1876CClipper Flynn18711B
Whitey Ritterson1876CBill Traffley1884C
Studs Bancker1875CDave Birdsall1871OF
George Trenwith18753BBub McAtee18711B
Bill Fouser18762BCharlie Mills1871C
Redleg Snyder1876OFFrank McCarton1872OF
Thomas Gilmore1875CJohn Dailey1875SS
Bill McCloskey1884CMickey Welch1885P
George Bradley1876PWill White1882P
John Ward1880PTerry Larkin1879P
Sam Weaver1882PStump Weidman1882P
Al Pratt1871PFrank Hankinson1879P
Joe Borden1876PJack Neagle1884P
Jim Tyng1879PHugh O’Neil1875P
1880 New York_2  1880 USA_South_Southeast  
Dan Brouthers18921BPaul Hines1884OF
Dude Esterbrook18843BJack Glasscock1889SS
Ross Barnes18752BCharley Jones1884OF
Jack Burdock18832BSadie Houck1884SS
Tom York1881OFJoe Sommer18843B
Joe Hornung1884OFButtercup Dickerson1884OF
Joe Start18821BPop Snyder1882C
Pete Hotaling1887OFJoe Gerhardt18832B
John Cassidy1877OFSam Trott1884C
John Clapp1876CJohn P. Peters1876SS
Billy Geer1884SSCharlie Eden1879OF
Oscar Walker1882OFLou Say1884SS
Jumbo Latham18821BBill Holbert1883C
Tom Carey1874SSJake Evans1884OF
Dickey Pearce1875SSJohn Bass1871SS
Tom Mansell1883OFBill Smiley18822B
Fred Treacey1871OFOscar Bielaski1873OF
John Glenn1876OFFrank Sellman1874C
Fatty Briody1884CGeorge Miller1884C
Herman Dehlman18751BHolly Hollingshead1873OF
Ed Pinkham18713BJohn Shoup1884OF
Tommy Beals1875OFDan Collins1876OF
Aaron Clapp18791BCharlie Mason1875OF
Eddie Booth1874OFBill Barrett18713B
Warren White18753BHenry Kohler18711B
Fred Waterman18713BHenry Gilroy1874C
Henry Kessler1876SSCharlie Lowe18722B
Phil Powers1883CZ. H. Taylor18741B
George Seward1875CWally Goldsmith18753B
Frank Fleet1875CGeorge Keerl18752B
Fraley Rogers1872OFRobert Armstrong1871OF
John Farrow1874CEd Mincher1871OF
Marshall King1871OFBobby Mathews1874P
Old Hoss Radbourn1884PBill Stearns1873P
Larry Corcoran1880PJohn Greason1873P
George Zettlein1873PDale Williams1876P
Frank Mountain1884PFlip Lafferty1876P
Harry McCormick1879PFrank Pearce1876P
Asa Brainard1871PEd Stratton1873P
James McDermott1872PCharles Witherow1875P

Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-1880 – Season 1

Jack Glasscock (SSE) 6 hits, 6 RBI

Old Hoss Radbourn (NY2) 16 K’s

Tim Keefe (NE) 13 K’s

Retro WBC 1890

USA_Midwest collected four straight titles to earn the trophy for the Retro WBC 1890 tournament but the club finished in a virtual tie based on winning percentage with the Asia-Canada-Europe entry (.576 vs .574). Hugh Duffy (CMR) paced all batsmen with a .343 BA, .539 SLG, 111 tallies and 47 two-base knocks while tying for the home run lead with teammate Jimmy Ryan and Tip O’Neill (ACE) at 12 dingers apiece. On the mound, Charlie Sweeney (ACE) averaged 30 victories and flummoxed the opposition as he compiled a 2.19 ERA across six replay seasons.

Season 1

1890    Asia-Canada-Europe                                       90        54        0.625

Season 2

1890    Connecticut_Massachusetts_Rhode Island    81        61        0.570

Season 3

1890    USA_Midwest                                               84        58        0.592

Season 4

1890    USA_Midwest                                               87        55        0.613

Season 5

1890    USA_Midwest                                               84        58        0.592

Season 6

1890    USA_Midwest                                               91        51        0.641

1890 Asia-Canada-Europe  1890 USA_Midwest  
Tip O’Neill1887OFHerman Long1892SS
Tom Brown1891OFGeorge Pinkney18903B
Spud Johnson1890OFGeorge Van Haltren1890OF
Jim Fogarty1887OFDarby O’Brien1889OF
Fred Carroll1889CBug Holliday1892OF
Henry Moore1884OFBill Joyce18963B
Jimmy Knowles18903BWalt Wilmot1890OF
Patsy Donovan1902OFLave Cross19023B
Jack Doyle19031BEmmett Seery1884OF
Hugh Nicol1884OFEd Swartwood1890OF
Bill Kuehne18883BJake Beckley19041B
Reddy Mack18872BJack Crooks18912B
Joe Quinn18902BPerry Werden18901B
Joe Knight1890OFJack O’Connor1890C
Jocko Fields1890OFCliff Carroll1890OF
William Brown18931BBill Gleason1884SS
Mike Muldoon18853BCharlie Comiskey18871B
John Irwin18843BAl Myers18902B
Barney McLaughlin1890SSJim Burns1889OF
Tim Manning18842BTim O’Rourke1893SS
Will Smalley18903BPatsy Tebeau18893B
Frank McLaughlin1884SSOtto Schomberg18871B
Sam LaRocque18902BJumbo Schoeneck18841B
Jon Morrison1884OFGeorge Tebeau1889OF
Milt Whitehead1884SSJoe Werrick18873B
Mike Hines1883CJoe Visner1890OF
Charlie Sweeney1884PBilly Sunday1888OF
Tony Mullane1884PSy Sutcliffe1890C
Hugh Daily1884PSilver King1888P
Phil Knell1891PKid Nichols1898P
Bob Emslie1884PJumbo McGinnis1883P
Pretzels Getzien1886PNat Hudson1888P
John Tener1889PJesse Duryea1889P
Bill Mountjoy1884PEgyptian Healy1890P
Charlie Geggus1884PHarry Staley1890P
Gus Shallix1884PGus Krock1888P
Pete Meegan1885PAl Atkinson1884P
Charlie McCullough1890PHank O’Day1890P
Pete Wood1885PBilly Hart1890P
Patrick Horan1884PFleury Sullivan1884P
1890 Indiana_Michigan_Ohio  1890 Connecticut-RI-Mass  
Ed Delahanty1899OFDick Burns1884OF
Dummy Hoy1888OFAdonis Terry1890OF
Curt Welch1888OFHugh Duffy1894OF
Denny Lyons18903BJimmy Ryan1888OF
Sam Thompson1887OFTommy Tucker18891B
Jake Stenzel1895OFTommy McCarthy1890OF
Ed McKean1888SSEd Crane1884OF
Lefty Marr18893BDuke Farrell18913B
Sam Wise1887SSFrank Fennelly1886SS
Jimmy McAleer1892OFJimmy Cooney1890SS
Bob Allen1890SSPaul Radford1891SS
Shorty Fuller1890SSTommy Corcoran1898SS
John Kerins1886CTom O’Brien18842B
Deacon McGuire1895CBobby Wheelock1891SS
Ed Andrews1887OFMarty Sullivan1890OF
Chief Zimmer1892CJoe Mulvey18853B
Rasty Wright1890OFChippy McGarr1887SS
Jack Boyle1891CJim Donnelly18963B
Billy Clingman18983BWilbert Robinson1894C
Larry Twitchell1887OFAlex McKinnon18861B
Count Campau1890OFJack Carney18911B
Frank Scheibeck1890SSCharley Bassett18913B
Parson Nicholson18902BPete Gilbert18913B
Bill Dighton White1886SSConnie Mack1892C
Farmer Vaughn1893CMike Slattery1890OF
Amos Rusie1894PJohn Clarkson1889P
Cy Young1892PCharlie Buffinton1884P
Toad Ramsey1887PBill Hutchison1890P
Ed Seward1888PDupee Shaw1884P
Ed Stein1892PEd Daily1885P
George Hemming1894PFrank Dwyer1896P
John Ewing1891PGeorge Derby1881P
Bill Stemmyer1886PTom Lovett1890P
Ed Cushman1886PJocko Flynn1886P
Frank Knauss1890PTom Vickery1890P
Park Swartzel1889PJames Burke1884P
Al Mays1886PHenry Gruber1890P
George Pechiney1886PJohn Keefe1890P
Jack Easton1890PDaisy Davis1884P
Billy Crowell1887PFrank Gilmore1887P
1890 New York  1890 USA_Northeast_1  
Mike Griffin1895OFBilly Hamilton1891OF
George S. Davis1897SSMike Tiernan1889OF
Dave Orr18851BBilly Shindle18893B
Bid McPhee18922BYank Robinson18843B
Dick Johnston1888OFJocko Milligan1891C
Doggie Miller1892OFDusty Miller1898OF
Harry Taylor18901BPop Corkhill1888OF
Chief Roseman1884OFFrank Shugart1892SS
Jumbo Davis18873BLou Bierbauer18902B
Fred Lewis1884OFEddie Burke1896OF
Jerry Denny18873BPhil Tomney1890SS
Ted Scheffler1890OFLefty Johnson1891OF
Danny Richardson18892BBill Hallman18922B
Sandy Griffin1890OFChris Fulmer1886C
John Coleman1885OFEd Cartwright18951B
Hank Simon1890OFBill Greenwood18872B
Dasher Troy18842BPhil Baker18841B
Billy O’Brien18871BEddie Fusselback1884C
Jay Faatz18881BEd Whiting1883C
Dennis Casey1885OFMarr Phillips1884SS
Myron Allen1887OFJohn Munyan1890C
Pop Schriver1899CCharlie Bastian18862B
Harry Raymond18903BJerry McCormick18843B
Jackie Hayes1883CJud Birchall1882OF
Jim Whitney1883PMatt Kilroy1887P
Ed Morris1885PJack Stivetts1892P
Lady Baldwin1886PKid Gleason1890P
Ice Box Chamberlain1889PBilly Rhines1890P
Jack Lynch1884PHardie Henderson1884P
Dan Casey1887PPhenomenal Smith1887P
Mickey Hughes1888PPete Conway1888P
Dad Clarke1895PAd Gumbert1892P
Larry McKeon1885PJersey Bakley1888P
Cinders O’Brien1889PBill Phillips1902P
Will Calihan1890PJohn Harkins1886P
Bill Daley1890PSam Kimber1884P
George Meakim1890PMike Mattimore1888P
Tom Sullivan1888PLedell Titcomb1888P
Jack Sharrott1890PNorm Baker1885P
Ren Deagle1883PHerb Goodall1890P
1890 USA_Northeast_2  1890 USA_South_Southeast  
Henry Larkin1886OFJesse Burkett1901OF
Oyster Burns1887SSCupid Childs18902B
Tom Daly18992BPete Browning1887OF
Jim McTamany1890OFChicken Wolf1890OF
Bobby Lowe18932BHub Collins18902B
Fred Mann1884OFBilly Nash18933B
Jake Virtue18921BCharlie Duffee1891OF
Germany Smith1892SSSam Barkley18842B
Jack O’Brien1883CFred Pfeffer18912B
Charlie Reilly18903BOllie Beard1889SS
Jack Clements1890CJohn Sneed1890OF
Tim Shinnick18902BSteve Brodie1895OF
Buster Hoover1884OFFarmer Weaver1890OF
Cub Stricker18882BCharlie Hamburg1890OF
Bones Ely1894SSMox McQuery18901B
Harry Lyons1890OFMonk Cline1884OF
Sid Farrar18871BPhil Reccius18843B
Gil Hatfield1891SSTom Kinslow1892C
Abner Powell1884OFJohn Grim1893C
Irv Ray1891OFJoe Miller1884SS
Jim Field18841BBilly Taylor1884P
Dick Phelan18842BBob Caruthers1885P
George Shoch18972BDave Foutz1886P
Charlie Householder18821BCharlie Ferguson1886P
Guy Hecker1884PScott Stratton1890P
Mike Smith1887PSadie McMahon1891P
Bill Sweeney1884PGus Weyhing1891P
Mark Baldwin1890PBen Sanders1888P
George Haddock1891PBob Barr1890P
Henry Porter1885PBert Cunningham1898P
Lee Viau1888PRed Ehret1890P
Henry Boyle1889PFrank Foreman1889P
Al Maul1898PBill Wise1884P
Kid Madden1887PHank Gastright1890P
Jim Conway1889PPat Luby1890P
Duke Esper1891PEd Beatin1890P
Willard Mains1891PWillie McGill1891P
Billy Serad1887PFred Smith1890P
Alex Ferson1889PBill Sowders1888P
Doc Landis1882PJohn Sowders1890P

Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-1890 – Season 1

Pete Browning (SSE) 6 RBI

Dave Orr (NY) 4 hits, 6 RBI

Lou Bierbauer (NE1) 6 RBI

Hugh Duffy (CMR) 6 hits, 7 RBI

Charlie Sweeney (ACE) no-hitter

Duke Farrell (CMR) 8 RBI

Retro WBC 1900

A pair of entries from New York_Pennsylvania dominated the tournament. Ultimately the New York_Pennsylvania_2 crew emerged triumphant with a winning percentage of .616. The cream of the pitching crop was Christy Mathewson. The right-hander prevailed in 21 contests per series while fashioning an ERA of 2.28 and a WHIP of 1.093 for the champs. Teammates “Wee” Willie Keeler (.387) and Hughie “Ee-Yah” Jennings (.379) battled for the overall batting crown. John McGraw (NP2) showcased his on-base skills (.490 OBP).

Season 1

1900    New York_Pennsylvania_1                            90        51        0.638

Season 2

1900    New York_Pennsylvania_1                            86        55        0.610

1900    New York_Pennsylvania_2                          86        55        0.610

Season 3

1900    New York_Pennsylvania_2                          91        50        0.645

Season 4

1900    New York_Pennsylvania_2                          88        53        0.624

Season 5

1900    New York_Pennsylvania_2                          90        51        0.638

1900 USA_Southwest_INTL 1900 USA_Midwest  
Frank Chance19061BSam Crawford1907OF
Bill Lange1895OFHarry Steinfeldt19063B
Sam Mertes1904OFJimmy Williams18993B
Sammy Strang19023BFred Clarke1909OF
Dan McGann19051BGinger Beaumont1902OF
John J. Anderson1905OFCharlie Hemphill1908OF
George Treadway1894OFGene DeMontreville18982B
Sam Dungan1901OFJohnny Kling1908C
Rudy Hulswitt1902SSDuff Cooley1898OF
Kid Nance1901OFDucky Holmes1899OF
Barry McCormick18983BJosh Clarke1908OF
Zaza Harvey1901OFHerm McFarland1901OF
Larry Murphy1891OFFrank Huelsman1905OF
John J. O’Brien18962BJohn Ganzel19031B
Tommy Sheehan19083BHeinie Peitz19022B
Jake Gettman1898OFCharlie Abbey1894OF
Billy Hulen1896SSEmil Frisk1905OF
Sport McAllister1901CPearce Chiles1899OF
Charlie Frank1894OFBill Hassamaer1894OF
Jiggs Parrott18933BBilly Sullivan1906C
Harry Spies18951BJimmy Burke19033B
Fritz Buelow1901CFrank Bowerman1899C
Jim Jones1902OFDale Gear1901OF
John Houseman18972BJud Smith18983B
Ted Lewis1898PTim Flood19022B
Jay Hughes1899PMike Heydon1905C
Jesse Tannehill1898PCharlie Frisbee1899OF
Noodles Hahn1899PJim Curtiss1891OF
Joe Corbett1897PPink Hawley1895P
Tom Parrott1894PTheodore Breitenstein1894P
Zeke Wilson1896PClark Griffith1895P
Ned Garvin1900PAl Orth1906P
Bill Magee1898PBill Hoffer1895P
Cowboy Jones1900PWillie Sudhoff1903P
Bill Hill1898PDummy Taylor1904P
Roy Evans1902PPete Dowling1899P
Jack Katoll1901PGeorge Davies1892P
Con Lucid1895PBert Husting1902P
Dan McFarlan1899PGeorge Cobb1892P
Bill Kissinger1895PBill Phyle1901P
1900 Illinois_Indiana_Michigan  1900 Ohio  
Mike Donlin1905OFElmer Flick1907OF
Chick Stahl1904OFBill Bradley19033B
Ollie Pickering1901OFTopsy Hartsel1905OF
Bill Everitt18953BRoger Bresnahan1906C
Walter Thornton1898OFKip Selbach1900OF
Charlie Irwin19023BKid Elberfeld1903SS
Otto Krueger19013BSocks Seybold1902OF
Heinie Reitz18942BJiggs Donahue19051B
Charlie Dexter1898OFEd McFarland1899C
Lou Criger1898CEd Gremminger19023B
Pop Dillon19041BHarry Wolverton19013B
Parke Wilson1899CErve Beck19012B
Ace Stewart18952BHarry Blake1898OF
Art Twineham1894CBob Wood1901C
George Flynn1896OFGeorge Hogreiver1895OF
Art Ball18983BGeorge Yeager1898C
Lefty Houtz1899OFJesse Hoffmeister18973B
Joe Walsh18912BLew Camp18933B
Luke Lutenberg18941BMike Kahoe1902C
Bill Moran1892COllie Smith1894OF
Mart McQuaid18912BNig Cuppy1895P
Jouett Meekin1894PJack Taylor1902P
Joe McGinnity1904PBrickyard Kennedy1893P
Jack Powell1904PSam Leever1903P
Frank Kitson1899PNick Altrock1905P
Chick Fraser1901PWiley Piatt1899P
Tom Hughes1903PJerry Nops1897P
Doc Newton1902PDanny Friend1896P
Bill Dammann1898PHarley Payne1896P
Jim Hughey1898PEd Scott1900P
Bert Inks1894PJack Sutthoff1903P
Chauncey Fisher1896PDan Daub1896P
Hal Mauck1893PBill Reidy1901P
Harvey Bailey1899PJohn Malarkey1903P
Frank Donnelly1893PEd Poole1902P
Ben Stephens1893PCy Swaim1897P
Lou J. Johnson1894PEdgar McNabb1893P
Rosie Rosebraugh1898PCharlie Hastings1898P
Monte McFarland1895PGeorge Rettger1891P
Frank Griffith1894PGus McGinnis1893P
1900 USA_Northeast  1900 New York_Pennsylania_1  
Nap Lajoie19102BHonus Wagner1908SS
Joe Kelley1896OFHughie Jennings1896SS
Freddy Parent1904SSJimmy Sheckard1901OF
Danny Green1904OFJimmy Collins18983B
Jimmy Barrett1903OFRoy A. Thomas1905OF
Fred Tenney18991BWillie Keeler1897OF
Kitty Bransfield19081BDanny Murphy19052B
Jimmy Bannon1895OFFrank Isbell19062B
Billy Lush1903OFJimmy Slagle1903OF
Cozy Dolan1902OFCharlie Hickman19052B
Candy LaChance18951BEd Abbaticchio19082B
Doc Casey19043BFred Hartman19013B
Jack McCarthy1899OFTom McCreery1896OF
Tommy Dowd1901OFMike Grady1898C
Pop Foster1901OFTom O’Brien1899OF
Tom Cahill1891CKlondike Douglass1897C
Jim Canavan1891SSJoe Sugden1904C
George Magoon1899SSCharlie Carr19031B
Marty Bergen1898CTuck Turner1894OF
Joe Sullivan1895SSDick Harley1902OF
Doc Powers1901CHeinie Smith19022B
Tim Donahue1898CJack O’Brien1899OF
Chief Sockalexis1897OFZeke Wrigley1898SS
Art Nichols19021BSam Gillen1897SS
Bill Eagan18912BHarvey Smith18963B
Bill Merritt1893CFrank Gatins19013B
Jack Chesbro1904PFrank Killen1893P
Red Donahue1902PTogie Pittinger1902P
Bill Donovan1901PPatsy Flaherty1904P
Fred Klobedanz1897PJack Harper1904P
Jimmy Callahan1899PHarry Howell1907P
Arlie Pond1897PBill Bernhard1904P
Jim Sullivan1896PJoe Yeager1901P
Ed Doheny1903PWarren Fitzgerald1891P
Pop Williams1902PJim Gardner1898P
Dad Clarkson1893PMal Eason1902P
Walt Woods1899PEd Murphy1902P
George Wheeler1897PDavey Dunkle1903P
Jack Fifield1898PGeorge Hodson1894P
Huyler Westervelt1894PHarry Keener1896P
1900 New York_Pennsylania_2  1900 USA_Southeast  
Cy Seymour1905OFAlgie McBride1898OF
John McGraw18993BDave Fultz1902OF
Fielder Jones1908OFBill Keister1899SS
Bill Dahlen1896SSDick Padden18972B
Tommy Leach1907OFPhil Geier1904OF
Harry H. Davis19051BCharlie Gettig1898OF
Bobby Wallace1901SSPete Cassidy18991B
Buck Freeman1903OFJoe Dolan1901SS
Claude Ritchey19062BJoe B. Stanley1903OF
Emmet Heidrick1901OFBert Myers18963B
Shad Barry1902OFWalt Preston1895OF
Monte Cross1898SSSuter Sullivan18993B
Bill Coughlin19053BJake Boyd1895OF
Ossee Schrecongost1907CHal O’Hagan19021B
Fred Jacklitsch1914CAmbrose McGann1895SS
Scoops Carey19021BPete Woodruff1899OF
Jack Warner1897CCharlie Harris18993B
Boileryard Clarke1901CCurt Bernard1900OF
Willie Clark18971BFrank Butler1895OF
Billy Lauder18993BBill Eagle1898OF
George Decker1896OFHarry Wilson1898C
Jim Connor18982BVic Willis1899P
Aleck Smith1897CDoc McJames1898P
Harry Truby18952BDeacon Phillippe1905P
George Henry1893OFJack B. Taylor1895P
Christy Mathewson1905PWin Mercer1897P
Rube Waddell1904PTully Sparks1907P
Bill Dinneen1902PJock Menefee1894P
Jack Dunn1899PBill Hawke1894P
Buttons Briggs1904PBrownie Foreman1895P
Bill Duggleby1901PTom Colcolough1894P
Kid Carsey1895PArchie Stimmel1901P
Bill Carrick1901POtis Stocksdale1894P
Jack Cronin1904PStub Brown1894P
Highball Wilson1903PJake Hewitt1895P
Fritz Clausen1892PBill Quarles1893P
Doc Amole1897PKit McKenna1898P
Doc Parker1895PHarry Colliflower1899P
George Sharrott1893PKing Bailey1895P
John Doran1891PJohn Gilroy1895P

Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-1900 – Season 1

Cy Seymour (NP2) 4 hits, 7 RBI

Fred Jacklitsch (NP2) 6 RBI

Nap Lajoie (NE) 6 RBI

Joe Kelley (NE) HR, 6 RBI

Rube Waddell (NP2) 13 K

Danny Murphy (NP1) HR, 7 RBI

Retro WBC 1910

USA_South_Southeast_2 (.562) and Pennsylvania_2 (.561) finished in a virtual tie for winning percentage. However the USA_West_International_2 squad seized the trophy with consecutive victories in seasons 10 and 11. Ed Walsh (PA2) crafted a 1.93 ERA and a 1.083 WHIP per year as he averaged a series-best 28 wins. Shoeless Joe Jackson (SE2) and Tris Speaker (WI1) rapped 220+ hits per year while topping the leader boards with composite batting averages of .394 and .382, respectively. In the long ball department, “Cactus” Gavvy Cravath edged Frank “Wildfire” Schulte, 20 to 19 on a per-series basis. Ty Cobb (SE1) and Birdie Cree (PA2) tied for fifth in the batting race with a .343 mark, trailing Jackson, Speaker, Heinie Zimmerman (NE2) and Zack Wheat (KM).

Season 1

1910    USA_South_Southeast_1                               94        68        0.580

Season 2

1910    USA_West_International_2                         96        66        0.593

1910    Pennsylvania_2                                             96        66        0.593

Season 3

1910    USA_South_Southeast_2                               96        66        0.593

Season 4

1910    USA_Northeast_1                                          93        69        0.574

Season 5

1910    USA_West_International_2                         100      62        0.617

Season 6

1910    USA_West_International_1                           99        63        0.611

Season 7

1910    USA_South_Southeast_2                               104      58        0.642

Season 8

1910    USA_West_International_1                           97        65        0.599

Season 9

1910    Pennsylvania_2                                               93        69        0.574

Season 10

1910    USA_West_International_2                         96        66        0.593

Season 11

1910    USA_West_International_2                         99        63        0.611

1910 USA_West_INTL_1 1910 USA_West_INTL_2 
Tris Speaker1912OFGavvy Cravath1915OF
Harry Hooper1918OFMorrie Rath19122B
Fred Snodgrass1911OFDuffy Lewis1917OF
Chief Wilson1912OFGeorge Gibson1909C
Tillie Shafer19133BHal Chase19061B
Chief Meyers1912CDave Brain19073B
Harry Wolter1910OFJack Graney1916OF
Hobe Ferris19083BDoc Miller1911OF
Dick Egan19092BCharlie Babb1904SS
Joe Nealon19061BRoy Hartzell1909OF
Jimmy Austin19113BRube Ellis1909OF
Larry McLean1910CEddie Ainsmith1922C
Bunk Congalton1906OFNig Clarke1907C
Hap Myers19131BJimmy Archer1912C
Jerry Freeman19081BBen Koehler1905OF
Bill O’Hara1909OFTex Erwin1911C
Jack Lelivelt1909OFHub Northen1912OF
Art Kruger1914OFTom Needham1904C
John O’Neill1906OFHeinie Heitmuller1909OF
Oscar Stanage1911CYip Owens1915C
Jack Bliss1911CHunter Hill19053B
Charlie Mullen19141BPat Newnam19101B
Paddy O’Connor1915CHarry Smith1904C
Jack O’Neill1903CNewt Randall1907OF
Jack Barnett1907OFAl L. Shaw1907C
Pep Deininger1909OFBert Adams1919C
Charlie Graham1906CPelayo Chacón1926SS
Bill Pettus19221BRegino García06-07C
Alfredo Cabrera04-05SSGervasio González15-16C
Miguel A. González18-19  CMarcelino Guerra18-19OF
Agustín Parpetti19151BHeliodoro Hidalgo10-11OF
Emilio Palomino1906O/PLuis Bustamante07-08SS
Ramón Govantes1901  CJack Quinn1914P
Russ Ford1910POrval Overall1907P
Hippo Vaughn1919POtto Hess1906P
Tom Hughes1915PEd Karger1907P
Frank Arellanes1909PHarry Krause1909P
Fred Blanding1912PMike O’Neill1902P
Henry Schmidt1903PCharley Hall1912P
Win Kellum1904PBobby Keefe1911P
Louis Drucke1910PGeorge Chalmers1911P
Walt Dickson1914PRoy Mitchell1913P
Bill Burns1909PRalph Glaze1907P
Clarence Currie1902PSpec Harkness1910P
Ham Iburg1902PHub Pernoll1910P
Joe Hovlik1911PFarmer Ray1910P
Joe Williams1918PJosé Méndez08-09P
Eustaquio Pedroso14-15PJosé Muñoz06-07P
José Junco1916PHarry Krause1909P
Rube Foster06-07PMike O’Neill1902P
Pastor Pareda1914PCharley Hall1912P
Bill Gatewood1920PBobby Keefe1911P
Luis Padrón 1900P
Andrés Ortega 1904P
Luis González05-06P
1910 USA_Midwest  1910 Illinois_Indiana_1  
George R. Stone1906OFLarry Doyle19152B
Chick Gandil19131BDonie Bush1909SS
Danny Moeller1912OFArt Wilson1914C
Ted Easterly1914CHarry Bay1905OF
Ernie Courtney19053BGermany Schaefer1908SS
Pug Bennett19062BJake Stahl19091B
Lew Drill1904CRay Demmitt1909OF
Otto Miller1920CGeorge Moriarty19093B
Ike Rockenfield19052BDave Altizer1907SS
Judge McCredie1903OFCharley O’Leary1907SS
Jimmy Hart19011BJohn Kane1908OF
Red Downs19072BEd Sweeney1913C
Dusty Miller1902OFBill Collins1910OF
Lee Quillin19073BArnold Hauser1912SS
Frank Jude1906OFHarry Arndt19063B
Red Morgan19063BClaude Berry1914C
Babe Towne1906CRed Corriden1914SS
Lou Nordyke19061BRowdy Elliott1917C
Lee DeMontreville1903SSEarle Gardner19102B
Mike Welday1907OFMike Simon1913C
Jack Coombs1910PFrank Roth1904C
Jim Scott1913PJim Hackett19031B
Jake Weimer1904PFelix Chouinard1910OF
King Cole1910PWarren Gill19081B
Chief Bender1910PJimmie Lyons1920 OF
Fred Glade1904PCy Falkenberg1914P
Vive Lindaman1906PRoscoe Miller1901P
Harry Gaspar1910PCarl Lundgren1907P
Buster Brown1910PEd Summers1908P
Fred Beebe1906PArt Fromme1912P
Jake Thielman1905PBugs Raymond1908P
Henry Thielman1902PNorwood Gibson1904P
Irv Higginbotham1909PHeinie Berger1908P
Roy Hitt1907PChappie McFarland1903P
Harry Eells1906PRalph Works1911P
Mysterious Walker1913PEddie Stack1913P
Hank Gehring1907PTex Pruiett1907P
Tommy Atkins1910PHarry Billiard1914P
Oscar Graham1907PEli Cates1908P
Gus Thompson1903PBurt Keeley1908P
Ed Smith1906P
Dicta Johnson1915P
1910 Illinois_Indiana_2  1910_Kansas_Missouri  
Max Carey1923OFZack Wheat1924OF
Art Fletcher1917SSJoe Tinker1908SS
Eddie Foster19123BSolly Hofman1910OF
Bill Rariden1915CDutch Zwilling1915OF
Ward Miller1915OFBobby Byrne19103B
Al S. Shaw1915OFBeals Becker1914OF
Bert Daniels1910OFGeorge Stovall19081B
Fred Beck19141BVin Campbell1915OF
Rollie Zeider19102BArt Griggs19091B
Del Howard19051BBill Abstein19091B
Art Phelan19123BHarry Swacina19141B
Ed Holly1907SSFrank Truesdale19102B
Alex McCarthy19122BBill Shipke19083B
Rabbit Nill1906SSPaul Meloan1910OF
Tony Smith1910SSArt Hoelskoetter19072B
George Whiteman1918OFDutch Meier1906OF
Peaches Graham1908CDel Young1914OF
Harl Maggert1912OFFred Raymer19013B
Homer Hillebrand19051BPat Hynes1904OF
Bill Davidson1910OFArt Weaver1905C
Charlie French19092BHarry Cheek1910C
Punch Knoll1905OFWalter Johnson1913P
Monte Beville1903CSmoky Joe Wood1912P
Mordecai Brown1909PBob Harmon1911P
Doc Crandall1915PBarney Pelty1906P
Babe Adams1913PEd Siever1901P
Bob Groom1912POscar Jones1903P
Lefty Leifield1911PAd Brennan1913P
Glenn Liebhardt1907PPat Ragan1915P
Bob Wicker1903PElmer Stricklett1906P
Big Jeff Pfeffer1906PSlow Joe Doyle1907P
Cecil Ferguson1908PMarc Hall1913P
King Brockett1909PRip Hagerman1914P
Grover Lowdermilk1915PJim St. Vrain1902P
Tom McCarthy1908PJesse Stovall1903P
Elmer Koestner1910PJake Boultes1907P
John Skopec1901PChick Brandom1909P
John Eubank1906PHarry Suter1909P
Hi West1911PKid Speer1909P
Ray Boyd1911PGeorge Disch1905P
Bill Lindsay1911P/O
1910 Michigan_Wisconsin  1910 Ohio_1  
Ed Konetchy19151BSteve Evans1914OF
Fred Luderus19151BHi Myers1920OF
Davy Jones1907OFEd Hahn1907OF
George Perring19153BAl Bridwell1909SS
Fred Merkle19151BJim Delahanty19111B
Jim Doyle19113BJohnny Bates1910OF
Red Killefer1915OFClyde Engle1909OF
George McBride1910SSLarry Schlafly19062B
Harry Niles19072BFred Osborn1908OF
Bill Killefer1917CHank Gowdy1914C
Neal Ball19112BJoe Delahanty1908OF
Denny Sullivan1907OFGoat Anderson1907OF
Cozy Dolan1914OFBilly Purtell19093B
Red Kleinow1907CRoy Brashear19021B
Bruno Block1912CAl Schweitzer1910OF
Fred Carisch1913CFrank Delahanty1906OF
Willis Cole1909OFBranch Rickey1906C
Chick Lathers19103BJim Stephens1909C
Jack Morrissey19032BPat Donahue1909C
Jack Kading19101BCharlie Starr19092B
Eddie Cicotte1917PPep Clark19033B
Addie Joss1907PBert Blue1908C
Ed Reulbach1905PJohn Godwin1905OF
Ed Killian1907PGeorge Mullin1909P
Frank Owen1904PSlim Sallee1914P
Rube Vickers1908PEarl Moore1909P
Roy Patterson1902PCy Morgan1909P
Bill Hogg1906PRed Ames1905P
Charlie Chech1905PHarry McIntire1908P
Fred Olmstead1910PBob Spade1908P
Frank Lange1911PGeorge Kahler1912P
Dolly Gray1910PCharlie Smith1910P
Beany Jacobson1906PCarl Druhot1906P
Bill Grahame1909PLes Backman1910P
Wish Egan1905PAmbrose Puttmann1904P
Rube Kisinger1903PTacks Neuer1907P
Claude Elliott1904PRed Nelson1910P
Louis LeRoy1906PRoy Golden1911P
Martin Glendon1903PLen Swormstedt1901P
Fred Smith1907PEd McNichol1904P
Walter Ball08-09P
1910 Ohio_2  1910 Connecticut-RI-Mass  
Mike Mitchell1909OFMatty McIntyre1908OF
Burt Shotton1916OFStuffy McInnis19131B
Dode Paskert1916OFShano Collins1914OF
Miller Huggins19052BDanny Hoffman1907OF
Bob Bescher1912OFJack Barry1913SS
Roger Peckinpaugh1919SSEddie Grant19093B
Josh Devore1911OFPat Moran1903C
Jimmy Walsh19143BBob Ganley1907OF
Frank LaPorte19142BPat Carney1902OF
Red Dooin1908CDave Shean19182B
Danny Shay1904SSJohn Henry1916C
Admiral Schlei1906CHugh Bradley19141B
George Rohe19073BJohn Flynn19101B
Gus Dundon19042BBill Bergen1909C
Harry Armbruster1906OFHarry Pattee19082B
Paddy Livingston1909CJack Hannifin19083B
Howard Wakefield1906CHerman Bronkie19193B
Fred Abbott1903CJack Hoey1906OF
Jack Himes1906OFAllie Strobel19062B
Sam Woodruff19043BPete Noonan1907C
Charlie Armbruster1905CHub Hart1907C
Pinky Swander1903OFBenny Bowcock19032B
Johnny Siegle1905OFArt Williams1902OF
Rube Marquard1911PBunny Madden1910C
Jack Pfiester1906PJack Slattery1903C
Bob Ewing1905PDoc Martell1909C
Bob Rhoads1906PAndy Coakley1905P
Kaiser Wilhelm1908PFrank Corridon1907P
Charlie Case1905PMike Lynch1904P
Larry Pape1911PWalter Clarkson1906P
Kirby White1910PMarty McHale1914P
Doc Reisling1910PJack Ferry1911P
Cliff Curtis1909PFred Mitchell1903P
Fred Link1910PJoe Harris1906P
Gene Wright1902PJohn Deering1903P
Sandy Burk1912PTom Tuckey1908P
Bill Bartley1907PBilly Burke1910P
Cy Vorhees1902PPete Wilson1909P
Harry McNeal1901PJim Moroney1910P
Jerry Upp1909PJim McGinley1904P
Charles Earle1908P
1910 USA_Northeast_1  1910 USA_Northeast_2  
Eddie Collins19092BHeinie Zimmerman19123B
Frank Schulte1911OFPatsy Dougherty1903OF
Larry Gardner19123BJohnny Evers19082B
Rube Oldring1910OFDots Miller19092B
Ed Lennox19143BHarry Lord19113B
Tim Jordan19071BClaude Rossman19081B
Heinie Wagner1912SSBilly Maloney1905OF
Amby McConnell19082BFred Odwell1904OF
Chet Chadbourne1914OFBobby Vaughn19152B
Al Burch1909OFIrv Waldron1901OF
Jap Barbeau19093BMoose Grimshaw19061B
Joe Birmingham1911OFIra Thomas1911C
Bill Carrigan1909CEmil Batch19053B
Harry Bemis1902CTom Downey1910SS
Tommy Clarke1914CPete O’Brien19062B
Ed Phelps1909CJack Dunleavy1905OF
Alan Storke19073BRip Cannell1905OF
Hack Simmons1914OFFred Payne1906C
Hughie Hearne1902CJay Kirke19151B
Chappy Charles19092BGeorge Hunter1909OF
Eddie Zimmerman19113BHarry Gleason19053B
Charlie Malay19052BWally Clement1909OF
Mike McCormack19043BFrank Murphy1901OF
Bill Cunningham19102BIke Van Zandt1905OF
Otto Williams1903SSIzzy Hoffman1907OF
Lou Bruce1904OFBill Clancy19051B
Fred Crolius1901OFTom O’Hara1907OF
Dick Rudolph1914PGeorge McQuillan1908P
Lefty Tyler1918PIrv Young1905P
Ray Fisher1915PHooks Wiltse1908P
Al Mattern1910PJimmy Dygert1907P
Jean Dubuc1912PRay Collins1914P
Snake Wiltse1901PGeorge G. Bell1910P
Doc Scanlan1910PCasey Patten1901P
Elmer Steele1911PJoe Lake1909P
Bill Foxen1908PRube Kroh1909P
Chick Robitaille1905PSailor Stroud1915P
Biff Schlitzer1908PFred Burchell1908P
Bill Chappelle1908PDel Mason1907P
Jack Doscher1905PLave Winham1903P
1910 Pennsylvania_1  1910 Pennsylvania_2  
Sherry Magee1907OFHarry Lumley1906OF
John Titus1905OFTerry Turner1906SS
Red Murray1908OFBirdie Cree1911OF
Jake Daubert19151BBill Hinchman1916OF
Doc Gessler1908OFJohn Knight1910SS
Bill McKechnie19143BBaldy Louden19152B
Amos Strunk1916OFMike Mowrey19103B
Mickey Doolin1910SSBris Lord1911OF
Spike Shannon1907OFWilbur Good1914OF
Wid Conroy19033BGeorge Barclay1902OF
Otto Knabe19072BBilly Gilbert19042B
Moose McCormick1909OFJohn Hummel19112B
Steve Yerkes19152BJimmy Sebring1903OF
Whitey Alpermann19072BGus Getz19153B
Herbie Moran1912OFTom Jones19091B
Roxey Roach1915SSCharlie Jones1906OF
Walter Blair1914CLena Blackburne19142B
Joe Cassidy1905SSOtis Clymer1905OF
Jim Jackson1905OFJack Lapp1911C
Phil Lewis1906SSTom Daley1914OF
Chris Lindsay19051BBob Coulson1911OF
Bill Hallman1907OFBill Friel19013B
Pete Childs19012BBen Houser19121B
Lew Ritter1904CTubby Spencer1907C
Jack McAleese1909OFJoe Ward19063B
Jack Hayden1906OFDoc Marshall1906C
Tommy McMillan1910SSJohn Gochnaur1902SS
Judy Gans12-13OFBill Francis19213B
Frank E. Smith1909PEd Walsh1908P
Harry Coveleski1916PEddie Plank1904P
Elmer Knetzer1915PRay Caldwell1915P
Marty O’Toole1912PLew Richie1911P
George Winter1901PJohnny Lush1906P
Lew Moren1909PTom W. Walker1904P
Bill Steele1911PJim Pastorius1907P
Jack Rowan1910PStoney McGlynn1907P
Dixie E. Walker1911PBert Humphries1913P
Gus Dorner1907PBilly Campbell1908P
Barney Wolfe1905PRube Manning1908P
Stan Yerkes1902PRube Geyer1911P
Bucky Veil1903PLou Schettler1910P
1910 USA_South_Southeast_1  1910 USA_South_Southeast_2  
Ty Cobb1915OFHome Run Baker19123B
Art Devlin19063BShoeless Joe Jackson1911OF
Clyde Milan1912OFHans Lobert19083B
Bill John Sweeney19122BHomer Smoot1905OF
Dick Hoblitzell19091BBuck Herzog1914SS
George Browne1904OFRebel Oakes1914OF
Jack Dalton1914OFButch Schmidt19141B
Lefty Davis1901OFBob Unglaub19081B
Lee Tannehill19043BJohn Dobbs1902OF
Simon Nicholls1907SSJohn S. Farrell19012B
Doc Johnston19151BBoss Schmidt1908C
Jake Atz19092BRabbit Robinson1904SS
Gabby Street1908CJack Thoney1908OF
Del Gainer19151BHam Hyatt19151B
Charles Moran1903SSGrover Land1914C
Syd Smith1911CDolly Stark1911SS
Dode Criss1908OFBilly Kelly1912C
Pryor McElveen19103BPaul Sentell19063B
Ezra Midkiff19133BRube Vinson1904OF
Bob Hall1905OFEddie Hohnhorst19101B
Claud Derrick19112BHugh Hill1904OF
Davey Crockett19011BBill Kay1907OF
Jimmy Mathison19023BBen Taylor19141B
John Henry Lloyd12-13SSPete Hill1919OF
Candy Jim Taylor19233BSpottswood Poles12-13OF
Bruce Petway1921CJules Thomas1917OF
Andrew Payne1911OFHowie Camnitz1909P
Nap Rucker1911PGeorge Suggs1914P
George McConnell1915PDoc White1906P
Ed Lafitte1914PNick Maddox1908P
Willie Mitchell1913PFred Anderson1915P
Rube Benton1912PEd Willett1909P
Cy Barger1910PJack Warhop1912P
Weldon Henley1904PWatty Lee1901P
Sam Frock1910PBill Bailey1909P
Happy Townsend1905PBunny Hearn1915P
Charlie Shields1902PBill Powell1910P
Bert Maxwell1914POrlie Weaver1911P
Frank Browning1910PJim Buchanan1905P
Bob Lawson1901PCarl Sitton1909P
Nick Carter1908PFrank Morrissey1902P
Jack Flater1908PEddie Dent1911P
Ed Foster1908PHarry Fanwell1910P
Tom Cantwell1909PHarry Hoch1908P
Dizzy Dismukes1915P

Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-1910 – Season 1

Bill J Sweeney (SSE) 5 hits, 6 RBI

Ty Cobb (SSE) 3 hits, 6 RBI

Smokey Joe Wood (KM2) 13 K

Harry Lumley (PA2) 2 HR, 6 RBI

Amos Strunk (PA1) 2 HR, 6 RBI

Jim Delahanty (OH1) HR, 6 RBI

Retro WBC 1920

The USA_Texas_West crew tallied the highest run differential but the USA_Midwest team emerged victorious in four of nine campaigns while compiling a .593 winning percentage. Claude Hendrix (KM) delivered a composite 1.97 ERA along with a WHIP of 1.091. George Sisler (IO2) outlasted Rogers Hornsby (TXW) in a fiercely contested batting race, .365 to .363. Babe Ruth (SE) slashed .333/.480/.619 to lead the circuit in OBP and place runner-up in slugging behind Hornsby. “Rajah” out-homered the “Babe”, 40 to 31, while pacing the tournament in runs (130), two-base hits (42) and RBI (143).

Season 1

1920    Indiana-Ohio-1                                               98        64        0.605

Season 2

1920    USA_Texas_West                                          95        67        0.586

Season 3

1920    USA_Midwest                                               105      56        0.652

Season 4

1920    USA_Midwest                                               108      53        0.671

Season 5

1920    Kentucky-Tennessee                                       95        67        0.586

Season 6

1920    USA_Midwest                                               98        63        0.609

Season 7

1920    USA_South                                                    99        63        0.611

Season 8

1920    Kansas-Missouri                                              95        67        0.586

Season 9

1920    USA_Midwest                                               107      54        0.665

1920 California-International  1920 USA_Midwest 
Harry Heilmann1923OFDave Bancroft1921SS
Lefty O’Doul1932OFHappy Felsch1917OF
Charlie Hanford1914OFLes Mann1915OF
High Pockets Kelly19241BBilly Southworth1926OF
Bob Meusel1921OFEddie Brown1926OF
Ossie Vitt19153BPatsy Gharrity1921C
Tony Boeckel19213BHank Severeid1921C
Irish Meusel1922OFGus J. Williams1913OF
Sam Bohne19212BLes Nunamaker1916C
Ping Bodie1917OFVerne Clemons1921C
Babe Pinelli19223BJohnny Rawlings19172B
Armando Marsans1916OFCliff W. Lee1922OF
Swede Risberg1920SSTruck Hannah1918C
Frank O’Rourke19252BJoe Riggert1919OF
Mike Gonzalez1918CFrank Gibson1924C
Bob Jones19213BArt Kores19153B
Jimmy Walsh1913OFFred Thomas19183B
Joe Gedeon19202BDel Paddock19123B
Marty Krug19223BEd Barney1915OF
Willie Hogan1911OFHarry Williams19131B
Fritz Mollwitz19181BWilliam Rumler1917OF
Roxy Walters1916CPete Alexander1916P
Drummond Brown1915CRed Faber1921P
Bevo LeBourveau1921OFDazzy Vance1924P
Ed Burns1914CBurleigh Grimes1920P
Merito Acosta1918OFTom Seaton1913P
Cristóbal Torriente1921OFBullet Joe Bush1922P
Alejandro Oms23-24OFCarmen Hill1927P
Bienvenido Jiménez18-192BChief Johnson1915P
Bernardo Baró1921OFClarence Mitchell1921P
Valentín Dreke1924OFGarland Buckeye1927P
Dolf Luque1923PArt Reinhart1925P
Bill L. James1914PGeorge Dumont1917P
Dutch Ruether1919PByron Houck1912P
Pete Schneider1917PRaleigh Aitchison1914P
Duster Mails1921PGeorge Cunningham1916P
Eric Erickson1921PWin Noyes1917P
Bill Pertica1921PAl Gould1916P
Bill Piercy1923PCy Pieh1915P
Bob Steele1917PDwight Stone1914P
Bill Hubbell1924P
Erv Kantlehner1915P
Rube Schauer1917P
Jose Acosta1921P
Oscar Tuero1919P
José Leblanc1920P
String Bean Williams1918P
Isidro Fabré18-19P
Lucas Boada22-23P
1920 Illinois_Michigan_1  1920 Illinois_Michigan_2  
Jack Fournier19241BJohnny Mostil1926OF
Jigger Statz1923OFVic Saier19131B
Bob O’Farrell1922CMax Flack1915OF
Baby Doll Jacobson1920OFAl Wickland1914OF
Jack Smith1917OFRay Schalk1922C
Wally Pipp19221BMarty McManus19303B
Howie Shanks19213BGrover Gilmore1915OF
Milt Stock19163BBraggo Roth1917OF
Babe Borton19151BIra Flagstead1924OF
George Cutshaw19152BErnie R. Johnson1915SS
Tex Wisterzil19143BDoc Lavan1920SS
Tim Hendryx1920OFIvan Howard19151B
Jack Farrell19142BGene Paulette19201B
Pinch Thomas1916CHick Cady1915C
Fred Kommers1914OFBernie Neis1925OF
Wally Rehg1917OFRip Williams1912C
Ernie Krueger1919CBert Tooley1911SS
Joe Leonard19173BJack Ness19161B
Buzzy Wares1914SSEd Gagnier1914SS
Larry Chappell1913OFLaRue Kirby1914OF
Al DeVormer1923CBunny Brief19151B
Jim Breton19143BFred Brainard19151B
Hank Butcher1911OFBiff Schaller1913OF
Charlie Jackson1917OFByrd Lynn1917C
Adam DeBus1917SSJeff Pfeffer1916P
Hal Carlson1926PEarl Hamilton1914P
Leon Cadore1917PJoe Oeschger1921P
Al Demaree1916PClint Rogge1915P
Alex Main1915PMike Prendergast1915P
Bill H. James1914PErv Lange1914P
Frank Miller1922PGeorge Pierce1913P
Tom Sheehan1924PErnie Koob1916P
Walt Leverenz1913PMax Fiske1914P
Lou North1922PDave Black1915P
Henry Keupper1914PTom McGuire1914P
Sweetbread Bailey1919PCy Warmoth1923P
Ralph Comstock1918PTony Lyons1924P
King Bader1917PJack Wisner1925P
Rube Peters1912PWild Bill Luhrsen1913P
Luke Nelson1919PWalter Anderson1917P
1920 Indiana_Ohio_1  1920 Indiana_Ohio_2  
Benny Kauff1914OFGeorge Sisler19201B
Edd Roush1920OFDuke Kenworthy19142B
Ray Grimes19221BGeorge H. Burns19181B
Cy Williams1920OFAustin McHenry1921OF
Bubbles Hargrave1923CSam Rice1923OF
Jim Viox19132BPat Duncan1922OF
Elmer J. Smith1920OFAl Scheer1915OF
Tommy Griffith1915OFNemo Leibold1919OF
Lee Magee19182BJoe Agler19141B
Everett Scott1922SSWally Gerber1923SS
Bill Wambsganss19192BGeorge Anderson1915OF
Frank Gilhooley1918OFGrover Hartley1915C
Fred Smith1915SSAl Halt19153B
Bruno Betzel19162BZinn Beck19143B
Paddy Baumann19152BElmer Miller1917OF
Merlin Kopp1918OFEarl Smith19203B
Delos Drake1914OFHowdy Caton1918SS
Bill Rodgers19152BScotty Ingerton19113B
Otis Johnson1911SSEarl Blackburn1916C
Walt Tragesser1917CRed McKee1913C
Newt Hunter19111BPickles Dillhoefer1920C
Emil Huhn19151BBob Coleman1914C
Ed Sicking19203BJohn Potts1914OF
Roy Corhan1911SSHal Irelan19142B
Cliff Daringer1914SSRalph Miller1921SS
Art Watson1915CDoc Kerr1914C
Bill Pierce19241BOscar Charleston1921OF
Mitchell Murray1926CGeorge Uhle1926P
Urban Shocker1921PJesse Haines1927P
Dutch H. Leonard1914PSad Sam Jones1921P
Allan Sothoron1919PHooks Dauss1923P
Carl Weilman1914PHod Eller1919P
Al Schulz1915PEarl Moseley1915P
Joe Benz1914PArt Nehf1919P
Doc Watson1914PGeorge Kaiserling1914P
Vic Aldridge1922PEarl Yingling1913P
Pete Henning1915PHal Haid1929P
Dan Marion1915PBill Schardt1911P
Elmer Brown1912PBill Upham1915P
Bob Geary1918PJim Middleton1921P
Rube Marshall1914PJoe Willis1912P
Lou Lowdermilk1911PEd Rile1923P
Bill Holland1922P
1920 Kansas_Missouri  1920 USA_Northeast  
Charlie Hollocher1918SSPie Traynor19233B
Jack Tobin1921OFRabbit Maranville1916SS
Muddy Ruel1923CJoe Connolly1914OF
Charlie Grimm19231BBernie Friberg19233B
Casey Stengel1917OFWhitey Witt1923OF
Benny Meyer1914OFLarry Kopf1919SS
Ivy Olson1919SSCy Perkins1923C
Homer Summa1926OFHod Ford1928SS
Pete Kilduff19202BJimmie Savage1914OF
Doug Baird19173BJimmy Cooney1926SS
Gene Robertson19253BEddie Eayrs1920OF
Walter Holke19171BHal Janvrin19142B
Pat Collins1926CArt Butler1915SS
Cotton Tierney19232BJohn Leary19141B
Ollie O’Mara1915SSJohn Kelleher19213B
Heinie Mueller1923OFAl Boucher19143B
Mickey O’Neil1920CBabe Twombly1921OF
Joe Wilhoit1916OFMerwin Jacobson1926OF
Joe Kelly1914OFLeo Callahan1919OF
Wally Mattick1912OFHenri Rondeau1916OF
William Marriott19263BJud Daley1912OF
Fred Hofmann1923CGeorge Twombly1914OF
Fred McMullin19183BPaul Johnson1921OF
George Jackson1912OFDick Cotter1912C
Ray Schmandt19211BBuck O’Brien1912P
Joe Berger19132BGeorge Smith1920P
Chuck Ward1917SSRosy Ryan1922P
Heavy Johnson1923OFDave Keefe1920P
Bingo DeMoss19202BRay Keating1914P
Claude Hendrix1914PJoe Conzelman1914P
Jeff Tesreau1914PGeorge LeClair1915P
Larry Cheney1912PFrank Woodward1919P
Elam Vangilder1923PAllan Collamore1915P
Lefty Williams1919PChick Davies1926P
Dickey Kerr1920PRed Shea1921P
Gene Dale1915PBob Smith1914P
Virgil Barnes1925PDan Woodman1914P
Elmer Jacobs1924PEd Warner1912P
Zip Zabel1914PAl Pierotti1920P
Frank Shellenback1918PJohnny Tillman1915P
Roy Sanders1918P
Bill Burwell1920P
Bill Drake1921P
John Donaldson1918P/O
Frank Wickware1913P
1920 New York  1920 NJ_Pennsylvania_1  
Frankie Frisch19272BCharlie Jamieson1923OF
Heinie Groh19173BJoe Harris1923OF
George J. Burns1917OFJimmy Dykes1929SS
Eddie Murphy1914OFJohnny Bassler1924C
Jimmy Esmond1915SSRalph Young19162B
Joe Judge19201BMike Menosky1920OF
Wally Schang1921CMarty Berghammer1915SS
Bucky Harris19212BMarty Kavanagh19151B
Hack L. Miller1922OFHugh High1915OF
William Fischer1915CRuss Wrightstone19271B
Val Picinich1928CRed Shannon19192B
Zip Collins1915OFLuke Boone19152B
Ed McDonald19123BChick Shorten1919OF
Billy Zitzmann1928OFJim O’Neill1920SS
Wickey McAvoy1918CHarry Fritz19153B
Jake Pitler19172BJack Martin1914SS
Charlie See1920OFJack Lewis19152B
Alex Gaston1929CEnos Kirkpatrick19143B
Joe Wagner19152BJack McCandless1915OF
Fred Lear19203BDutch Sterrett1912OF
Bobby Schang1915CSam Crane1921SS
George Mogridge1921PFrank Crossin1914C
Waite Hoyt1921PBob Shawkey1922P
Howard Ehmke1923PBill Doak1914P
Gene Krapp1914PAl Mamaux1915P
Hugh Bedient1912PJim Shaw1919P
Jimmy Ring1923PJack Ogden1928P
Bernie Boland1919PEd Klepfer1917P
Hugh McQuillan1923PElmer Myers1920P
Johnny Enzmann1918PFred Heimach1924P
Mellie Wolfgang1914PLefty Weinert1922P
Mike Regan1917PFritz Coumbe1917P
Roy Wilkinson1920PBill Steen1914P
Ed Donnelly1912PWeldon Wyckoff1914P
Al Schacht1920PKing Lear1915P
Red Hoff1915PEddie Matteson1918P
Iron Davis1914PCliff Markle1922P
George Mohart1920PBob Clark1920P
Charlie Boardman1915PLefty George1911P
Joe Gleason1922PTom Knowlson1915P
1920 NJ_Pennsylvania_2  1920 USA_South  
Steve O’Neill1920CJoe Sewell1923SS
Buck Weaver1913SSRay Powell1921OF
Jim Kelly1915OFWalton Cruise1917OF
Clyde Barnhart1925OFAaron Ward19232B
Rube Bressler1928OFTom A. Long1915OF
Joe Dugan19233BFrank Welch1923OF
Cliff Heathcote1926OFGlenn Myatt1924C
Charlie Deal19193BEarl S. Smith1925C
Lew McCarty1916CBen Paschal1925OF
Ed Fitzpatrick19152BWalter Schmidt1921C
John L. Sullivan1920OFSammy Vick1919OF
Joe Schultz1921OFJoe Evans19183B
Ray Bates19173BLarry Gilbert1914OF
Ted Cather1914OFJim Thorpe1917OF
Jimmy Smith1915SSErnie Walker1914OF
Al Nixon1926OFJohn Dodge19133B
Wally Smith19123BRoy Wood1914OF
Mike McNally19213BBill Holden1913OF
Wally Kimmick1925SSTed Jourdan19201B
Pete Knisely1915OFRed Smyth1918OF
Harry Pearce19182BDave Malarcher19253B
Dan Costello1914OFOliver Marcell23-24DH
Stan Coveleski1920PJelly Gardner1924OF
Herb Pennock1924PDave Davenport1915P
Bill Sherdel1928PReb Russell1913P
Socks Seibold1930PRube Foster1915P
Harry Harper1916PFrank Allen1915P
Alex Ferguson1924PJesse Barnes1919P
Hank Thormahlen1919PWhitey Glazner1921P
Boardwalk Brown1913PPol Perritt1914P
Happy Finneran1915PGuy Morton1915P
Bill Bayne1921PHank Robinson1912P
Jing Johnson1917PElmer Ponder1920P
Snipe Conley1914PMule Watson1921P
Johnny Miljus1927PVirgil Cheeves1922P
Casey Hageman1914PSlim Love1918P
Jake Northrop1918PBenn Karr1925P
Tom Phillips1919PJimmy Zinn1921P
Harry Weaver1918PBen Tincup1914P
Willie Adams1918PJim Bluejacket1915P
Shovel Hodge1922P
Jack Lively1911P
Lefty York1921P
Bullet Rogan1922P/O
1920 Kentucky_Tennessee  1920 USA_Southeast  
Ray Chapman1917SSBabe Ruth1923OF
Bobby Veach1919OFDave Robertson1916OF
Tillie Walker1914OFRay Morgan19132B
Jimmy Johnston19213BFritz Maisel19153B
George W. Harper1927OFBill Lamar1925OF
Bob Fisher1915SSGreasy Neale1917OF
Turner Barber1921OFFrank Brower1922OF
Doc Prothro19253BChick Fewster1919OF
Hank DeBerry1924CLarry Woodall1927C
Red Massey1918OFLee King1920OF
Jim D. Hickman1917OFCharlie Pick19192B
Johnnie Heving1929CGuy Zinn1912OF
Tod Sloan1917OFGeorge Maisel1921OF
Hervey McClellan1923SSHarvey Russell1915C
Jack Farmer19162BLew Malone19152B
Horace Milan1915OFJohnny Beall1913OF
Dixie Carroll1919OFHarry Spratt1911SS
Bubber Jonnard1927CChuck Wortman1916SS
Billy Meyer1916CFred Bailey1917OF
George Textor1914CBen Spencer1913OF
John Beckwith19251BJesse Barber1912SS
Frank Warfield19242BJudy Johnson19253B
Charlie Blackwell1921DHWilbur Cooper1920P
George Shively1914OFEppa Rixey1923P
Carl Mays1921PEddie Rommel1922P
Johnny Morrison1923PNick Cullop1915P
Fred Toney1915PSheriff Blake1928P
Ferdie Schupp1917PJoe Boehling1913P
Dan Griner1914PHuck Betts1933P
Hub Perdue1913PDoc Ayers1915P
Jim Baskette1912PVic Keen1924P
Tom Rogers1918PAllen Russell1919P
Roy Walker1921PJack Bentley1923P
Dick Crutcher1914PHarry Moran1915P
Mack Allison1912PGeorge Baumgardner1912P
Limb McKenry1915PRasty Wright1922P
Tex Covington1911PMarv Goodwin1919P
Ben Harris1914PRed Oldham1921P
Jim Park1916PJoe Engel1913P
Dick Niehaus1920PDick Robertson1918P
Fin Wilson1915PCharlie Becker1911P
Neal Brady1925PHarry Biemiller1925P
Pop-boy Smith1913P
Ed Monroe1917P
Jim Jeffries1922P
George Britt1930P
1920 Florida_Georgia_NC_SC  1920 Texas_USA_West  
Del Pratt19142BRogers Hornsby19222B
Red Smith19143BRoss Youngs1920OF
Al Wingo1925OFKen Williams1922OF
Dick Burrus19251BBibb Falk1926OF
Possum Whitted1916OFCarson Bigbee1922OF
Chick Galloway1922SSClaude Cooper1915OF
Vern Duncan1914OFCurt Walker1926OF
Walter Barbare1921SSFrank Snyder1915C
Ivey Wingo1917CTex McDonald1914OF
Zack Taylor1924CSammy Hale19273B
Frank Ellerbe19213BBert Niehoff19162B
Bobby LaMotte1925SSZeb Terry1920SS
Lloyd Christenbury19212BDoc Cook1915OF
Everett Booe1914OFFred Nicholson1920OF
Walt Alexander1916CIke M. Davis1925SS
Cad Coles1914OFGene Bailey1923OF
Stuffy Stewart19272BBuddy Ryan1912OF
Shag Thompson1915OFClarence Huber19253B
Lee Gooch1917OFPep Goodwin1914SS
Frank Walker1918OFRoy Grover19172B
Dick Lundy1924SSGus Fisher1911C
Dobie Moore1924DHHurley McNair1922OF
Irvin Brooks1925OFEdgar Wesley19251B
Jim Bagby1920PLouis Santop1922C
Jack Scott1925PJim Brown1926C/1
Ernie Shore1915PSandy Thompson1925OF
Erskine Mayer1915PVean Gregg1911P
Lee Meadows1927PScott Perry1918P
Dixie Davis1920PHerman Pillette1922P
Tom Zachary1924PGene Packard1915P
Sherry Smith1924PBert Gallia1915P
Jimmy Lavender1912PSlim Harriss1925P
Brad Hogg1918PStan Baumgartner1924P
Phil Douglas1919PCharlie Robertson1922P
Dana Fillingim1921PRip Collins1924P
Jakie May1927PDave Danforth1923P
Carl Cashion1912PJohnny Couch1922P
Bob Hasty1923PRankin Johnson1914P
Red Causey1918PWheezer Dell1915P
Milt Watson1917PPercy Jones1926P
Paul Carter1917PRollie Naylor1920P
Buddy Napier1920PSpeed Martin1919P
Harry Courtney1920PRoy Moore1921P
Dick Redding1917PPug Cavet1914P
Juan Padrón1916PWalt Kinney1919P
Phil Cockrell1925PDave Brown1924P
Willis Flournoy1929PJesse Hubbard1927P/O
Luther Farrell1927PWilliam Ross1930P
Tom Williams1917P

Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-1920 – Season 1

Allan Sothoron (IO1) no-hitter

Rogers Hornsby (TXW) 3 HR, 4 RBI

Oscar Charleston (IO2) 3 HR, 5 RBI

Retro WBC 1930

The Alabama-Mississippi and USA_Southeast ballclubs finished the tournament with identical won-loss records and a .610 winning percentage. Alabama-Mississippi compiled the best record in four of the nine replay seasons to capture the championship trophy. Cool Papa Bell (.396) and Mule Suttles (.384), co-captains of the Alabama-Mississippi team, dominated the offensive leader boards. Bell led the League in OBP (.452) while Suttles contributed 40 round-trippers and 154 RBI per year alongside a massive .828 SLG. Jimmie Foxx (SE) squeaked past Hack Wilson (NE1) for the home run title as he mashed 50 taters per season. Babe Herman (NY) plated 155 baserunners annually to supplement the league-wide outburst on offense. Only two qualifying hurlers posted sub-3.00 ERA’s over the course of the Retro-WBC-1930 tournament: Willie Foster (2.73) of the Texas_USA_West_International_1 and Garland Braxton (2.78) of the Georgia-North Carolina-South Carolina.

Season 1

1930    USA_Southeast                                              104      58        0.642

Season 2

1930    USA_Northeast-2                                           103      59        0.636

Season 3

1930    Alabama-Mississippi                                     96        66        0.593

Season 4

1930    USA_South                                                    104      58        0.642

Season 5

1930    Alabama-Mississippi                                     107      55        0.660

Season 6

1930    USA_Southeast                                              107      55        0.660

Season 7

1930    Alabama-Mississippi                                     99        63        0.611

Season 8

1930    USA_Southeast                                              105      57        0.648

Season 9

1930    Alabama-Mississippi                                     105      57        0.648

1930 Texas_USA_West_INTL_1 1930 Texas_USA_West_INTL_2 
Earl Averill1934OFJo-Jo Moore1934OF
Carl Reynolds1930OFSam West1931OF
Johnny Frederick1930OFPinky Higgins19443B
Randy Moore1933OFTopper Rigney1924SS
Pinky Whitney19293BGus Mancuso1936C
George Watkins1931OFJimmy Welsh1928OF
Gordon Slade1934SSFred Haney19253B
Buster Chatham19303BOssie Orwoll19281B
Heinie Schuble19323BArt Shires19291B
Bob Seeds1938OFDutch Schliebner19231B
Sam Langford1928OFHomer Ezzell19243B
Ray Morehart19272BBoob Fowler1924SS
Cedric Durst1929OFSpencer Adams19272B
Arndt Jorgens1934CRed Badgro1929OF
Bernie James19332BJohn Monroe19212B
Homer Peel1933OFJim Mosolf1933OF
Denny Williams1924OFMike Herrera19262B
Marv Gudat1932OFTony Rego1925C
Chick Autry1928CGus Dugas1932OF
Guy Sturdy19271BHod Kibbie19252B
Tommy Taylor19243BNewt Allen19302B
Biz Mackey1922CDewey Creacy1926DH
Steel Arm Davis1927OFChaney White1929OF
Goose Curry1944O/PCrush Holloway1924OF
Clarence Smith1922OFAgustín Bejerano1941OF
Pete Donohue1925PEd Brandt1933P
Wilcy Moore1927PFirpo Marberry1929P
Ray Benge1931PSam Gray1929P
Lloyd Brown1931PTed Blankenship1925P
Syl Johnson1935PDixie Leverett1922P
Dutch Ulrich1927PJack Russell1933P
Gordon Rhodes1933PPat Caraway1930P
Bill Shores1929PEarl Caldwell1946P
Sarge Connally1927PJoe Pate1926P
Joe Dawson1928PLil Stoner1927P
Milt Shoffner1939PBill Harris1932P
Bob Osborn1926PBuck Freeman1921P
Ray Francis1922PTony Welzer1927P
Belve Bean1934PPedro Dibut1924P
Fred Johnson1938PHap Collard1930P
Carlisle Littlejohn1927PSuds Sutherland1921P
Chet Falk1926PGeorge Milstead1926P
Red Peery1929PGeorge Cox1928P
Vince Shields1924PVern Underhill1928P
Willie Foster1926PJim Wright1927P
Ramón Bragaña1940PMartín Dihigo1942P/3
Andy Cooper1925PWilliam Bell1926P
Bob McClure1925POscar Levis1924P
Heliodoro Díaz1930PCliff Bell1927P
Lewis Hampton1922PBasilio Rosell1927P
Cocaína García1942PJim Willis1933P
John Taylor1921P
1930 California  1930 USA_Midwest  
Joe Cronin1931SSCharlie Gehringer19342B
Tony Lazzeri19292BAl Simmons1930OF
Gus Suhr19361BKiki Cuyler1925OF
Chick Hafey1928OFBing Miller1929OF
Lew Fonseca19291BJoe Hauser19231B
Lyn Lary1931SSWally Gilbert19293B
Willie Kamm19283BDoug Taitt1928OF
Alex Metzler1927OFRube Lutzke19233B
Red Kress1930SSMandy Brooks1925OF
Mark Koenig1928SSShowboat Fisher1930OF
Jack Rothrock1934OFWattie Holm1927OF
Cuckoo Christensen1926OFHarry McCurdy1927C
Earl McNeely1926OFJohnny Mitchell1924SS
Dick Cox1925OFAl Bool1930C
Heinie Sand1927SSPid Purdy1928OF
Ernie Orsatti1933OFRalph Shinners1925OF
Hal Rhyne1931SSArt Jahn1925OF
Ike Caveney1923SSPinky Pittenger19253B
Clyde Beck19283BSpence Harris1926OF
George Puccinelli1936OFGreg Mulleavy1930SS
Bill Cunningham1924OFGeorge Loepp1930OF
Merv Shea1933CMel Harder1934P
John Kerr19312BRube Walberg1931P
Chicken Hawks19251BEarl Whitehill1933P
Jimmy O’Connell1923OFGeorge Pipgras1928P
Pete Scott1928OFSloppy Thurston1924P
Larry Bettencourt19283BDutch Levsen1926P
Eddie Kenna1928CBenny Frey1930P
Lefty Gomez1934PRoxie Lawson1937P
Ray Kremer1926PAd Liska1930P
Larry French1933PLes Sweetland1929P
George Blaeholder1934PRoy Parmelee1933P
Bud Teachout1930PHal McKain1929P
Tiny Chaplin1936PLynn Nelson1939P
Bert Cole1923PJim Faulkner1928P
Bruce Cunningham1929PPaul Zahniser1923P
Carl Holling1921PLou Koupal1929P
Nick Dumovich1923PErnie Nevers1927P
John Gillespie1922PHal Elliott1929P
Herb McQuaid1923PFoster Edwards1926P
1930 Illinois  1930 Indiana_Ohio  
Wally Berger1933OFChuck Klein1932OF
Freddie Lindstrom19283BWoody English19303B
Jim Bottomley19281BJoe Vosmik1935OF
Dick Bartell1937SSJoe Kuhel19331B
Andy High19242BJohnny Hodapp19302B
Ed Morgan19301BBob Fothergill1927OF
Billy Rogell1933SSEthan Allen1935OF
Chuck Dressen19273BBuzz Boyle1934OF
Fred Schulte1933OFJackie Tavener1926SS
Ray Blades1925OFTommy Thevenow1926SS
Earl Sheely19251BRollie Hemsley1935C
Harry Rice1925OFHoward Freigau19253B
Evar Swanson1933OFFreddy Spurgeon19262B
Ossie Bluege19273BGus Felix1925OF
Ski Melillo19312BJack Warner19273B
Bruce Campbell1939OFButch Henline1922C
Wid Matthews1923OFPat McNulty1925OF
Bud Clancy19281BPinky Hargrave1928C
Eddie Taylor19263BEstel Crabtree1941OF
Otis Miller19303BRabbit Warstler1937SS
Dutch Hoffman1929OFBill Joseph Sweeney19311B
Dick Reichle1923OFBuck Crouse1925C
Leo Dixon1925CBilly Rhiel19323B
Al Van Camp1931OFGoldie Rapp19213B
Paul Florence1926CFrank Doljack1931OF
Bill Riggins19293BAl Niehaus19251B
Red Ruffing1932PCharlie Root1929P
Bill Walker1931PFreddie Fitzsimmons1934P
Emil Yde1924PJake Miller1929P
Doug McWeeny1928PRay Kolp1928P
Tony Kaufmann1923PEd Wells1933P
Si Johnson1932PDutch Henry1927P
Phil Collins1931PArt Decatur1922P
Bob Weiland1937PBob Kline1933P
Bobby Burke1934PBy Speece1925P
Snipe Hansen1932PRalph Judd1929P
Mike Cvengros1923PDuke Sedgwick1921P
Art Delaney1928PRuss Miller1928P
Boom-Boom Beck1945PRay Lucas1929P
Hal Wiltse1926PJohn Singleton1922P
Rube Ehrhardt1924PWade Johnston1929OF
John Williams1929P
Steel Arm Tyler1927P
1930 Kansas_Missouri  1930 USA_Northeast_1  
George Grantham19302BHack Wilson1930OF
Glenn Wright1925SSGabby Hartnett1930C
Bill Cissell19322BMax Bishop19312B
Freddy Leach1926OFMule Haas1929OF
Johnny Butler1926SSSparky Adams19262B
Johnny Schulte1927CCharlie Gelbert1931SS
Liz Funk1930OFDoc Cramer1944OF
Phil Todt19251BKiddo Davis1932OF
Wally Roettger1931OFChick Fullis1933OF
Maurice Archdeacon1924OFErnie Padgett19243B
Bert Griffith1922OFCharlie Berry1931C
Nick H. Cullop1931OFBeauty McGowan1929OF
Fred Brickell1928OFBill Regan19272B
Hooks Cotter19241BClyde Sukeforth1929C
Ted Gullic1930OFFrank Bruggy1921C
Herschel Bennett1926OFCharlie Hargreaves1929C
Butch Weis1924OFBill McCarren19233B
Jewel Ens19222BJack Cummings1927C
Joe Klugmann19252BHowdy Groskloss19312B
Oscar Siemer1925CJoe Munson1926OF
Frank Duncan1929CJohn Chapman1924SS
Dink Mothell19282BFrank Brazill19211B
George Giles19301BElmer Yoter19243B
Halley Harding1926SSJoe Cicero1929OF
Carl Hubbell1936PJoe Shaute1924P
Larry Benton1928PMilt Gaston1930P
Heinie Meine1931PFred Frankhouse1934P
Jumbo Elliott1931PPete Appleton1936P
Claude Willoughby1929PCurly Ogden1924P
Chief Hogsett1932PMyles Thomas1929P
Hub Pruett1922PLeon Chagnon1932P
Fred Fussell1928PWalt Huntzinger1925P
Leo Dickerman1924PPetie Behan1922P
Don Songer1926PRay Steineder1923P
Fay Thomas1935PEd Strelecki1928P
Cactus Keck1922PDinty Gearin1924P
Roy Meeker1924PCarroll Yerkes1929P
Dennis Burns1924PPaul Hopkins1929P
Ralph Winegarner1935PEd Stauffer1925P
Ray Pierce1925PEpp Sell1922P
Augie Johns1926P
Herb Bradley1927P
Pea Ridge Day1931P
Del Lundgren1927P
Leroy Matlock1940P
Logan Hensley1928P
Chet Brewer1929P
Rube Curry1921P
1930 USA_Northeast_2  1930 Massachusetts  
Goose Goslin1926OFMickey Cochrane1932C
Les Bell19263BShanty Hogan1928C
Del Bissonette19281BLeo Durocher1935SS
Adam Comorosky1930OFJack Burns19321B
Johnny Moore1935OFFreddie Maguire19282B
Joe Stripp19323BBill Barrett1927OF
Danny Taylor1932OFBill Hunnefield1926SS
Jimmie Wilson1929CGene Desautels1938C
Joe Boley1927SSEddie Phillips1931C
Frank Parkinson19222BBlondy Ryan1933SS
Al Spohrer1930CMarty Callaghan1928OF
Jim Levey1932SSDoc Gautreau19262B
Ty Tyson1926OFJohnny Grabowski1927C
Walt French1926OFLes Burke19252B
Dick Spalding1927OFSy Rosenthal1926OF
Bill Narleski1929SSBabe Ganzel1927OF
Mike Gazella19273BCasper Asbjornson1931C
Tony Rensa1938CFrank Wilson1926OF
Roy Elsh1924OFLuke Urban1927C
George Susce1939CDick Loftus1924OF
Bill Warwick1925CBill Cronin1930C
Ralph Michaels19253BPete Lapan1922C
Ed Roetz1929SSBill Dunlap1929OF
Eddie Delker19322BEddie Pick19273B
Pat Malone1928PJocko Conlon19232B
Clint Brown1932PJohn Donahue1923OF
Johnny Cooney1925PDanny MacFayden1936P
Ownie Carroll1928PBump Hadley1933P
Steve Swetonic1932PBob Brown1932P
Jumbo Brown1938PJoe Giard1925P
Roy Sherid1929PTim McNamara1922P
Curt Fullerton1924PBill Morrell1931P
Ole Olsen1922PPhil Page1928P
Ed Arthur Walsh1930PDewey Metivier1924P
Archie Campbell1930PIke Kamp1925P
Harry Hulihan1922PBill Vargus1925P
Ray Dobens1929PCy Twombly1921P
Fred Stiely1929PJoe Batchelder1924P
Chet Nichols1930PJim Walsh1921P
Myrl Brown1922PHaddie Gill1923P
1930 New York  1930 USA_South  
Lou Gehrig19271BMel Ott1934OF
Hank Greenberg19351BPaul Waner1927OF
Babe Herman1930OFBill Dickey1937C
Tony Cuccinello19372BPepper Martin19333B
Doc Farrell1927SSLloyd Waner1929OF
Specs Toporcer1922SSTaylor Douthit1928OF
Johnny Mokan1926OFTravis Jackson1927SS
Neal Finn19312BRoy Johnson1929OF
Moe Berg1929CSmead Jolley1930OF
Jimmie Reese19322BCarl Lind19282B
Benny Bengough1925CDib Williams1933SS
Jonah Goldman1930SSOtis Brannan19282B
Harry Riconda19243BFootsie Blair19302B
Joe Kelly1926OFCarey Selph19323B
Monk Sherlock19301BHarley Boss19331B
Charlie Engle19303BBill Bagwell1923OF
Joe Sargent19212BFred Bennett1931OF
Heinie Scheer19232BTom Hughes1930OF
Charlie Niebergall1924CGinger Shinault1921C
Ed Connolly1932CJim McLeod19333B
George Detore19313BWillie Wells1930DH
Ed Goebel1922OFRoy Parnell1927OF
George Earnshaw1931PDizzy Dean1934P
Bill Hallahan1931PLon Warneke1932P
Joe Genewich1928PTed Lyons1927P
Glenn Spencer1931PWillis Hudlin1929P
Carl Fischer1933PJesse Petty1926P
Al Grabowski1930PWatty Clark1929P
Arnie Stone1924PHarry Kelley1936P
Bunny Hearn1926PGrady Adkins1928P
Hal Goldsmith1927PArt Herring1931P
Josh Billings1927PJim Lindsey1930P
Pat Simmons1928PJohn Martina1924P
Les Howe1923PJack Berly1931P
John Milligan1928PChief Yellow Horse1921P
Clint Blume1923PEddie Dyer1924P
Bud Culloton1925PRollie Stiles1933P
Art Mills1927PJim Moore1930P
Norm Lehr1926PEd Baecht1931P
Bots Nekola1929PFrank Mack1922P
Fats Jenkins1927OFGuy Cantrell1925P
Augie Prudhomme1929P
Connie Rector1929P
Darltie Cooper1927P
Roosevelt Davis1935P
Nelson Dean1925P
1930 Alabama_Mississippi  1930 Kentucky_Tennessee  
Heinie Manush1928OFEarle Combs1927OF
Buddy Myer19352BEarl Webb1931OF
Riggs Stephenson1927OFDale Alexander19291B
Sam Leslie19341BBen Chapman1936OF
Hughie Critz19282BDon Hurst19321B
Hal Lee1934OFJohn Stone1937OF
Spud Davis1933CEddie Moore19252B
Ike Boone1924OFHarvey Hendrick19283B
Eric McNair1932SSJohnny Gooch1922C
Red Barnes1928OFEarl Grace1932C
Fresco Thompson19292BDenver Grigsby1924OF
Luke Sewell1933CBill Akers1930SS
Jackie Hayes19362BBobby Reeves1928SS
Tom Oliver1930OFBennie Tate1931C
Johnny Watwood1931OFTom Winsett1937OF
Andy Reese1928OFJohnny Gill1936OF
Danny Clark19243BNolen Richardson1938SS
Pee-Wee Wanninger1925SSJimmy Moore1930OF
Doc Marshall1930SSIrv Jeffries19313B
Ben Sankey1931SSRed Holt19251B
Tom Jenkins1931OFTurkey Stearnes1926OF
Red Rollings19273BPythias Russ1929SS
Grant Gillis1928SSClint Thomas1925OF
Red Thomas1921OFLefty Stewart1930P
Pat Veltman1928OFTommy Bridges1936P
Cecil Bolton19281BRed Lucas1929P
Mule Suttles19261BBen Cantwell1933P
George Scales19233BBob Smith1930P
Cool Papa Bell1940OFErv Brame1929P
Newt Joseph19243BHod Lisenbee1927P
Vic Harris1930OFEd Holley1932P
John Henry Russell19272BKent Greenfield1925P
Ted Radcliffe1930C/PJim Weaver1935P
Alex Radcliff19373BRay Phelps1930P
Tom Young1929CJoe Heving1933P
John Hines1924CHi Bell1933P
Ed Morris1928PRay Moss1929P
Guy Bush1929PJohnny Stuart1923P
Ernie Wingard1924PChad Kimsey1932P
Dick Coffman1931PClaude Jonnard1924P
James Edwards1923PWin Ballou1926P
Skinny Graham1925PBuster Ross1924P
George Grant1928PGeorge Smith1928P
Jack Knight1925PJoe Strong1929P
Dick Jones1926PCarl Glass1928P
Stew Bolen1932P
John Wilson1927P
Charlie Perkins1930P
Monroe Mitchell1923P
Elmer Tutwiler1928P
Willie Powell1928P
Sam Streeter1924P
Harry Salmon1927P
Willie Gisentaner1926P
1930 USA_Southeast  1930 Georgia-NC-SC  
Jimmie Foxx19321BLuke Appling1943SS
Billy Werber19403BBill Terry19321B
Lu Blue19311BBuck Jordan19331B
Dick Porter1930OFRick Ferrell1934C
Lance Richbourg1928OFDusty Cooke1933OF
Al Lopez1933CRoy Spencer1931C
Jake Powell1935OFNorm McMillan19293B
Andy Cohen19282BDave Harris1931OF
Johnny Burnett1932SSRay Hayworth1932C
Russ Scarritt1929OFSamuel Byrd1935OF
Jake Flowers19282BJim Poole19261B
Denny Sothern1928OFJay Partridge19272B
Johnny Neun19271BDave Barbee1932OF
Walt Lerian1928CRoy Carlyle1925OF
Wally Shaner1927OFPat Crawford19302B
Earl Clark1929OFBob Barrett19273B
Ray Gardner1929SSPaul Easterling1928OF
Elliot Bigelow1929OFCleo Carlyle1927OF
Chick Tolson19261BBuck Redfern19282B
Herb Thomas1924OFJohnny Riddle1938C
Jud Wilson19272BGeorge Carr1925DH
Walter Cannady1925SSRap Dixon1929OF
Branch Russell1926OFCharlie Smith1929OF
Lefty Grove1931PNat Rogers1930OF
Tommy Thomas1927PPete Washington1929OF
Ted Wingfield1925PWes Ferrell1935P
Johnny Welch1934PGeneral Crowder1932P
Hank Johnson1933PWhit Wyatt1941P
Wayland Dean1926PBobo Newsom1940P
Harry Shriver1922PGarland Braxton1928P
Clyde Barfoot1922PVic Sorrell1930P
Jim Brillheart1922PFlint Rhem1926P
Walter Beall1926PSam Gibson1926P
Lefty Willis1926PJohnny Werts1926P
Ken Ash1930PRoy Mahaffey1931P
Bill Clarkson1927PClise Dudley1931P
Carl Yowell1925PKen Holloway1924P
Augie Walsh1928PEd Durham1932P
Harry Baldwin1924PCy Moore1933P
Ed Carroll1929PTiny Osborne1922P
Duke Brett1925PGeorge Murray1923P
Ike Powers1927PLeo Mangum1933P
Art Stokes1925PCharlie Sullivan1931P
Nip Winters1924PHarry Smythe1929P
Ted Trent1928PSpades Wood1930P
Rats Henderson1926PBill McCall1925P
Webster McDonald1927PCharles Corbett1923P
Juanelo Mirabal1923-24PBill Force1922P
Neck Stanley1935P

Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-1930 – Season 1

Mule Suttles (AM) hit for cycle, 6 RBI

Lefty Grove (SE) no-hitter

Cool Papa Bell (AM) 6 hits

Retro WBC 1940

The USA_South squad delivered victories at a rate of 102 per season replay and the club’s .628 winning percentage was just enough to outlast the USA_Southeast ballclub (100 wins, .615 WPCT) to triumph in the Retro-WBC 1940 competition. Bob Feller whiffed 258 batters annually across five seasons. Arky Vaughan (SOU) collected the batting title with a .374 mark and he tied with Ted Williams (CT1) for the highest OBP at .475. Josh Gibson (SE) obliterated opposition offerings for a .707 SLG and finished in a dead heat with “Teddy Ballgame” at 30 circuit clouts apiece.

Season 1

1940    USA_Southeast                                              100      62        0.617

Season 2

1940    USA_Southeast                                              105      57        0.648

1940    USA_South                                                    105      57        0.648

Season 3

1940    USA_Southeast                                              100      62        0.617

1940    USA_South                                                    100      62        0.617

Season 4

1940    USA_South                                                    104      58        0.642

Season 5

1940    USA_South                                                    104      58        0.642

1940 International  1940 California_Texas_West_1 
Goody Rosen1945OFTed Williams1946OF
Jeff Heath1941OFStan Hack19383B
George Selkirk1939OFDolph Camilli19411B
Elmer Valo1949OFLes Fleming19421B
Bobby Estalella19423BGene Moore1937OF
Mel Almada1937OFFrank Demaree1937OF
Gil Torres19443BFrankie Crosetti1936SS
Mike Guerra1949CBuster Adams1945OF
Sherry Robertson19492BMarv Owen19343B
Vince Barton1931OFDutch Meyer19452B
Rene Monteagudo1945OFBeau Bell1936OF
Chile Gomez19362BJohnny Vergez19333B
Nap Kloza1932OFRed Worthington1932OF
Johnny Reder19321BMike W. McCormick1941OF
Joe Zapustas1933OFPete Coscarart19442B
Pedro Pagés19421BJohnny Berardino19462B
Silvio García1941SSRip Russell19391B
Anastasio Santaella19422BPaul Richards1945C
Pedro Díaz1930CJoe Marty1941OF
Antonio Rodríguez19412BJohnny Lucadello19412B
Clemente Carreras19413BLes Mallon19312B
Javier Pérez19353BErnie Sulik1936OF
Ramón Rojas1932OFFrank Croucher1941SS
José Vargas1944OFJoe Coscarart19363B
Ismael Morales1932OFMarty Hopkins19343B
Ramón Heredia19423BTom Hafey19393B
Pedro Lanuza1931CMerv Connors19381B
Phil Marchildon1947PMel Mazzera1938OF
Joe Krakauskas1939PJohn Bottarini1937C
Alex Carrasquel1945PChester Williams1940SS
Julio Bonetti1937PRed Barrett1945P
Izzy Goldstein1932PTiny Bonham1942P
Ralph Buxton1949PMonty Stratton1937P
Lou Polli1944PGeorge Caster1938P
Dutch Schesler1931PLee Grissom1937P
Lázaro Salazar1942PJack Knott1935P
Luis E. Tiant1947PTony Freitas1932P
Rodolfo Fernández1942PBob Harris1940P
Ramón Neele1932PJack Salveson1943P
Alcibíades Palma1940PDutch Lieber1935P
Red Lynn1939P
1940 California_Texas_West_2  1940 California_Texas_West_3 
Joe DiMaggio1941OFEddie Joost1949SS
Augie Galan1935OFJoe Gordon19422B
Bob Elliott19473BBobby Doerr19462B
Dom DiMaggio1942OFHank Leiber1935OF
Eddie Lake1945SSHarry Danning1939C
Wally Judnich1942OFSam Chapman1941OF
Ernie Lombardi1938CVince DiMaggio1941OF
Cookie Lavagetto19393BJohnny Rizzo1938OF
George Myatt19452BRoy Weatherly1940OF
Debs Garms19403BErnie Koy1938OF
Babe Dahlgren19411BWoody Jensen1935OF
Joe Orengo19402BBill Knickerbocker1934SS
Buzz Arlett1931OFWes Schulmerich1933OF
Steve Mesner19453BFrenchy Bordagaray19443B
Alex Kampouris19372BLes Scarsella19361B
Ed Coleman1935OFBuster Mills1937OF
Don Ross19453BHank Steinbacher1938OF
Harlin Pool1934OFDon Lang19483B
Hal Luby19443BMyril Hoag1937OF
Johnny Hudson19382BDario Lodigiani19393B
Tuck Stainback1934OFWillard Hershberger1939C
George Washington1935OFJoe Gantenbein19392B
Art Garibaldi19363BBob Garbark1945C
Dee Moore1943CTommy Heath1938C
Bud Hafey1935OFHarl Maggert1938OF
Herman Franks1948CJoe Hutcheson1933OF
Jesse Williams1940SSDick Gyselman19333B
Thornton Lee1941PSchoolboy Rowe1934P
Jim Tobin1943PFred Hutchinson1947P
Jack F. Wilson1937PEd Heusser1944P
John Whitehead1935PMonte Pearson1936P
Tex Carleton1937PJohnny Babich1940P
Frank Gabler1936PVern Olsen1940P
Manny Salvo1940PEarl Johnson1947P
Bill Posedel1940PPeaches Davis1937P
Jake Mooty1941PBill Fleming1944P
Italo Chelini1936PNewt Kimball1940P
Hank McDonald1931PPhil Gallivan1934P
Roy Joiner1940PTom Baker1935P
Prince Oana1943PCotton Pippen1939P
Joe Gonzales1937PHilton Smith1937P
Henry McHenry1943PBert Hunter1932P
1940 USA_Midwest  1940 Illinois  
Hal Trosky19341BLou Boudreau1948SS
Johnny Hopp1944OFPhil Cavarretta19451B
Ken Keltner19393BNick Etten19441B
Len Koenecke1934OFMike Kreevich1937OF
Chet Laabs1942OFPhil Weintraub19441B
Morrie Arnovich1939OFJohnny Dickshot1945OF
Lee Handley19383BPhil Masi1947C
Benny McCoy19412BFrankie Gustine19473B
Larry Rosenthal1940OFBob Kennedy1950OF
Maurice Van Robays1941OFDon Kolloway19422B
Jack Saltzgaver19343BBert Haas19423B
Jimmy Pofahl1940SSJoe Grace1946OF
Bobby Mattick1940SSGibby Brack1937OF
Ray Berres1936CBilly Sullivan1936C
Marv Olson19322BJohnny McCarthy19371B
Fabian Gaffke1937OFRoy Schalk19452B
Frank Secory1944OFArt Scharein19323B
Frank Skaff19431BTommy Thompson1936OF
Tony Giuliani1936CGeorge Scharein1937SS
Stan Sperry19382BMilt Galatzer1935OF
Lynn King1939OFWally Millies1936C
Johnny Gerlach1938SSAl Glossop19402B
Hal Newhouser1945PBill Conroy1942C
Bob Feller1946PNels Potter1945P
Luke Hamlin1939PJohnny Rigney1940P
Russ Bauers1938PDutch E. Leonard1947P
Johnny Niggeling1942PFritz Ostermueller1944P
Mace Brown1939PGene Thompson1940P
Bob Logan1945PAl Smith1940P
Les Tietje1935PBill McGee1940P
Bud Tinning1933PIra Hutchinson1938P
Hal L. Smith1933PBob Carpenter1942P
Bill Zuber1945PRoy Henshaw1935P
Red Anderson1941PJohnny Hutchings1945P
Emmett Nelson1935PJoe Sullivan1940P
Al Epperly1938POrville Jorgens1935P
Ted Kleinhans1937PEd Linke1935P
Harry Matuzak1934PJess Dobernic1948P
Joe Rogalski1938PBill Trotter1940P
Nub Kleinke1937PLeroy Herrmann1935P
1940 Indiana_Ohio  1940 Kansas_Missouri  
Billy Herman19352BPete Reiser1941OF
Tommy Henrich1948OFIval Goodman1938OF
Oscar Grimes19453BLonny Frey19392B
Pete Fox1935OFRay Mueller1943C
Ray Mack19402BWalker Cooper1947C
Oris Hockett1943OFMark Christman19443B
Pinky May19403BJim Gleeson1940OF
Jimmy Wasdell1945OFMax E. West1941OF
Roy Hughes19443BCreepy Crespi19412B
Bill Brubaker19363BDon Gutteridge19442B
Whitey Wietelmann19452BMickey Owen1942C
Bobby Sturgeon1946SSChuck Workman19453B
Ollie Bejma19392BJesse Hill1935OF
LeGrant Scott1939OFHeinie Mueller19382B
Pete Susko19341BGilly Campbell1936C
Del Young1938SSBob Swift1944C
John Mihalic19372BUrbane Pickering19313B
Art Rebel1945OFJohn Kroner19362B
Glenn Chapman1934OFHam Schulte19402B
Flea Clifton19353BJoe Mowry1933OF
Gordie Hinkle1934CRed Nonnenkamp1938OF
Mickey Heath19321BHoward Maple1932C
Russ Young1931CMort Cooper1943P
Ted Strong1940SSCurt Davis1934P
Pat Patterson1940SSKen Heintzelman1949P
Dizzy Trout1944PLou Fette1937P
Jim Bagby1942PElden Auker1937P
Al Milnar1940PVern Kennedy1936P
Nick Strincevich1945PMurry Dickson1949P
Oral Hildebrand1933POrval Grove1943P
Denny Galehouse1943PAl Hollingsworth1945P
Gene Schott1936PBob Klinger1938P
Tot Pressnell1938PJoe Bowman1945P
Whitey Moore1939PArchie McKain1939P
Ralph Birkofer1934PMarv Breuer1942P
Bill Butland1942PBill Beckmann1940P
Dutch Dietz1941PHy Vandenberg1945P
Wayne LaMaster1937PEwald Pyle1944P
Yank Terry1943PBill Phebus1937P
Jack Hallett1946PJack Tising1936P
Alex McColl1934P
Emil Bildilli1940P
Ray Brown1940P
1940 US_Northeast  1940 NJ_Pennsylvania_1  
Red Rolfe19393BJoe Medwick1937OF
Elbie Fletcher19411BRipper Collins19341B
Eddie Mayo19452BBarney McCosky1940OF
Dick Siebert19441BPat Mullin1948OF
Tony Lupien19441BMoose Solters1937OF
Birdie Tebbetts1940CMickey Witek19432B
Tom Padden1935CDanny Litwhiler1941OF
Eddie Wilson1936OFJimmy Ripple1937OF
Art Mahan19401BHal Wagner1944C
Jo-Jo Morrissey19332BAlan Strange1934SS
Stan Benjamin1941OFBob Repass19422B
Stan Andrews1945CFrank Grube1932C
Al Niemiec19362BTom F. Carey19362B
Ed Moriarty19352BJohnny Welaj1943OF
Warren Huston19443BLee Gamble1939OF
Andy Spognardi19322BWayne Ambler1938SS
Skinny Graham1934OFGene Hasson19371B
Howie Storie1931CEddie Collins Jr.1941OF
Hank Garrity1931CHal Marnie19412B
Ray Thomas1938CEd Leip19392B
Al Javery1943PKen Raffensberger1952P
Hugh Mulcahy1940PWalt Masterson1947P
Johnny Broaca1935PBill V. Swift1935P
Vito Tamulis1940PHarry Gumbert1944P
Lefty Mills1938PCharlie Wagner1941P
Tom Earley1941PJimmie DeShong1936P
Don Brennan1935PBill Dietrich1943P
Art Johnson1941PSteve Sundra1943P
Bill Weir1936PJoe Cascarella1936P
Joe Mulligan1934PRuss Van Atta1933P
Bill LeFebvre1944PLeon Pettit1935P
Charlie Devens1933PLes McCrabb1941P
John Michaels1932PLew Krausse1932P
Al Blanche1935PPete Sivess1936P
Joe Callahan1939PJim Peterson1933P
Henry Coppola1935PStew Bowers1935P
Bill Chamberlain1932PWalt Masters1931P
Pretzel Pezzullo1935PEd Fallenstein1933P
Amby Murray1936PElmer Burkart1939P
George Barnicle1939PJoe Kohlman1937P
Johnny Taylor1941P
1940 NJ_Pennsylvania_2  1940 New York  
Mickey Vernon19461BFrank McCormick19441B
George Case1943OFHank Majeski19483B
Billy Myers1939SSBilly Urbanski1934SS
Eddie R. Miller1947SSChet Ross1940OF
Frankie Hayes1945CBabe Young19411B
Tony Piet19322BBilly Jurges1941SS
Dom Dallessandro1944OFFrankie Pytlak1937C
Mike Tresh1945CBuddy Hassett19361B
Al Brancato1941SSAl Todd1937C
Fritz Knothe19323BBuddy Rosar1943C
Don Heffner19382BKen O’Dea1945C
Mickey Haslin1935SSSibby Sisti19403B
Joe Glenn1939CMike Chartak1942OF
Jack Wallaesa1947SSEarle Brucker1938C
Bruce Ogrodowski1936CJoe Gallagher1939OF
Lynn Myers1938SSEd Madjeski1934C
George Fallon19442BBill Dreesen19313B
Johnnie Tyler1935OFAl Cuccinello19352B
Bob Collins1940CMax Rosenfeld1932OF
Bernie Snyder19352BBill Schuster1943SS
Bucky Walters1939PVince Sherlock19352B
Eddie Smith1941PJohnny Pasek1933C
Johnny Vander Meer1942PChuck Sheerin19362B
Dick Errickson1940PHal Schumacher1934P
Joe Beggs1946PKen Chase1940P
Randy Gumpert1949PJohnny Murphy1934P
Dick Barrett1943PMarius Russo1940P
Sig Jakucki1944PBill Lohrman1942P
Johnny Gorsica1941PHowie Krist1943P
Mike Ryba1945PMickey Harris1941P
Johnny Podgajny1942PHarry Eisenstat1938P
Mike Naymick1943PWhitey Wilshere1935P
Ed Cole1938PEmerson Dickman1939P
Hal Kelleher1935PSam Nahem1941P
Frank Makosky1937PBobby Reis1936P
Spike Merena1934PReggie Grabowski1933P
George Hennessey1942PBob Cooney1931P
Bill Clemensen1941PJohnny Gee1943P
Lefty Hoerst1941PBill Kalfass1937P
Hank LaManna1941PMike Meola1936P
Edsall Walker1943P
1940 USA_South  1940 Alabama_LOU_MISS  
Arky Vaughan1935SSRudy York19401B
Stan Spence1944OFHarry Walker1947OF
Pee Wee Reese1949SSZeke Bonura19361B
Bob Johnson1944OFTerry Moore1940OF
Roy Cullenbine1945OFGee Walker1937OF
Harlond Clift19423BOdell Hale19363B
Rip Radcliff1937OFHarry Craft1938OF
Carden Gillenwater1945OFHersh Martin1945OF
Clyde McCullough1946CJim Tabor19403B
Jimmy Outlaw1944OFBama Rowell19402B
George Archie19413BLou Finney1940OF
Bennie Warren1940CSkeeter Newsome19452B
Fern Bell1939OFHarry A. Davis19321B
Earl Browne1937OFLou Chiozza1936OF
Art Parks1939OFRay Pepper1934OF
Bill Nagel19392BHub Walker1936OF
George Dickey1947CLeo Norris1936SS
Ab Wright1944OFJack Bolling19441B
Tom Turner1943CDee Miles1942OF
Jim Shilling19392BSkeeter Webb1944SS
Wild Bill Wright1941OFBobby Bragan1941SS
Theolic Smith1940O/PFred Sington1937OF
Sammy Hughes19412BCharlie Gilbert1946OF
Harry Brecheen1948PChet Morgan1938OF
Jim Turner1937PSammy Holbrook1935C
Paul Derringer1939PSam Bankhead1941SS
Cy Blanton1935PWillard Brown1937DH
Paul Dean1935PJerry Benjamin1943OF
Preacher Roe1951PBill Hoskins1941OF
Ray Starr1942PHoward Easterling19432B
Joe Dobson1948PNeil Robinson1938SS
Al Benton1941PBill C. Lee1938P
Johnny Marcum1935PEarly Wynn1956P
Bob Muncrief1941PClaude Passeau1940P
Clyde Shoun1944PRip Sewell1943P
Sid Hudson1941PJack Kramer1944P
Jim Winford1936PIvy Andrews1935P
Slick Castleman1937PRay Prim1945P
Dixie Howell1955PGeorge Gill1938P
Euel Moore1934PVic Frazier1931P
Jim Mooney1931PAtley Donald1939P
Frank Pearce1933PWally Hebert1943P
Jim Walkup1935PEd Head1942P
Andy Porter1941PSlick Coffman1937P
Willie Jefferson1940PIke Pearson1941P
Paul Gregory1932P
Johnny Wright1943P
Terris McDuffie1941P
Barney Morris1932P
Eugene Bremer1945P
Jonas Gaines1942P
1940 USA_Southeast  1940 N. Carolina_S. Carolina  
Charlie Keller1943OFEnos Slaughter1942OF
Cecil Travis1941SSTaffy Wright1941OF
Dixie F. Walker1944OFBuddy Lewis1946OF
Johnny Mize19371BMarty Marion1942SS
Bill Nicholson1944OFJimmy Brown19413B
Wally Moses1945OFBurgess Whitehead19372B
Eric Tipton1943OFPep Young19382B
George McQuinn19471BRalph Hodgin19433B
Babe Phelps1936CJake Early1943C
Jo-Jo White1934OFBill DeLancey1934C
Woody Williams19442BLew Riggs19353B
Johnny Rucker1941OFDon Padgett1937OF
Jimmy Bloodworth19412BDick Culler1946SS
Jim Bucher19352BCoaker Triplett1943OF
Babe Barna1942OFCliff Bolton1935C
Boze Berger19352BStu Martin19362B
Hal Epps1944OFMickey Livingston1943C
Al Rubeling19403BAl Evans1949C
Glenn McQuillen1942OFGil English19373B
Rusty Peters19372BJohnny Peacock1941C
Bill Atwood1937CBill Baker1943C
Soup Campbell1941OFChink Outen1933C
Josh Gibson1941CJimmy Jordan19352B
Ray Dandridge19413BDutch Holland1932OF
Quincy Trouppe1942CBuck Leonard19371B
Lennie Pearson19421BBus Clarkson1941SS
Tommy Butts1947SSNate Andrews1943P
Spud Chandler1943PCliff Melton1937P
Elmer Riddle1941PVan Mungo1936P
Clay Bryant1938PMax Lanier1943P
Hugh Casey1939PJohnny Allen1936P
Johnny Humphries1942PKirby Higbe1941P
Bob Bowman1939PErnie White1941P
Max Butcher1941PMonte Weaver1932P
Joe Haynes1947PJohnny Lanning1941P
Sugar Cain1936PBuck Ross1943P
Bud Thomas1938PChubby Dean1942P
Boots Poffenberger1937PHerman Fink1936P
Max Macon1942PJake Wade1937P
Frank Barrett1945PVance Page1939P
Bill Crouch1941PTom Seats1945P
Herb Hash1940PKemp Wicker1937P
Jim Henry1936PBarney Brown1946P/O
Frank Watt1931P
Johnnie Wittig1943P
Bill Byrd1948P
Leon Day1946P
Roy Partlow1945P
Max Manning1948P
Roy Welmaker1945P
Slim Jones1934P
Jimmy Hill1940P

Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-1940 – Season 1

Ripper Collins (NP1) 3 HR, 6 RBI

Willard Brown (ALM) 6 hits

Buck Leonard (NSC) 3 HR, 10 RBI

Retro WBC 1950

USA_Northeast steamrolled the Retro-WBC 1950 competition and needed only five replay seasons to vanquish their opponents. Roger Wolff (ILL) crafted a 2.57 ERA to capture the title over Warren Spahn (NE3). Stan “The Man” Musial (NE1) slashed .359/.421/.641 to top the leaderboards in all three categories as well as runs (118), hits (219), doubles (46) and ribbies (125). Ralph Kiner (CT2) swatted 44 big-flies to take the home run crown, eight dingers ahead of Ted Kluszewski (ILL) and Duke Snider (CT1).

Season 1

1950    USA_Northeast_1                                         100      62        0.617

Season 2

1950    USA_Northeast_1                                         100      62        0.617

Season 3

1950    USA_Southeast_1                                          100      62        0.617

Season 4

1950    USA_Northeast_1                                         96        66        0.593

Season 5

1950    USA_Northeast_1                                         99        63        0.611

1950 International  1950 California_Texas_West_1 
Bobby Avila19542BDuke Snider1954OF
Minnie Minoso1954OFVern Stephens1944SS
Bobby Thomson1951OFRay Boone19533B
Chico Carrasquel1954SSJohnny Lindell1944OF
Luis Olmo1945OFJerry Priddy19502B
Nap Reyes19441BGrady Hatton19473B
Frank Colman1944OFJerry Coleman19502B
Roberto Ortiz1944OFWally Westlake1949OF
Heinz Becker19461BBob Dillinger19483B
Jose Zardon1945OFGeorge Metkovich1944OF
Ty LaForest19453BBud Stewart1948OF
Charlie Mead1943OFBobby Brown19483B
Chico Hernandez1943CAl Libke1945OF
Reggie Otero19451BFrank Mancuso1945C
Chucho Ramos1944OFTom McBride1945OF
Roland Gladu19443BLloyd Merriman1951OF
Joe Erautt1951CDee Phillips19443B
Bud Sketchley1942OFEd FitzGerald1954C
Tony Ordenana1943SSJack Lohrke19473B
Al Campanis19432BDick Whitman1946OF
Preston Gomez19442BWayne Belardi19541B
Angel Fleitas1948SSJackie Tobin19453B
Hi Bithorn1943PTommy Tatum1947OF
Dick Fowler1947PEddie Bockman19493B
Sandy Consuegra1954PTex Hughson1942P
Tommy de la Cruz1944PVern Law1959P
Connie Marrero1952PBill Wight1949P
Jesse Flores1946PMarv Grissom1954P
Oscar Judd1943PRuss Christopher1944P
Bob Hooper1951PBob Chesnes1948P
Ed Bahr1946PVic Lombardi1947P
Marino Pieretti1945PBill Werle1949P
Luis Aloma1951PFred Sanford1948P
Julio Moreno1952PDon Johnson1954P
Lefty Wilkie1942PJack Brewer1945P
Paul Calvert1949PClint Hartung1947P
Carlos Pascual1950PBill Macdonald1950P
Sandy Ullrich1945PWindy McCall1955P
Adrian Zabala1945PJim McDonald1953P
Julio Gonzalez1949PLes Webber1943P
1950 California_Texas_West_2  1950 California_Texas_West_3  
Ralph Kiner1949OFJohnny Pesky1946SS
Earl Torgeson19501BFerris Fain19521B
Jackie Jensen1958OFSolly Hemus1952SS
Eddie Robinson19521BJim F. Busby1953OF
Del Crandall1960CGus Zernial1952OF
Thurman Tucker1944OFAl Zarilla1950OF
Davey Williams19522BTommy Glaviano19503B
Peanuts Lowrey1945OFBilly Martin19532B
Bobby Adams19523BBill Salkeld1945C
Spider Jorgensen19473BBill Rigney19472B
Dave Philley1952OFBill Serena19523B
Lou Novikoff1942OFNanny Fernandez19423B
Ray Coleman1951OFRay Lamanno1942C
Bill Howerton1950OFJohnny Lazor1945OF
Matt Batts1953CRoy Partee1943C
Ed Stevens19481BMarv Rickert1946OF
Joe Hoover1944SSMike Garbark1944C
Moon Mullen19442BNippy Jones19491B
Sam Vico19481BChuck Stevens19461B
Clint Conatser1948OFBob Usher1957OF
Charlie Silvera1949CHerman Reich19491B
Fred Vaughn19452BJoe Wood19432B
Stan Hollmig1949OFTony Criscola1942OF
Bob Lemon1949PEwell Blackwell1947P
Mike Garcia1954PLarry Jansen1950P
Jack Harshman1958PBill Bevens1946P
Red Munger1947PAlex Kellner1949P
Gerry Staley1949PHal Gregg1945P
Butch Wensloff1943PCharley Schanz1944P
Erv Palica1950PFrank Papish1947P
Howie Fox1951PCliff Chambers1950P
Jim Wilson1955PAce Adams1943P
Gordon Maltzberger1944PMilo Candini1943P
Jack Kraus1943PTex Shirley1945P
Red Embree1946PMurray Wall1958P
Kent Peterson1947PLou Tost1942P
Bud Podbielan1952PClem Hausmann1944P
Eddie Erautt1949PWoody Main1952P
Lloyd Hittle1949PMike Budnick1946P
Jack Creel1945PNorm Branch1941P
1950 USA_Midwest  1950 Illinois  
Andy Pafko1950OFTed Kluszewski19541B
Stan Lopata1956CRed Schoendienst19532B
Charlie Maxwell1956OFDick Wakefield1943OF
Cass Michaels19492BJohnny Groth1950OF
Wes Westrum1950CJohnny Wyrostek1946OF
Jim Delsing1953OFHank Bauer1952OF
Mickey Rocco19441BGeorge Binks1945OF
Lou Stringer19412BBruce Edwards1947C
Wayne Terwilliger19532BDon S. Johnson19452B
Augie Bergamo1945OFDon Lenhardt19501B
Max Marshall1942OFDick Kokos1950OF
Hal Peck1947OFEmil Verban19472B
Ned Harris1942OFFelix Mackiewicz1945OF
Glenn Crawford1945OFErv Dusak1947OF
Howie Schultz19441BHobie Landrith1959C
Jack Graham19491BHarry Chiti1958C
Don Lund1953OFJohn Paul Sullivan1943SS
Del Wilber1951CJoe Astroth1953C
Neil Berry1948SSEd Busch1944SS
Jimmy Grant19433BDon Bollweg19531B
Don Wheeler1949CBenny Zientara19462B
Art Houtteman1950PMike Milosevich1944SS
Billy Pierce1953PKen Sears1943C
Johnny Schmitz1948PEddie Malone1949C
Steve Gromek1954PAl Unser1945C
Bob Rush1952POwen Friend19502B
Ray Herbert1962PWally Flager1945SS
Dave Koslo1949PRobin Roberts1953P
Joe Hatten1947PRoger Wolff1945P
Ted Gray1949PRuss Meyer1949P
Stubby Overmire1944PWarren Hacker1952P
Bob Kuzava1950PMickey Haefner1946P
Bob Miller1950PPaul Erickson1946P
Duane Pillette1952PEmil Kush1946P
Dick Littlefield1954PHowie Judson1950P
Blix Donnelly1947PLes Mueller1945P
Tom Poholsky1955PRay Poat1948P
Don Black1944PFrank Dasso1945P
Cy Buker1945POrie Arntzen1943P
Otey Clark1945PAl Papai1949P
1950 Indiana_Ohio  1950 Kansas_Missouri_Nebraska  
Gil Hodges19541BYogi Berra1954C
Gene Woodling1957OFRoy Sievers1957OF
Wally Post1955OFRichie Ashburn1955OF
Hank Edwards1946OFHoot Evers1950OF
Johnny Lipon1950SSGuy Curtright1943OF
Del Rice1952CRay Sanders19441B
Frank Baumholtz1947OFDick Sisler1950OF
Dain Clay1945OFMilt Byrnes1944OF
Clyde Vollmer1953OFDon Mueller1954OF
George Shuba1952OFGeorge Hausmann19452B
Eddie Kazak19493BButch Nieman1944OF
Bob Addis1952OFBuddy Blattner19462B
Rocky Nelson19601BEddie Carnett1944OF
Johnny Blatnik1948OFPreston Ward19581B
Johnny Pramesa1950CRoy Smalley1950SS
Bob Borkowski1952OFCliff Mapes1949OF
Al Lakeman1945CBud Metheny1943OF
Paul O’Dea1944OFBill D. Wilson1954OF
Hank Schenz19482BChuck Diering1949OF
Jim Bolger1957OFJoe Garagiola1952C
Gary Gearhart1947OFBob Scheffing1948C
Stew Hofferth1945CHank Arft19511B
Vince Shupe19451BDino Restelli1949OF
Ned Garver1950PRuss Derry1945OF
Carl Erskine1953PLen Schulte19453B
Joe Nuxhall1955PFred Marsh19513B
Harry Taylor1947PBobby Hofman19551B
Herm Wehmeier1951PRex Barney1948P
Al Widmar1950PSheldon Jones1948P
George Spencer1951PBob Cain1950P
Ed Klieman1944PJack Banta1949P
Ed Hanyzewski1943PWillie Ramsdell1950P
Ken Trinkle1947PMorrie Martin1953P
Moe Burtschy1954PDoyle Lade1947P
Al Aber1955PCloyd Boyer1950P
Bill Brandt1943PGeorge Dockins1945P
Johnny Johnson1945PJohnny Hetki1953P
Don Hendrickson1945PKen Gables1945P
Charley Stanceu1946PAl Gerheauser1943P
Don Fisher1945PBud Byerly1957P
1950 USA_Northeast_1  1950 USA_Northeast_2  
Stan Musial1948OFSnuffy Stirnweiss19442B
Nellie Fox19572BTommy Holmes1945OF
Hank Sauer1952OFSid Gordon1950OF
Whitey Kurowski19463BJohnny Barrett1944OF
Ron Northey1944OFStan Rojek1948SS
Irv Noren1954OFJim Piersall1956OF
Joe Collins19521BSam Mele1953OF
Buddy Kerr1944SSEddie Waitkus19521B
Al Gionfriddo1945OFBilly Cox19513B
Steve Bilko19531BDanny Gardella1945OF
Vance Dinges1945OFAl Kozar19482B
Bob Maier19453BCarl Sawatski1962C
Chuck Hostetler1944OFAllie Clark1948OF
Eddie Pellagrini1948SSSam Dente1949SS
Tommy Brown1952SSEddie Basinski1945SS
Jack Phillips19501BHank Camelli1944C
Ed Sauer1949OFSal Yvars1952C
Skippy Roberge19463BAl Cihocki1945SS
Bill Hart19453BJerry Scala1949OF
Joe Rullo19432BBill Sommers19503B
Bobby Rhawn19472BBarney Olsen1941OF
Chuck Connors19511BCy Block19423B
Joe Burns19433BDon Richmond19463B
Earl Turner1950CDon Newcombe1956P
Ed Sanicki1949OFHank Borowy1945P
Mike Ulicny1945CDick Donovan1962P
Sal Maglie1951PKarl Drews1952P
Jim Konstanty1950PClem Labine1955P
Ted Wilks1944PSam Zoldak1947P
Saul Rogovin1951PHank Behrman1946P
Joe P. Coleman1948PSteve Ridzik1953P
Frank Hiller1950PXavier Rescigno1943P
Max Surkont1952PCookie Cuccurullo1944P
Freddy Schmidt1944PAl Sima1950P
Hank Gornicki1942PLou Knerr1945P
Walt Lanfranconi1947PCharlie Fuchs1943P
Stan Ferens1942PPete Gebrian1947P
Lou Lucier1943PMel Bosser1945P
Dick Mulligan1946PWalter Brown1947P
Wally Holborow1945PLee Howard1946P
1950 USA_Northeast_3  1950 USA_Northeast_4  
Phil Rizzuto1950SSRoy Campanella1953C
Jim Russell1944OFEddie Stanky19502B
Eddie Yost19513BDel Ennis1949OF
Vic Wertz1950OFCarl Furillo1953OF
Billy Johnson19433BWalt Dropo19501B
Danny Murtaugh19482BGene Hermanski1948OF
Jim Hegan1948CCal Abrams1954OF
Danny O’Connell19542BPete Suder19482B
Mike Goliat19502BLennie Merullo1942SS
Dick Kryhoski19511BJoe Ginsberg1951C
Eddie Lukon1946OFPete Castiglione19513B
Eddie Miksis19512BBud Souchock1953OF
Bill Glynn19531BChuck Kress19491B
Mike Sandlock1945CRalph LaPointe1947SS
Frankie Zak1944SSDon Savage19443B
Bill Burgo1943OFBob Ramazzotti19522B
Mickey Grasso1950CGeorge Staller1943OF
Frank Drews19442BJohnny Bucha1953C
Roy Zimmerman19451BCharlie Metro1945OF
Billy DeMars1950SSBill Drescher1945C
Pete Gray1945OFSam Calderone1954C
Huck Geary1943SSDucky Detweiler19423B
Ed Freed1942OFJohn Davis19413B
Joe Buzas1945SSJohnny Antonelli1954P
Warren Spahn1947PWhitey Ford1964P
Ralph Branca1947PEddie Lopat1947P
Mickey McDermott1953PHal White1942P
Vic Raschi1949PBilly Loes1952P
Harry Feldman1945PSpec Shea1947P
Monk Dubiel1944PFrank T. Smith1954P
Andy Karl1945PTom Ferrick1942P
Bob Chipman1947PErnie Johnson1954P
Pinky Woods1944PJocko Thompson1951P
Bob Savage1947PSteve Roser1944P
Slim Emmerich1945PFred Caligiuri1941P
Junior Walsh1950PRoger Bowman1953P
Gus Keriazakos1954PBen Cardoni1944P
Woody Wheaton1944PFrank Quinn1949P
Steve Peek1941PNormie Roy1950P
Dale Matthewson1944PJohnny Grodzicki1941P
1950 USA_South_1  1950 USA_South_2  
Monte Irvin1951OFAl Dark1952SS
George Kell19503BLou Klein19432B
Joe Adcock19601BSam Jethroe1951OF
Gus Bell1953OFDale Mitchell1949OF
Hank Thompson19503BSherm Lollar1958C
George Strickland1953SSLuke Easter19501B
Connie Ryan19522BRandy Jackson19553B
Buddy Blair19423BBobby Morgan1954SS
Pat Seerey1946OFMarv Blaylock19561B
Fred Hatfield19552BJake Jones19471B
Frank House1957CGus Niarhos1948C
Les Moss1949CPaul Lehner1950OF
Culley Rikard1947OFTommy O’Brien1943OF
Billy Hitchcock19513BTom Saffell1949OF
Dixie Howell1947CJohn Antonelli19453B
Ed McGhee1953OFBill McGhee19441B
Kerby Farrell19451BHillis Layne19453B
Grey Clarke19443BRay Hamrick1944SS
Putsy Caballero19483BTookie Gilbert19501B
Bill Ramsey1945OFBruce Sloan1944OF
Jeff Cross1946SSJohn O’Neil1946SS
Fats Dantonio1945CLes Layton1948OF
Virgil Trucks1949PMel Parnell1949P
Howie Pollet1946PJohnny Sain1948P
Dave Ferriss1945PHank Wyse1945P
Allie Reynolds1952PEllis Kinder1949P
Johnny Beazley1942PGene Bearden1948P
Ken Burkhart1945PVern Bickford1950P
Bubba Church1951PJoe Berry1944P
Cal McLish1958PAl Brazle1949P
Satchel Paige1952PCliff Fannin1948P
Ed Wright1946PLum Harris1944P
Al Jurisich1944PMarlin Stuart1953P
Bubba Harris1948PFred Martin1949P
Lou Kretlow1954PBuddy Lively1949P
Glen Moulder1947PEarl Harrist1952P
Dan Bankhead1950PCharlie Gassaway1945P
Pete Center1945PRalph Hamner1948P
Dutch McCall1948PGlenn Elliott1949P
Bryan Stephens1947PDave Madison1952P
1950 USA_Southeast_1  1950 USA_Southeast_2  
Al Rosen19533BJackie Robinson19512B
Larry Doby1952OFWillie Jones19563B
Willard Marshall1947OFWhitey Lockman19521B
Andy Seminick1950CJim Lemon1960OF
Granny Hamner1952SSBilly Goodman19522B
Gil Coan1951OFAaron Robinson1946C
Smoky Burgess1962CFloyd Baker19473B
Irv Hall19442BBobby Young19522B
Roy Hartsfield19512BLeon Culberson1943OF
Ellis Clary19433BFord Garrison1944OF
Marv Rackley1948OFRay Murray1953C
Virgil Stallcup1950SSClyde Kluttz1947C
Joe Tipton1952CHal Rice1952OF
Ken Wood1952OFBen Steiner19452B
Whitey Platt1948OFPaul Gillespie1945C
Paul Campbell19491BClaude Corbitt1946SS
Junior Wooten1948OFDewey Williams1944C
Rube Walker1948CTom Wright1952OF
Red Treadway1944OFAlf Anderson1942SS
Buck Etchison19441BJohnny Bero1951SS
Joe Frazier1954OFBitsy Mott1945SS
Red Borom19452BMike Schemer19451B
Ted Beard1950OFRed Hayworth1945C
Bill Voiselle1944PLew Burdette1958P
Ray Scarborough1948PBob Porterfield1953P
Lou Brissie1950PHarry Byrd1952P
Chuck Stobbs1956PArnold Carter1944P
Willard Nixon1957PJim Hearn1950P
Dick Newsome1941PMonty Kennedy1949P
Tommy Byrne1949PRube Melton1942P
Harry Perkowski1952PJohnny Klippstein1956P
Ben Wade1952PHal Jeffcoat1956P
Ken Holcombe1951PAl Gettel1948P
Rufe Gentry1944PForrest Thompson1948P
Andy Hansen1948PClyde King1951P
Bobby Hogue1948PDick Mauney1946P
Glenn Gardner1945PBill Kennedy1948P
Lefty West1945PRandy Heflin1945P
Walker Cress1948PSteve Gerkin1945P
Bill Connelly1952PZeb Eaton1945P

Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-1950 – Season 1

Ted Kluszewski (ILL) 3 HR, 5 RBI

Al Zarilla (CT3) 6 hits, 23 inning game!

Billy Goodman (SE2) 6 hits, Jackie Robinson (SE2) 5 hits

Retro WBC 1960

Two teams towered above the rest of the field in this tournament but USA_Texas_West ultimately prevailed in four out of six series to secure the trophy, averaging 106 wins along with a .656 winning percentage. Bob “Hoot” Gibson (MDW) notched the ERA title with a 1.99 mark. “The Dominican Dandy” Juan Marichal (INT) fashioned a 0.972 WHIP and Sandy Koufax (NY) topped the circuit with 22 victories and 339 whiffs per year. Roberto Clemente (INT) and Tito Francona (PA) shared the batting title with a .337 average. “The Commerce Comet” Mickey Mantle (SOU) topped the charts in OBP at .470 while Willie “Stretch” McCovey (ALM) outslugged all qualifiers at .625. A pair of teammates from USA_Texas_West, Norm Cash and Frank Robinson, sat atop the leader boards in runs scored (130 and 120, respectively) with Robinson also registering the most doubles (44) and RBI (145). Roger Maris (MDW) launched 54 moon-shots per year, ten greater than runner-ups Eddie Mathews and Willie Mays.

Season 1

1960    USA_Texas_West                                         111      50        0.689

Season 2

1960    USA_Texas_West                                         108      53        0.671

Season 3

1960    Alabama_Louisiana_Mississippi                     107      55        0.660

Season 4

1960    Alabama_Louisiana_Mississippi                     109      53        0.673

Season 5

1960    USA_Texas_West                                         102      59        0.634

Season 6

1960    USA_Texas_West                                         109      52        0.677

1960 International  1960 California_1  
Roberto Clemente1967OFJim Gentile19611B
Orlando Cepeda19671BGil McDougald1957SS
Felipe Alou1968OFJim Landis1959OF
Zoilo Versalles1965SSEddie Bressoud1964SS
Matty Alou1969OFWoodie Held1959SS
Tony Gonzalez1963OFClay Dalrymple1962C
Vic Power19551BDick Stuart19611B
Leo Cardenas1969SSGino Cimoli1957OF
Tony Taylor19632BBill Sarni1954C
Luis Aparicio1966SSGene Green1958OF
Joe Christopher1964OFEllis Burton1963OF
Hector Lopez19593BJim Baxes19592B
Felix Mantilla1964OFMarty Keough1961OF
Julian Javier19692BBob Lillis1962SS
Jose Pagan1962SSBill Renna1954OF
Pancho Herrera19601BBob Bowman1957OF
Roman Mejias1962OFJim McAnany1959OF
Joe Azcue1968CKen Walters1960OF
Chico Fernandez1962SSKarl Olson1956OF
Willy Miranda1955SSJoe Rossi1952C
Sandy Amoros1956OFGene Leek19613B
Andre Rodgers1964SSDick Rand1957C
Hector Rodriguez19523BBill Taylor1955OF
Ruben Amaro1961SSHarry Elliott1953OF
Carlos Paula1955OFMarlan Coughtry19623B
Reno Bertoia19603BDon Gile19611B
Valmy Thomas1957CJim Mangan1956C
Juan Marichal1966PErnie Broglio1960P
Mike Cuellar1969PHank Aguirre1962P
Camilo Pascual1959PMike F. McCormick1967P
Luis Arroyo1961PBud Daley1959P
Ruben Gomez1954PChuck Estrada1960P
Juan Pizarro1964PRed Witt1958P
Pedro Ramos1960PLarry Sherry1959P
Mike Fornieles1960PTex Clevenger1959P
Moe Drabowsky1957PJohn T. Briggs1958P
Orlando Pena1963PEd Palmquist1960P
Ted Bowsfield1961PCharlie Beamon1956P
Claude Raymond1966PTed Wills1962P
Diomedes Olivo1962PGlenn Cox1956P
1960 California_2  1960 Midwest  
Albie Pearson1963OFRoger Maris1961OF
Bob Skinner1962OFBob Cerv1958OF
Earl Battey1963CRon Hansen1964SS
Deron Johnson19653BHarvey Kuenn1959OF
Lee Walls1958OFTony Kubek1961SS
Gus Triandos1958CJackie Brandt1961OF
Andy Carey19543BWalt Moryn1958OF
Len Gabrielson1968OFDaryl Spencer1958SS
Chris Cannizzaro1970CJohnny Blanchard1961C
Joey Amalfitano19603BRuss Snyder1966OF
Lou Berberet1957CJim Dyck19523B
Don Landrum1965OFRip Repulski1954OF
Jack Shepard1956CJerry Kindall19622B
Joe DeMaestri1957SSRed Wilson1958C
Cam Carreon1963CBob W. Johnson19632B
Dick Cole1954SSKen L. Hunt1961OF
Pete Daley1956CGeorge Thomas1964OF
Rudy Regalado19543BDon Pavletich1966C
Bob Talbot1954OFCarroll Hardy1961OF
Frank Ernaga1957OFSparky Anderson19592B
Mike Baxes1956SSKite Thomas1952OF
Bob Roselli1962CDarrell Johnson1952C
Archie Wilson1952OFGail Henley1954OF
Ray Webster19592BFritz Brickell1959SS
Grant Dunlap1953OFBob Gibson1968P
Frank Zupo1961CBilly Hoeft1955P
Don Drysdale1965PRay Sadecki1961P
Frank Sullivan1957PTom Sturdivant1957P
Jim Maloney1965PDick Stigman1963P
Don Mossi1961PWillard Schmidt1955P
Jim Brewer1971PFred Baczewski1953P
Tom Morgan1961PRyne Duren1958P
Barry Latman1961PJack Urban1957P
Jim B. Davis1954PBill Fischer1959P
Don Ferrarese1961PPaul Giel1955P
Art Schallock1951PFred Kipp1958P
Mel Nelson1968PBob Mahoney1951P
Ed Mayer1958PThornton Kipper1953P
Mike Lee1963PJohn Anderson1962P
Al Grunwald1955PBob Hartman1962P
1960 Illinois  1960 Indiana_Michigan  
Bill Skowron19601BLenny Green1962OF
Jim Finigan19543BBill Virdon1956OF
Gary Geiger1961OFJim Pagliaroni1965C
Bill Tuttle1955OFAl Pilarcik1957OF
Billy Klaus1955SSGeorge Crowe19571B
Ray Jablonski19543BSteve Boros19613B
Gene Oliver1965CJoe Koppe1959SS
Dick Schofield1964SSKen Hamlin19652B
Hal W. Smith1960CJerry Lynch1958OF
Whitey Herzog1961OFNorm Zauchin19551B
Cal Neeman1957CCharlie Lau1964C
Bob Will1960OFDan Dobbek1960OF
Dick Bertell1963CDanny Schell1954OF
Lou Skizas1957OFClem Koshorek1952SS
Nelson Mathews1964OFTed Kazanski19573B
Jim Marshall19591BChuck Harmon19553B
Sammy Esposito19563BRon H. Jackson19581B
Gary Kolb1963OFJoe Altobelli1961OF
Hawk Taylor1967CCasey Wise19602B
El Tappe1960CGeorge Lerchen1953OF
Johnny Schaive19623BJim Kaat1966P
Jim O’Toole1961PPhil Regan1966P
Dick Hyde1958PBob Friend1962P
Bob Turley1958PMilt Pappas1971P
Glen Hobbie1959PBob Buhl1957P
Jim Hughes1954PDuke Maas1957P
Eli Grba1961PGeorge Brunet1965P
Terry Fox1962PDon Larsen1956P
Dean Stone1954PIke Delock1958P
Curt Barclay1957PGeorge Zuverink1954P
Don Liddle1954PBob Anderson1959P
Curt Raydon1958PBilly Muffett1960P
Jim Umbricht1962PDon Gross1957P
Jay Hook1960PAl Cicotte1957P
Pete Burnside1960PArnold Earley1964P
Bob G. Miller1954PLeo Cristante1955P
George O’Donnell1954PJerry Davie1959P
Dick Bokelmann1951PMike Blyzka1954P
Zach Monroe1958PJim Stump1957P
John Romonosky1959PSteve Kraly1953P
1960 Iowa_Missouri  1960 Ohio  
Elston Howard1964CFrank Howard1968OF
Ken Boyer19603BBob Nieman1956OF
Al Smith1955OFJohn Roseboro1964C
Norm Siebern19621BDon Zimmer1958SS
Bob Allison1963OFEarl Averill1961C
Clete Boyer19623BRuss Nixon1958C
Jerry Lumpe19622BHal Naragon1955C
Dale Long19551BBilly Consolo1959SS
Gene Baker19552BJim Brideweser1957SS
Dave Nicholson1963OFMel Hoderlein19522B
Dick Williams19603BNelson Burbrink1955C
Bob Schmidt1958CGeorge Schmees1952OF
Jack Dittmer19532BGordon Massa1957C
Jim Pendleton1953OFWally Shannon1959SS
Bob Speake1957OFVic Janowicz1953C
Harry Bright19621BFred Richards19511B
Charlie James1963OFJoe Szekely1953OF
Loren Babe19533BRod Graber1958OF
Bob Sadowski19623BHarvey Haddix1953P
Jim Pisoni1957OFSam Jones1958P
Bob Oldis1962CBrooks Lawrence1957P
Bill Jennings1951SSArt Mahaffey1962P
Harry Hanebrink19532BJack Kralick1963P
Bud Thomas1951SSJim Brosnan1958P
Frank Baumann1960PDick Drott1957P
Dick Hall1963PDon Elston1958P
Bob L. Miller1971PEddie Yuhas1952P
Dave Sisler1960PRay Semproch1958P
Jackie Collum1953PCorky Valentine1954P
Joe Presko1951PBob Kelly1952P
Jake Thies1954PDick Tomanek1958P
Bobby Tiefenauer1964PWynn Hawkins1961P
Jim Golden1962PRon Negray1955P
Lloyd Merritt1957PRalph Brickner1952P
Gary Blaylock1959PRon Moeller1961P
Bob W. Smith1958PRalph Beard1954P
John Gabler1961PJim Waugh1953P
Floyd Wooldridge1955PCal Hogue1952P
Bob Wiesler1955PMoe Savransky1954P
Bud W. Black1955PJake Striker1959P
1960 USA_Northeast  1960 New York  
Dick McAuliffe19682BJoe Torre19713B
John Romano1961CTommy Davis1962OF
Joe Cunningham19621BRocky Colavito1961OF
Billy Gardner19572BJohnny Logan1955SS
Chuck Essegian1962OFJim Rivera1953OF
Eddie Kasko19603BBob Aspromonte19643B
Bob Saverine19662BFrank Malzone19593B
Johnny O’Brien19552BKen Aspromonte19602B
Harry Agganis19541BFrank Torre19581B
Johnny Goryl19632BJim Greengrass1953OF
Bobby Malkmus19612BBobby Wine1970SS
Joe M. Morgan19603BTed Lepcio19542B
Hardy Peterson1955CJoe Pignatano1961C
Jim Mahoney1962SSEbba St. Claire1951C
Eddie O’Brien1956SSAl Heist1961OF
Jack Cusick1951SSLou Limmer19541B
Dick Tettelbach1956OFNorm Sherry1960C
Tom Gastall1956CDon Taussig1961OF
Tommy Giordano19532BDuke Carmel1963OF
Sonny Senerchia19523BDutch Dotterer1959C
Stu Miller1965PSandy Koufax1966P
Jack S. Sanford1957PHerb Score1956P
Joey Jay1961PBob Shaw1959P
Joe Black1952PRoy Face1962P
Turk Farrell1962PJohnny Podres1957P
Bill Monbouquette1961PBob Bruce1964P
Stan Williams1960PBill Stafford1961P
Art Ditmar1960PArnie Portocarrero1958P
Ray Narleski1957PBob Keegan1954P
Carl Willey1963PMarion Fricano1953P
Don Nottebart1963PBob Grim1954P
Johnny Kucks1956PDon McMahon1964P
Chet Nichols1951PTurk Lown1959P
Leo Kiely1958PTom A. Gorman1955P
Barney Schultz1964PJerry Casale1959P
Paul LaPalme1953PDanny McDevitt1957P
Tom Acker1956PKarl Spooner1955P
Fred Green1960PDom Zanni1962P
Phil Paine1958PAl Corwin1952P
Vito Valentinetti1956PBob Trowbridge1957P
1960 Pennsylvania  1960 USA_South  
Dick Groat1963SSMickey Mantle1957OF
Tito Francona1959OFBrooks Robinson19643B
Frank Thomas1954OFVada Pinson1961OF
Don Hoak19603BJohnny Callison1963OF
Al Spangler1963OFTim McCarver1967C
Norm Larker19621BJim Gilliam19632B
Dick Gernert19531BFloyd Robinson1962OF
Bobby Del Greco1962OFWillie Davis1962OF
Billy Hunter1953SSWally Moon1961OF
Chuck Tanner1957OFLeon Wagner1962OF
Lou Klimchock19693BDon Demeter19623B
George Alusik1963OFEd Bailey1956C
Dick Gray19583BJerry Adair19652B
Paul Smith19531BWalt Bond19641B
Doug Clemens1964OFLou Johnson1965OF
Tim Thompson1956CLou Clinton1962OF
Doug Camilli1962CJim King1964OF
Stan Palys1955OFHal Smith1959C
Billy Shantz1954CJesse Gonder1964C
Billy Harrell19583BGene Stephens1960OF
Ed Sadowski1963CPumpsie Green1961SS
Ernie Oravetz1955OFFaye Throneberry1952OF
Bob Purkey1962PBob Thurman1957OF
Gary Peters1963PMarv Throneberry19601B
Dave Wickersham1964PFoster Castleman19563B
Paul Foytack1957PSolly Drake1956OF
Ron Kline1956PJim Bunning1966P
Jim Owens1959PLindy McDaniel1960P
Hal Woodeshick1963PClaude Osteen1969P
Ed Rakow1962PRalph Terry1962P
Ed Roebuck1960PGene Conley1959P
George Susce1955PJerry Walker1959P
Jack Meyer1955PRay Crone1955P
Russ Kemmerer1960PDon Kaiser1956P
Bobby Locke1960PHerb Moford1958P
Marty Kutyna1961PVon McDaniel1957P
Nellie King1956PBob Schultz1952P
Joe Margoneri1956PJim Constable1962P
Bob Duliba1964PJack McMahan1956P
Bill Tremel1955PMark Freeman1960P
1960 Alabama_LOU_MISS  1960 USA_Southeast  
Willie Mays1965OFMaury Wills1962SS
Hank Aaron1963OFAl Kaline1955OF
Willie McCovey19691BBill D. White19631B
Billy Williams1965OFRon Fairly1965OF
Don Mincher19671BBill Mazeroski19622B
Billy Moran19622BHarry Anderson1958OF
Bill Bruton1960OFGordy Coleman19611B
Fred Valentine1966OFHarry Simpson1952OF
Don Blasingame19572BGene Freese19613B
Lee Maye1964OFDick Brown1961C
Wayne Causey1964SSSpook Jacobs19542B
Jim Davenport19623BHaywood Sullivan1961C
Frank Bolling19582BBobo Osborne19631B
Bob Boyd19571BRay Barker19651B
Willie Kirkland1960OFLarry Raines19573B
Marv Breeding19602BMel Clark1952OF
Clint Courtney1952CBob Hale19551B
Bubba Phillips19573BBill L. Hall1958C
Willie Tasby1960OFJack Merson19522B
Alex Grammas1954SSGeorge Freese19553B
Dusty Rhodes1954OFBob Thorpe1952OF
Milt Bolling1954SSR C Stevens19581B
Earl Robinson1961OFJim Fridley1952OF
Dave Pope1955OFChris Short1965P
Sam Hairston1951CMudcat Grant1970P
Frank Lary1956PSteve D. Barber1963P
Earl Wilson1966PConnie Johnson1956P
Eddie Fisher1965PKen T. Johnson1963P
Vinegar Bend Mizell1953PRay Moore1956P
Ken McBride1961PEarl Francis1962P
Hersh Freeman1956PTom Cheney1962P
Bennie Daniels1961PJack Fisher1960P
Al Worthington1966PDon Rudolph1962P
Joe Gibbon1961PFrank Funk1961P
Marshall Bridges1962PDon Bessent1956P
Dave Hoskins1953PBob Milliken1953P
Jim Willis1953PDallas Green1962P
Fred Waters1956PTaylor Phillips1956P
Red Swanson1957PCharlie Bishop1954P
Royce Lint1954PBob Trice1954P
1960 NC_SC_Virginia  1960 Texas_West  
Johnny Temple19592BNorm Cash19611B
Bobby Richardson19622BFrank Robinson1962OF
George Altman1961OFEddie Mathews19533B
Wes Covington1963OFRon Santo19673B
Don Buddin1959SSErnie Banks1959SS
Tom Umphlett1953OFCurt Flood1968OF
Gail Harris19581BEd Bouchee19571B
Toby Atwell1952CPete Runnels19582B
Charley Smith19653BCharlie Neal19592B
Bob Hazle1957OFRoy McMillan1956SS
J. C. Martin1967CDee Fondy19531B
Hank Foiles1958CSammy White1953C
Pete Whisenant1956OFRocky Bridges1958SS
Sammy Taylor1959CJoe Gaines1964OF
Ty Cline1962OFChuck Cottier19622B
Mel Roach19582BHerb Plews19572B
Don Dillard1961OFRay Katt1956C
Neil Chrisley1960OFCurt Roberts19542B
Hoyt Wilhelm1959PBob Martyn1958OF
Tom Brewer1956PKent Hadley19591B
Ted W. Abernathy1967PBobby Smith1960OF
Jim Perry1970PRon Samford1959SS
Billy O’Dell1958PJim Small1956OF
Roger Craig1959PBud Sheely1952C
Don Cardwell1961PDick Ellsworth1963P
Art Fowler1954PLarry Jackson1964P
Dave Jolly1954PAl Jackson1966P
Hal Brown1961PGary Bell1966P
John Tsitouris1963PBill Henry1959P
Tracy Stallard1965PPhil Ortega1967P
John Buzhardt1965PWes Stock1964P
Dave Hillman1959PDon Lee1962P
Jim Coates1961PKen Lehman1957P
Wally Burnette1956PHowie Reed1970P
Tom Hurd1955PGordon Jones1954P
Bob Chakales1954PSeth Morehead1960P
Sonny Dixon1954PVirgil Jester1952P
Ben Flowers1953PJack Spring1962P
Bill Harrington1955PJohnny James1960P
Dick Marlowe1954PNiles Jordan1951P

Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-1960 – Season 1

Frank Howard (OH) 3 HR, 6 RBI

Felix Mantilla (INT) 3 HR, 3 RBI

Don Hoak (PA) 3 HR, 4 RBI

Rocky Colavito (NY) 3 HR, 4 RBI

Bennie Daniels (ALM) no-hitter

Retro WBC 1970

New York’s overall record was only good enough for sixth place yet the ballclub logged the highest win total in four of eleven seasons to claim the championship in the 1970 Retro-WBC tourney. The Indiana_Ohio entry earns a mention as the team compiled a .569 winning percentage. Dean Chance (INO) manufactured a 2.50 ERA to lead all qualifiers with Don Sutton (ALM) trailing by a mere .01! Sutton led all hurlers with a WHIP of 1.065 and tied Steve Carlton (SE) with 17 victories per year. The strikeout leader was “Sudden” Sam McDowell (PA), whose 254 K’s bested Nolan Ryan’s 231. Rod Carew (INT) cruised to a batting title with a .342 mark. Joe L Morgan (TXW) reached base at a .418 clip while slugging honors were nearly a virtual tie between George Foster (ALM) at .547 and Willie “Pops” Stargell (SOU) at .545. Foster matched Reggie Jackson (PA) with 44 bombs and knocked in 121 baserunners per year to top the charts while Carew paced the circuit with 210 safeties and 14 triples.

Season 1

1970    USA_Texas_West                                          94        67        0.584

Season 2

1970    New_York                                                     95        67        0.586

Season 3

1970    Indiana_Ohio                                                  102      60        0.630

Season 4

1970    Alabama_Louisiana_Mississippi                     91        71        0.562

Season 5

1970    USA_Texas_West                                          94        67        0.584

Season 6

1970    USA_Texas_West                                          103      58        0.640

Season 7

1970    USA_Southeast                                              96        66        0.593

Season 8

1970    New_York                                                     92        70        0.568

Season 9

1970    Alabama_Louisiana_Mississippi                     98        64        0.605

Season 10

1970    New_York                                                     93        69        0.574  

1970    Indiana_Ohio                                                  93        69        0.574

Season 11

1970    New_York                                                     98        64        0.605

1970 International  1970 Cuba_DR_Puerto_Rico  
Rod Carew19771BTony Perez19703B
Cesar Tovar1970OFCesar Cedeno1972OF
Pete Ward19643BTony Oliva1965OF
Dave Concepcion1978SSJose Cruz1983OF
Adolfo Phillips1967OFBert Campaneris1968SS
Manny Sanguillen1971CRico Carty1970OF
Horace Clarke19692BJose Cardenal1975OF
Vic Davalillo1965OFSandy Alomar19712B
Aurelio Rodriguez19703BWillie Montanez1971OF
Elrod Hendricks1969CFelix Millan19732B
Tony Solaita19761BTito Fuentes19732B
Chico Salmon1966SSCesar Geronimo1976OF
Ramon Webster19671BCookie Rojas19652B
Hector Torres1975SSEllie Rodriguez1974C
Tim Harkness19631BJerry Morales1977OF
Ivan Murrell1970OFManny Mota1972OF
Cesar Gutierrez1970SSJesus Alou1965OF
Ossie Chavarria1966OFPaul Casanova1966C
Gil Garrido1970SSManny Jimenez1962OF
Angel Bravo1969OFRoberto Pena1968SS
Gus Gil19702BCoco Laboy19693B
Remy Hermoso19742BFelix Torres19623B
Jose Herrera1969OFPedro Gonzalez19652B
Dave L. Roberts1962OFJose Tartabull1965OF
Fergie Jenkins1971PAngel Mangual1971OF
John Hiller1973PRick Joseph19693B
Bert Blyleven1973PLuis Tiant1974P
Al McBean1964PMinnie Rojas1967P
Reggie Cleveland1973PPedro Borbon1973P
Ron Taylor1963PMarcelino Lopez1965P
Vicente Romo1968PRoger Moret1973P
Mike Kilkenny1969PDiego Segui1970P
Horacio Pina1973PJose R. Santiago1968P
Dick Lines1966PRamon Hernandez1972P
Masanori Murakami1965PJulio Navarro1963P
Ed Acosta1971PChi-Chi Olivo1966P
Jose Pena1971PAurelio Monteagudo1973P
Jorge Rubio1966PGeorge Lauzerique1969P
Roberto Rodriguez1967PSantiago Guzman1971P
Les Rohr1967PManny Montejo1961P
1970 California_1  1970 California_2  
Roy White1970OFJim Fregosi1970SS
Bobby Bonds1971OFDarrell Evans19733B
Jeff Burroughs1974OFJoe Rudi1972OF
Bobby Tolan1970OFBob Watson19761B
Graig Nettles19763BJoe Ferguson1973C
Jim Lefebvre19662BDusty Baker1980OF
Willie Crawford1973OFKen McMullen19693B
Mike Andrews19682BLarry Bowa1978SS
Bill Buckner1976OFBob Bailey19733B
Bud Harrelson1971SSVon Joshua1975OF
Bobby Darwin1972OFTony Horton19691B
Tim Foli1979SSLeron Lee1972OF
Ed Herrmann1972CFred Kendall1973C
George Mitterwald1973CDoug Griffin19722B
Al Gallagher19713BDanny Walton1970OF
Norm Miller1969OFGene Clines1972OF
Marty Perez19742BFrank Duffy1975SS
Andy Etchebarren1966CSteve Brye1974OF
Ken Hubbs19632BTim Cullen1967SS
Steve Hovley1969OFTony Muser19731B
Gary Sutherland19752BJack Hiatt1971C
Buck Martinez1983CBill Voss1969OF
Tom Hutton19721BGreg Goossen19691B
Tom Egan1971CTom Seaver1969P
Bill Singer1969PLarry Dierker1969P
Bill Lee1973PTug McGraw1972P
Jim Lonborg1974PDick Selma1970P
Jim Colborn1973PJack Aker1966P
Gary Nolan1967PJim Merritt1967P
Al Hrabosky1975PRon Bryant1973P
Roger Nelson1972PDock Ellis1977P
Bart Johnson1971PNelson Briles1967P
Denny Lemaster1969PKen Forsch1971P
Wayne Simpson1970PJim McGlothlin1970P
Tom Griffin1974PAlan Foster1973P
Rich Nye1967PDennis Bennett1962P
Casey Cox1969PDanny Frisella1971P
Lloyd Allen1971PLes Cain1970P
Ray Lamb1971PGeorge Culver1968P
Dave Morehead1963PDon Carrithers1975P
1970 USA_Midwest  1970 Illinois_Iowa  
Nate Colbert19721BGreg Luzinski1977OF
Ron Hunt19712BDenis Menke1964SS
Mike Shannon19683BWes Parker19701B
Donn Clendenon19661BTom Haller1968C
Ken Berry1972OFKen Henderson1974OF
Don Lock1964OFLee Thomas19621B
Bill Russell1978SSDick Green19692B
Art Shamsky1969OFRay Fosse1970C
Danny Thompson1972SSDel Unser1969OF
Jerry Kenney19693BDoug Rader19723B
Byron Browne1966OFDal Maxvill1968SS
Jerry Buchek19672BBobby Knoop19662B
Jerry Zimmerman1966CTed Uhlaender1968OF
Bob Burda19691BChuck Hiller19622B
Rod Kanehl19642BTed Savage1970OF
Tom Tischinski1970CDuane Josephson1968C
Jay Ward19642BBill Sudakis19693B
Jay Hankins1961OFEd Spiezio19703B
Len Boehmer19691BLarry Biittner19771B
Hal Jones19621BKen Retzer1962C
Mel Stottlemyre1969PDenny McLain1968P
Ken Holtzman1970PFritz Peterson1969P
Sonny Siebert1971PStan Bahnsen1968P
Steve Renko1973PLarry Gura1980P
Jerry Reuss1980PBill Stoneman1971P
Carl Morton1975PBob Lee1964P
Ken Sanders1971PPat Jarvis1970P
Mike Torrez1976PJoe Decker1974P
Rudy May1980PBob Locker1973P
Darold Knowles1970PMarty Pattin1971P
Chuck Dobson1970PDick Woodson1972P
Paul Lindblad1975PBob D. Johnson1970P
Steve Mingori1976PJim McAndrew1972P
Bill Kelso1967PJoe Hoerner1966P
Jim Donohue1961PLee Stange1963P
Dennis Higgins1970PJohn Wyatt1967P
John O’Donoghue1967PEddie Watt1969P
Jerry Robertson1969PTom Timmermann1970P
Don Dennis1965PScipio Spinks1972P
Dan McGinn1969PTom Hilgendorf1975P
1970 Indiana_Ohio  1970 Michigan_MIN_WIS  
Jim Wynn1969OFBill Freehan1968C
Pete Rose1969OFJohn Mayberry19751B
Sal Bando19693BBobby Grich19742B
Thurman Munson1973CTom Tresh1963OF
Al Oliver19821BTed Simmons1975C
Dick Dietz1970CJim Northrup1969OF
Larry Hisle1978OFMerv Rettenmund1971OF
Johnny Edwards1963CBernie Carbo1970OF
Bernie Allen19622BRick Reichardt1968OF
Rich Reese19691BMickey Stanley1968OF
Buck Rodgers1962CTom Paciorek1981OF
Milt May1974CAl Luplow1962OF
Duffy Dyer1972CJim Gosger1966OF
Ed Brinkman1969SSDick Billings1972C
Mike Hegan1969OFDave Campbell19702B
Mike Hershberger1966OFMike White1964OF
Gates Brown1964OFVern Fuller19672B
Gene Michael1969SSDick Phillips19631B
Darrel Chaney1976SSCarmen Fanzone19723B
Andy Kosco1968OFBob Uecker1966C
Bob Barton1971CBruce Look1968C
Steve Huntz1970SSJerry Koosman1969P
Dean Chance1964PDick Radatz1964P
Phil Niekro1978PMike G. Marshall1979P
Joe Niekro1982PRick Wise1971P
Tommy John1979PTom Burgmeier1980P
Dave A. Roberts1971PDick Bosman1969P
Tom Murphy1974PDennis Ribant1966P
Dick Drago1971PMike Paul1972P
Steve Hargan1966PRickey Clark1967P
Ron Reed1969PLarry Jaster1966P
Rollie Fingers1981PBill Zepp1970P
Paul Splittorff1978PFred Gladding1967P
Sammy Ellis1964PBill Gogolewski1971P
Fred Scherman1971PGene Brabender1969P
Billy McCool1966PBill Burbach1969P
Jack Baldschun1962PDave DeBusschere1963P
Grant Jackson1969PHowie Koplitz1965P
Hal Reniff1963PMike Joyce1962P
Joe Sparma1965PBob Botz1962P
1970 USA_Northeast  1970 New York  
Carlton Fisk1972CCarl Yastrzemski1967OF
Mark Belanger1976SSRico Petrocelli1969SS
Elliott Maddox1974OFKen Singleton1977OF
Richie Hebner19723BMike Epstein19721B
Tony Conigliaro1966OFDave Cash19742B
John Briggs1974OFCurt Blefary1965OF
John Orsino1963CJoe Foy19663B
Jay Johnstone1976OFJoe Pepitone19631B
Jake Wood19612BRichie Scheinblum1972OF
Earl C. Williams1971CChuck Schilling19612B
Mike Jorgensen19741BEd Kranepool19661B
John Ellis19741BMike Fiore19691B
Ted Ford1972OFAl Ferrara1967OF
Joe Lahoud1974OFBoots Day1971OF
Tom Grieve1976OFFrank Fernandez1969C
Billy Conigliaro1970OFTerry Crowley19801B
Fran Healy1974CAl Weis19632B
Brant Alyea1970OFMike Ferraro19723B
Ted Kubiak19702BFrank Tepedino19731B
Bobby Valentine19722BJim Campanis1969C
Wilbur Wood1971PJim Palmer1975P
Bill Hands1969PPat Dobson1971P
Andy Messersmith1975PAl Fitzmorris1975P
Jim Bouton1963PPete Richert1965P
Joe H. Coleman1973PMel Queen1967P
Ron Perranoski1969PKen Brett1973P
Al Downing1971PDave Giusti1970P
Steve Blass1972PMike Nagy1969P
Fred Newman1965PJack Lamabe1963P
Wayne Granger1969PPete Mikkelsen1966P
Skip Lockwood1976PBo Belinsky1964P
John Curtis1973PLarry Bearnarth1963P
Dave Stenhouse1962PJim Britton1969P
John Cumberland1971PHank Fischer1964P
Tom Kelley1971PSal Campisi1970P
Danny Coombs1970PRob Gardner1972P
Rollie Sheldon1961PFred Lasher1968P
Al Santorini1969PAl Severinsen1971P
Ed Sprague1974PFrank Kreutzer1964P
Dick Kelley1969PFrank Carpin1965P
1970 Pennsylvania  1970 USA_South  
Dick Allen19721BJohnny Bench1972C
Reggie Jackson1969OFBobby Murcer1971OF
Gene Tenace1975CWillie Stargell1973OF
Paul Schaal19713BLou Brock1968OF
Glenn Beckert19682BAlex Johnson1970OF
Rich Rollins19623BPaul Blair1969OF
Don Wert19653BRick Monday1968OF
Bill Robinson19771BJim Hickman1970OF
Pat Kelly1972OFFreddie Patek1971SS
Jim Spencer19711BDon Kessinger1969SS
Tom Satriano1968CRick Dempsey1978C
Dick Tracewski19642BDave Nelson19732B
Bobby Vance Mitchell1975OFJohn Bateman1966C
Jim Price1969CBob Tillman1964C
Jimmie Schaffer1963CRoy Foster1970OF
Hank Allen1969OFTommy McCraw19681B
Tommy Matchick19692BBobby Cox19683B
Dave Ricketts1967CGail Hopkins19711B
Lee Elia1966SSDenny Doyle19742B
Scott Northey1969OFMike Brumley1964C
Sam McDowell1970PHowie Goss1963OF
Gene Garber1978PPhil Gagliano19652B
Sparky Lyle1977PPhil Roof1970C
Don Schwall1961PDerrell Griffith19643B
Bob Moose1969PClyde Wright1970P
Gary Ross1976PDick Hughes1967P
Bruce Dal Canton1974PDon Gullett1971P
Lew Krausse1966PJim Hardin1968P
Joe Grzenda1971PFrank Linzy1967P
Bob Heffner1964PWoodie Fryman1976P
Bob Sadowski1963PChuck Taylor1974P
Jim Duffalo1964PJackie Brown1974P
Buster Narum1964PJoe McClain1961P
Joe Verbanic1967PTommie Sisk1967P
Joe Bonikowski1962PPaul Toth1963P
Paul Doyle1969PSteve Hamilton1965P
Bob Priddy1967PRon Willis1967P
Ed Hobaugh1961PJohn Gelnar1969P
Don Shaw1971PAubrey Gatewood1964P
Pete Cimino1966PChris Zachary1972P
1970 Alabama_LOU_MISS  1970 USA_Southeast  
Tommy Harper19703BToby Harrah1975SS
George Foster1977OFBoog Powell19701B
Rusty Staub1971OFSteve Garvey19761B
Cleon Jones1969OFDon Money19743B
Carlos May1972OFMickey Rivers1976OF
Amos Otis1973OFHal McRae1982OF
Reggie Smith1977OFDave May1973OF
Tommie Agee1966OFDavey Johnson19702B
Ralph Garr1974OFWayne Garrett19733B
Lee May19721BEd Charles19623B
Bill Melton19713BLou Piniella1972OF
George Scott19671BBob Robertson19711B
Bob Oliver19721BDick Howser1964SS
Oscar Gamble1977OFMack Jones1967OF
Ted Sizemore19732BSonny Jackson1966SS
Fred Whitfield19651BLarry Brown1968SS
Ollie Brown1970OFRon Swoboda1967OF
Willie Smith1965OFRon Blomberg19721B
Johnny Lewis1965OFBob Chance19641B
Jake Gibbs1968CJoe Hague19701B
Ed Stroud1970OFPhil Linz1964SS
Billy Cowan1964OFBilly Bryan1965C
Jimmy Stewart19642BCarl Taylor1969OF
Dalton Jones19653BWoody Woodward19662B
Jerry Moses1970CPaul Popovich19682B
Buddy Bradford1969OFBubba Morton1967OF
Tommie Reynolds1969OFGeorge Smith19662B
Tommie Aaron19621BMerritt Ranew1963C
Vida Blue1971PSteve Carlton1972P
Don Sutton1972PJack Billingham1973P
Don Wilson1971PBlue Moon Odom1969P
Bob Veale1964PClay Kirby1971P
Ken Tatum1969PDave Boswell1969P
Cecil Upshaw1969PTom Phoebus1968P
Clay Carroll1970PBob Hendley1962P
George Stone1970PBruce Howard1966P
Norm Bass1961PJerry Johnson1971P
Jim Nelson1970PBill F. Butler1969P
Hal Haydel1971PVince Colbert1971P
Alan Koch1964PTony Pierce1967P
1970 NC_SC_Virginia  1970 Texas_West  
Jim Ray Hart19673BJoe L. Morgan19752B
Willie Horton1968OFDon Buford19652B
Ken Harrelson1968OFBilly Grabarkewitz19703B
Jimmie Hall1965OFDon Baylor1979OF
Randy Hundley1967CMax Alvis19633B
Gene Alley1966SSCito Gaston1970OF
Chuck Hinton1963OFJohn Lowenstein1982OF
Leroy Stanton1977OFDuke Sims1968C
Sam Bowens1964OFDanny Cater19701B
Tommy Helms19732BJerry Grote1975C
Wayne Comer1969OFRoger Repoz1970OF
Bob Stinson1978CEd Kirkpatrick1972C
John Donaldson19672BMike Lum19731B
Jim Holt1973OFRoger Metzger1973SS
Ed Goodson19733BCarl Warwick1963OF
Johnny Oates1972CDave Duncan1972C
Jerry May1967CKen Boswell19692B
Hal Lanier19642BEddie Leon19702B
Ron E. Davis1967OFWalt Williams1969OF
Tim Hosley1975CMickey Lolich1971P
Bob Perry1964OFNolan Ryan1973P
John Herrnstein1964OFDave McNally1968P
Gaylord Perry1972PJoe Horlen1967P
Catfish Hunter1975PJim Rooker1974P
Tom Bradley1971PWayne Twitchell1973P
Tony Cloninger1965PCharlie Hough1985P
Bobby Bolin1966PWally Bunker1964P
Bill Dailey1963PRay Culp1970P
Tom Hall1970PMike Hedlund1971P
Jim Archer1961PJim Nash1968P
Dooley Womack1967PLerrin LaGrow1977P
Cal Koonce1962PRay Washburn1968P
Jim Ray1971PLuke Walker1970P
Bill Champion1974PGary Gentry1969P
Bob Humphreys1966PSteve Kline1972P
Dave Leonhard1969PDave LaRoche1976P
Jim Roland1969PFred Norman1977P
Billy Wynne1969PBob Reynolds1973P
Jack Curtis1961PMilt Wilcox1978P
Jay Ritchie1967PBarry Lersch1970P

Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-1970 – Season 1

Cito Gaston (TXW) 5 Hits, 2 HR, 8 RBI

Dick Allen (PA) 4 Hits, 2 HR, 9 RBI

Bobby Bonds (CA1) 4 Hits, 2 HR, 7 RBI

Jim L Hickman (SOU) 3 Hits, 2 HR, 7 RBI

Nate Colbert (MDW) 3 Hits, 2 HR, 7 RBI

Retro WBC 1980

Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi compiled a .578 winning percentage en route to victory in the Retro-WBC 1980 competition. Miguel Dilone (DPR) swiped 38 bags per year and took home the batting title with a .328 average. Jack Clark (NJP) coaxed 119 walks annually and led all qualifiers with a .430 OBP while placing third behind Fred Lynn (.563) and Dave “Kong” Kingman (.558) in slugging percentage. Dwight “Dewey” Evans (CA2) and “The Man of Steal” Rickey Henderson topped the century mark in runs scored. Willie Wilson (ALM) recorded the most base hits (209) and stolen bases (58) on a yearly basis. Robin Yount (IIW) rapped a League-best 45 two-baggers and finished runner-up to Jim Rice (FGS) in the RBI department, 126 to 122. Kingman belted 43 round-trippers to best Rice by five. J.R. Richard anchored the rotation for the top team in the league while whiffing 284 batters per season and notching the second-best ERA (2.86) behind teammate Ron Guidry (2.83).

Season 1

1980    California_3                                                    107      55        0.660

Season 2

1980    Michigan-Ohio                                                95        67        0.586

1980    Texas 1980                                                      95        67        0.586

Season 3

1980    Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi                   101      61        0.623

Season 4

1980    Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi                   100      62        0.617

Season 5

1980    Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi                   100      62        0.617

Season 6

1980    Michigan-Ohio                                                103      59        0.636

Season 7

1980    California_1                                                    92        70        0.568

Season 8

1980    California_2                                                    93        69        0.574

Season 9

1980    Alabama-Louisiana-Mississippi                   94        68        0.580

1980 International  1980 DR_Puerto_Rico  
Ben Oglivie1980OFPedro Guerrero1985OF
Terry Puhl1980OFSixto Lezcano1979OF
Omar Moreno1979OFTony Bernazard19862B
Jorge Orta19742BRafael Ramirez1982SS
Tony Armas1980OFMiguel Dilone1980OF
Rennie Stennett19752BTony Pena1983C
Glenn Hubbard19822BDamaso Garcia19822B
Manny Trillo19802BIvan de Jesus1978SS
Bo Diaz1982CAlfredo Griffin1986SS
Luis Salazar19833BFrank Taveras1978SS
Carlos Lopez1977OFOzzie Virgil1985C
Enzo Hernandez1974SSJuan Beniquez1985OF
Dave McKay19813BPepe Mangual1975OF
Jose Morales19801BRafael Landestoy19792B
Alex Trevino1986CPedro Garcia19732B
Bruce Bochy1986CMario Guerrero1978SS
Mario Mendoza1979SSOtto Velez19801B
Andres Mora1977OFRusty Torres1976OF
Luis Gomez1978SSOnix Concepcion1984SS
Celerino Sanchez19723BPepe Frias1979SS
Ed Armbrister1976OFLuis Aguayo1985SS
Bobby Ramos1983CHector Cruz1977OF
Fernando Valenzuela1985PDave Rosello1976SS
Sid Monge1979PEd Romero1985SS
Aurelio Lopez1979PFernando Gonzalez19782B
Dennis Martinez1991PJose Baez19772B
Luis Leal1982PMario Soto1983P
Charlie Lea1984PWillie Hernandez1984P
Enrique Romo1977PJoaquin Andujar1982P
Cy Acosta1973PEd Figueroa1978P
Francisco Barrios1977PElias Sosa1979P
Juan Berenguer1983PNino Espinosa1979P
Manny Sarmiento1982PPascual Perez1988P
Albert Williams1983PSilvio Martinez1979P
Oscar Zamora1974PVictor Cruz1978P
Pablo Torrealba1977PEduardo Rodriguez1977P
Luis Aponte1982PBill Castro1978P
Bill Atkinson1977PSanto Alcala1976P
Max Leon1974PCarlos Velazquez1973P
Mickey Scott1975PJose Sosa1975P
1980 California_1  1980 California_2  
Alan Trammell1987SSGary Carter1985C
Eddie Murray19841BDwight Evans1982OF
Tim Wallach19873BJason D. Thompson19821B
Doug DeCinces19823BAl Cowens1977OF
Gary Matthews1979OFCarney Lansford19893B
Chris Speier1972SSRoy Smalley1979SS
Claudell Washington1975OFHubie Brooks19843B
Gary Roenicke1982OFGary Ward1984OF
Ken Landreaux1983OFJerry Royster19793B
Dan Ford1976OFSteve Ontiveros19773B
Lenny Randle19773BRob Wilfong19792B
Derrel Thomas19752BGary Thomasson1977OF
Brian Harper1993CRoy Howell19783B
Al Woods1980OFKen Reitz19773B
Rick Peters1980OFBiff Pocoroba1977C
Alan Ashby1987CGary Alexander1978C
Glenn Hoffman1983SSRick Bosetti1978OF
Jack Brohamer19742BRowland Office1976OF
Tim Corcoran19841BJim Wohlford1974OF
Rob Andrews19762BPete LaCock19781B
Mike Scott1986PRandy Jones1975P
Dennis Eckersley1978PDave Stieb1984P
Jim Barr1974PDave Stewart1990P
Dave Righetti1986PSteve Busby1975P
Bob Forsch1975PMike Morgan1992P
Dan Petry1982PBill Caudill1982P
Dick Tidrow1972PBob Ojeda1986P
Mike Parrott1979PJohn Butcher1984P
Jim Slaton1979PCraig Swan1978P
Doug Bird1973PDave Frost1979P
Jim Hughes1975PBill Bonham1973P
Mark Clear1982PDon Aase1986P
Ernie Camacho1984PDave S. Smith1987P
Randy Moffitt1976PJoe Price1983P
Rod Scurry1982PMike LaCoss1979P
John D’Acquisto1974PBob Apodaca1975P
Byron McLaughlin1979PJim Umbarger1976P
Larry Demery1976PFernando Arroyo1977P
Roric Harrison1973PBrent Strom1975P
Pete Redfern1979PFred Breining1982P
1980 California_3  1980 USA_Midwest  
Keith Hernandez19841BDave Winfield1979OF
Mitchell Page1977OFDarrell Porter1979C
George Hendrick1977OFPaul Molitor19911B
Dwayne Murphy1980OFDave Collins1980OF
Brian Downing1982OFBake McBride1974OF
Mike Davis1985OFBob Horner19823B
Rick Burleson1977SSEnos Cabell19783B
Bruce Bochte19801BBob Dernier1984OF
Bob Boone1978CJohn Wathan1980C
Dave Revering19791BBob Randall19762B
Rich Dauer19802BJoe Nolan1981C
Wayne Gross19773BWayne Nordhagen1980OF
Rance Mulliniks19853BMarc Hill1977C
Tim Blackwell1980CJerry Terrell1973SS
Terry Whitfield1978OFTim Johnson19762B
Alan Bannister19792BBrad Gulden1984C
Ron Theobald19712BMike Sadek1980C
Garth Iorg19853BTito Landrum1985OF
Dave Skaggs1977CBruce Kimm1976C
Vic Harris1973OFMike Boddicker1984P
Dan Quisenberry1983PSteve Rogers1982P
Mike Norris1980PDave Goltz1977P
Bob James1985PJack Morris1987P
Scott McGregor1983PRoss Grimsley1974P
Jesse Orosco1983PRick Sutcliffe1982P
Matt Keough1980PTerry Forster1972P
Mark W. Davis1989PFloyd Bannister1983P
Mike Krukow1986PTim Lollar1982P
Dick Ruthven1978PBill Gullickson1986P
Dennis Lamp1978PTom R. Johnson1977P
Bob Walk1988PLarry McWilliams1983P
Bobby Castillo1982PSteve Foucault1974P
Bill Parsons1971PSteve Comer1979P
Randy Lerch1979PDan Warthen1975P
Jerry Garvin1977PMark Littell1976P
Frank Pastore1980PJohn Fulgham1979P
Darrell Jackson1980PRon Schueler1974P
John Urrea1977PJerry Ujdur1982P
Gary Lucas1981PNeil Allen1980P
Frank LaCorte1980PGary Serum1978P
1980 Illinois_Indiana_Wisconsin  1980 Michigan_Ohio  
Rickey Henderson1990OFMike Schmidt19743B
Robin Yount1982SSKirk Gibson1988OF
Fred Lynn1979OFGarry Maddox1976OF
Lonnie Smith1982OFTerry Kennedy1982C
Jim Sundberg1978CRon LeFlore1976OF
John Castino19832BLeon Durham1982OF
Jack Perconte19842BMike Easler19841B
Ken Oberkfell19863BLeon Roberts1978OF
Joe Charboneau1980OFChris Chambliss19761B
George Vukovich1984OFRon Oester19852B
Dave Bergman19881BEddie Milner1983OF
Pete Mackanin19752BErnie Whitt1987C
Jim Dwyer1983OFDan Meyer19771B
Joe Wallis1978OFMickey Hatcher1984OF
Joe Zdeb1977OFJim Essian1977C
Dave Moates1975OFClint Hurdle1980OF
Jim Cox19742BTony Scott1979OF
Dennis Werth19801BBarry Bonnell1983OF
Mike Rogodzinski1973OFRick Miller1979OF
Sheldon Mallory1977OFJohnnie LeMaster1983SS
Larry Murray1977OFBill Stein19773B
Rick Stelmaszek1974CFrank Tanana1976P
Rick Reuschel1977PJim Kern1979P
Charlie Leibrandt1985PBob Knepper1978P
Buzz Capra1974PBill Campbell1977P
Jim Clancy1982PRichard Dotson1983P
Tom Underwood1979PBob Welch1987P
Ed Farmer1980PKent Tekulve1978P
Shane Rawley1983PLary Sorensen1978P
Tim Stoddard1980PSteve Stone1980P
Roger Erickson1980PDave Rozema1977P
Eric Rasmussen1977PSteve McCatty1981P
Ross Baumgarten1979PTom Hume1980P
Dan Schatzeder1979PDoug Bair1978P
Don Stanhouse1979PKen Kravec1979P
Butch Metzger1976PScott Sanderson1980P
Jerry Augustine1976PVern Ruhle1980P
Dave A. Campbell1977PSteve Trout1984P
Guy Hoffman1987PSteve Howe1982P
Pat Underwood1980PBruce Berenyi1982P
1980 USA_Northeast  1980 NJ_Pennsylvania  
Lou Whitaker19832BJack Clark19871B
Davey Lopes19792BTom Herr19852B
Richie Zisk1974OFMike Scioscia1985C
Lee Mazzilli1979OFBuddy Bell19843B
Rich Gedman1985CKen Griffey1980OF
Eric Soderholm19773BLance Parrish1983C
Rick Manning1976OFRick Cerone1980C
Jerry Remy19762BJeffrey Leonard1984OF
Julio Cruz19822BGreg Gross1974OF
Joe Lefebvre1983OFButch Wynegar1976C
Bill Almon1981SSDenny Walling19863B
Jim Norris1977OFDale Berra1983SS
Pat Putnam19831BSteve Braun1975OF
Tom Veryzer1979SSArt Howe19782B
Bruce Boisclair1976OFTom Brookens19803B
Glenn Adams1977OFEd Ott1979C
Jerry White1980OFBob Bailor1977OF
Phil Mankowski19773BGlenn Borgmann1974C
Rudy Meoli1973SSBob Molinaro1980OF
Pat Bourque19731BSteve Nicosia1979C
Sal Butera1981CWayne Krenchicki19843B
Mark Fidrych1976PLarry Milbourne1979SS
John Tudor1985PScot Thompson19841B
John Candelaria1977PBruce Sutter1977P
Dennis Leonard1977PJon Matlack1978P
Mike Flanagan1979PJohn Montefusco1976P
Bob Stanley1983PEd Halicki1977P
Joe Sambito1979PDoc Medich1973P
Jeff Reardon1982PGary Lavelle1977P
Bill Travers1976PRawly Eastwick1976P
Dave LaPoint1988PPete Vuckovich1978P
Tommy Boggs1980PJim Todd1975P
Rich Gale1978PPaul Hartzell1976P
David Palmer1986PMark Lemongello1977P
Pete Falcone1976PTom Tellmann1983P
Dave Lemanczyk1977PDave Freisleben1974P
Mike Proly1980PTom Buskey1974P
Ed Lynch1985PJoe Kerrigan1977P
Pete Ladd1983PPaul Mirabella1988P
Stan Thomas1976PRandy Martz1981P
1980 USA_South  1980 Alabama_LOU_MISS  
Lloyd Moseby1984OFDave Parker1978OF
Bill Madlock19823BOzzie Smith1987SS
Phil Garner19792BWillie Wilson1980OF
Ellis Valentine1978OFLyman Bostock1977OF
U. L. Washington1982SSChet Lemon1979OF
Tim Flannery19852BAndre Thornton19781B
Floyd Rayford19853BLarry Herndon1983OF
Junior Kennedy19802BFrank White19862B
Jerry Turner1976OFCharlie Spikes1974OF
Dave Rader1972CBruce Benedict1983C
Doug Flynn19802BDave L. Stapleton19802B
Steve Dillard19792BRon D. Jackson19791B
Taylor Duncan19783BCharlie Moore1983C
Terry Humphrey1977CButch Hobson19773B
Roy Staiger19763BLamar Johnson19791B
Joe Simpson1980OFJim Mason1974SS
Sam Ewing1977OFBilly Smith19782B
Tucker Ashford19783BRod Gilbreath19762B
Bob Davis1975CChico Walker19923B
Marv Foley1980CHosken Powell1980OF
Ted Cox19803BRon Washington1982SS
Randy Bass19801BJerry Hairston1975OF
Ron Dunn19742BWillie Norwood1978OF
Wayne Garland1976PGary Gray19821B
Ray Burris1976PJack Pierce19751B
Ed Whitson1990PJimmy Sexton1982SS
Len Barker1982PDan L. Thomas1976OF
Rick Honeycutt1983PRon Guidry1978P
Don Robinson1978PJ. R. Richard1979P
Glenn Abbott1980PDoyle Alexander1984P
Bob Shirley1979PLynn McGlothen1974P
George Frazier1983PLee Smith1983P
Mike Paxton1978PRoy Lee Jackson1982P
Joey McLaughlin1982PJoe Beckwith1984P
Jerry Bell1973PSteve Mura1980P
Steve Crawford1985PBob Myrick1977P
Mike Willis1977PMickey Mahler1985P
Dave Tomlin1977PRandy Tate1975P
Mike Beard1975PKim Seaman1980P
Jackson Todd1980PJoe Henderson1976P
1980 USA_Southeast  1980 Florida_Georgia_S. Carolina  
George Brett19853BJim Rice1978OF
Al Bumbry1980OFTim Raines1985OF
Harold Baines1984OFWillie Randolph19802B
Bump Wills19772BAndre Dawson1980OF
Johnny Grubb1974OFLarry Parrish19793B
Billy Sample1983OFGorman Thomas1979OF
Steve Yeager1974CGene Richards1978OF
John Wockenfuss19801BMookie Wilson1984OF
Barry Foote1974CDan Driessen19801B
Mike Cubbage19763BRay Knight19821B
Bobby L. Brown1980OFMike Ivie19791B
Mike Tyson19772BWarren Cromartie1978OF
Gene Locklear1975OFJohn Milner1976OF
Wilbur Howard1975OFBucky Dent1980SS
Ron Hodges1982CWillie Aikens19831B
Steve Swisher1976CJim Morrison19802B
Vic Correll1974CJerry Martin1979OF
Mike Jeffrey Ramsey19822BMike Heath1985C
Alan Knicely1985CTerry Harper1985OF
Chuck Scrivener19762BHal Breeden19731B
Bob Jones1976OFReid Nichols1982OF
Jim Fuller1974OFMike Anderson1974OF
Mike Caldwell1978PGarry Hancock1983OF
Rick Langford1980PKurt Bevacqua19793B
Geoff Zahn1978PRandy S. Johnson1982OF
Jim Bibby1980PHarry Spilman19861B
Moose Haas1980PDoug Corbett1980P
Al Holland1983PRick Rhoden1984P
Jim Beattie1984PJay Howell1989P
Sammy Stewart1983PRay Corbin1973P
Bob Lacey1977PKevin Saucier1981P
John Montague1977PPete Broberg1975P
Jesse Jefferson1977PVic Albury1974P
Roy J. Thomas1985PRay Bare1975P
Mac Scarce1973PRick Jones1976P
Chris Knapp1978PPreston Hanna1980P
Mark Bomback1980PTom Walker1972P
Dickie Noles1987PMarty Bystrom1980P
Mike Wallace1974PTom Dixon1978P
Renie Martin1980PDon Newhauser1972P
1980 Texas  1980 USA_West  
Cecil Cooper19821BDale Murphy1984OF
Garry Templeton1979SSRon Cey19763B
Mike Hargrove19801BVance Law19852B
Steve Kemp1979OFBill North1973OF
Ruppert Jones1977OFDave Kingman1979OF
Willie Upshaw19831BJohn Stearns1978C
Rudy Law1983OFRon Hassey1980C
Keith Moreland1985OFDave Roberts19733B
Jerry Mumphrey1980OFWally Backman19842B
Dave Chalk19753BKen Phelps19861B
Craig Reynolds1978SSChamp Summers1979OF
Lee Lacy1984OFLarry Harlow1978OF
Joel Youngblood1979OFDan Graham1980C
Steve Henderson1980OFBob Coluccio1973OF
Cliff Johnson1977OFPaul Dade19793B
Jeff Newman1979CLenn Sakata19822B
Larvell Blanks1976SSBobby Mitchell1982OF
Mike Phillips1975SSRick Sofield1980OF
Bob Kearney1984CMax Venable1983OF
Danny Heep1985OFRick Sweet1982C
Junior Moore19773BMike Edwards19782B
Doug Ault19771BSteve Staggs19772B
Britt Burns1980PMick Kelleher1976SS
Greg Minton1982PRich Gossage1977P
Doug Rau1976PJohn Denny1983P
Donnie Moore1985PDan Spillner1982P
Danny Darwin1993PBruce Hurst1989P
Burt Hooton1978PTippy Martinez1983P
Rick Mahler1985PTom House1974P
Pat Zachry1976PLarry Christenson1982P
Bill Greif1973PBruce Kison1976P
Dale Murray1982PKen Schrom1983P
John Henry Johnson1978PLarry Andersen1990P
Ron Davis1980PDave Heaverlo1978P
Adrian Devine1977PDave Hamilton1975P
Andy Hassler1980PJoe McIntosh1975P
Jerry Don Gleaton1990PRob Dressler1980P
Ernie McAnally1971PMike Cosgrove1974P
Rick Matula1979PDoug Capilla1977P
Hal Dues1978PAlan Wirth1978P

Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-1980 – Season 1

Marty Bystrom (FGS) perfect game!

Mike Norris (CA3) no-hitter

Retro WBC 1990

Florida sailed to a relatively easy victory in the 1990 tournament as the club required only five seasons to assert their dominance over the 15 other participants. The team averaged 101 wins per year, ten more than runners-up Illinois_Indiana_Ohio and California_3 for a .625 W%. Dwight “Doc” Gooden (FLA) carved up the opposition as he topped the circuit with 24 wins, 271 strikeouts, an ERA of 2.38 and a 1.112 WHIP. Tony Gwynn procured the batting crown with a .341 average. Barry Bonds (CA1) recorded League-bests with a .473 OBP, .788 SLG and 138 RBI. Mark McGwire (CA2) edged Bonds in home runs (62 to 60), runs scored (128 to 122) and walks (141 to 140). Illinois_Indiana_Ohio teammates Kirby Puckett (218) and Don Mattingly (210) were among four ballplayers to exceed the 200-hit plateau on a per-season basis.

Season 1

1990    Florida                                                                        107      54        0.665

Season 2

1990    Florida                                                                        103      58        0.640

Season 3

1990    Florida                                                                        97        64        0.602

Season 4

1990    California_2                                                                100      62        0.617

Season 5

1990    Florida                                                                        97        64        0.602

1990 International  1990 Dominican Republic  
Jose Canseco1988OFSammy Sosa2001OF
Rafael Palmeiro19931BJulio Franco19912B
Larry Walker1997OFJose Offerman19982B
Mike Blowers19933BGeorge Bell1987OF
Orestes Destrade19931BTony Fernandez1986SS
Steve Jeltz1986SSFelix Jose1991OF
Nelson Santovenia1988CJuan Samuel19872B
Barbaro Garbey19841BLuis Polonia1991OF
Craig Shipley19943BStan Javier1997OF
Rob Ducey1999OFGeronimo Berroa1997OF
Ron Gardenhire1982SSMariano Duncan19902B
Doug Frobel1984OFJose Vizcaino1993SS
Ozzie Canseco1992OFJose Uribe1987SS
Rick Lisi1981OFAndujar Cedeno1993SS
Al Pardo1986CJunior Felix1990OF
Kirk McCaskill1986PNelson Liriano19892B
Danny Cox1985PManuel Lee1992SS
Craig Lefferts1990PGeronimo Pena19922B
Tom Waddell1984PRafael Santana1985SS
Tony Fossas1995PFelix Fermin1989SS
Steve Wilson1990PAndres Thomas1988SS
Mike Gardiner1991PJose Gonzalez1989OF
Tom McCarthy1989PJuan Bell19932B
Bryan Oelkers1986PRafael Belliard1991SS
Dave Pavlas1996PGil Reyes1991C
Dave Shipanoff1985PFrancisco Cabrera1990C
Paul Marak1990PJose Rijo1993P
Steve Chitren1991PRamon Martinez1990P
Israel Sanchez1988PAlejandro Pena1984P
Bob Davidson1989PJose Mesa1995P
Stefan Wever1982PMel Rojas1996P
Melido Perez1992P
Jose DeLeon1989P
Jose Bautista1993P
Cecilio Guante1985P
Jose Nunez1987P
Julio Solano1984P
Ravelo Manzanillo1994P
Sergio Valdez1990P
Efrain Valdez1990P
1990 Mexico_Central_S.America  1990 Puerto Rico  
Andres Galarraga19981BRoberto Alomar20012B
Devon White1991OFRuben Sierra1989OF
Omar Vizquel1999SSJuan Gonzalez1993OF
Chili Davis1984OFCarlos Baerga19922B
Roberto Kelly1990OFDanny Tartabull1991OF
Gerald Young1988OFJose Oquendo19892B
Jerry Browne19892BIvan Calderon1987OF
Ozzie Guillen1990SSCarmelo Martinez1984OF
Carlos Quintana19911BCandy Maldonado1992OF
Carlos Garcia19932BOrlando Merced1993OF
Alvaro Espinoza1991SSBenito Santiago1991C
David Green19841BJoey Cora19972B
Fred Manrique19892BJose Lind19882B
Luis Sojo19922BSandy Alomar1997C
Carlos Martinez19893BLeo Gomez19923B
Carlos Hernandez1998CLuis Alicea19952B
Rolando Roomes1989OFJuan Bonilla19832B
Al Pedrique1987SSRey Quinones1988SS
Angel Salazar1987SSLuis Rivera1991SS
Leo Hernandez19833BLuis Quinones19892B
Oscar Azocar1990OFHector Villanueva1991C
Houston Jimenez1984SSPedro Munoz1995OF
Hensley Meulens1990OFJunior Ortiz1990C
Jackie Gutierrez1985SSEdgar Diaz1990SS
Toby Hernandez1984CGerman Rivera19843B
Teddy Higuera1986PMario Diaz1993SS
Wilson Alvarez1993PJaime Navarro1992P
Salome Barojas1983POmar Olivares1999P
Rich Garces2000PLuis DeLeon1982P
Les Straker1987PJose Guzman1992P
Luis Sanchez1983PEd Nunez1985P
Tony Castillo1995PLuis Aquino1991P
Julio Machado1991PJulio Valera1992P
Vicente Palacios1994PEd Correa1986P
Urbano Lugo1985PJuan Nieves1987P
Chico Escarrega1982PMike Perez1992P
Porfi Altamirano1982PJuan Agosto1988P
Carlos Maldonado1993PJose Melendez1991P
Angel Moreno1981PJaime Cocanower1984P
German Gonzalez1988PFrancisco Oliveras1991P
1990 California_1  1990 California_2  
Barry Bonds2001OFMark McGwire19981B
Willie McGee1985OFKen Caminiti19963B
Lenny Dykstra1993OFGreg Vaughn1998OF
Terry Pendleton19913BSteve Sax19862B
Eric Davis1987OFBrett Butler1988OF
Robin Ventura19923BDave Henderson1988OF
Shane Mack1992OFMatt Williams19933B
Kevin Bass1986OFGregg Jefferies19931B
Bip Roberts1992OFPete O’Brien19861B
Todd Zeile19913BMarty Barrett19862B
Matt Nokes1987CMike Gallego19912B
Cory Snyder1988OFSteve Buechele19913B
Rob Deer1988OFGary Pettis1986OF
Randy Ready19873BMike Macfarlane1993C
Mike Young1985OFDarnell Coles19863B
Pete Incaviglia1987OFGlenallen Hill1995OF
Darren Lewis1998OFMike Aldrete1987OF
Dale Sveum1987SSDon Slaught1992C
Darrin Jackson1991OFCasey Candaele19912B
Bill Pecota19913BBrent Mayne1999C
Cecil Espy1989OFKevin Maas19911B
Eric Anthony1992OFRicky Jordan19891B
Ken Williams1987OFR. J. Reynolds1989OF
Mike C. Brown1985OFMike Fitzgerald1990C
Geno Petralli1988CKevin Appier1993P
Mike Witt1986PMark Langston1991P
John Wetteland1993PBuddy Black1984P
Jack McDowell1993PDavid Wells2000P
Mark Portugal1993PTodd Worrell1986P
Chris Bosio1989PMatt Young1983P
Tim Leary1988PRick Aguilera1991P
Greg A. Harris1986PJeff Robinson1987P
Mike Harkey1990PAtlee Hammaker1983P
Jim Gott1993PDeWayne Buice1987P
Ron Robinson1986PGreg Mathews1987P
Chuck Crim1987PMike Schooler1989P
Al Nipper1984PTrevor Wilson1991P
Todd Burns1989PEric Plunk1996P
Scott Radinsky1991PBryan Clark1982P
Mark Gardner1998PJeff Dedmon1986P
1990 California_3  1990 USA_Midwest  
Kevin Mitchell1989OFWade Boggs19863B
Tony Gwynn1984OFDarren Daulton1992C
Darryl Strawberry1988OFBernard Gilkey1996OF
Cecil Fielder19901BKent Hrbek19871B
Ray Lankford1992OFMike Bordick19922B
Jeff Blauser1993SSMitch Webster1987OF
Alvin Davis19841BChris Sabo19913B
Von Hayes19861BJim Eisenreich1989OF
Alan Wiggins19842BDavid Segui19971B
Tom Brunansky1987OFTerry Steinbach1992C
Randy Milligan19901BPat Sheridan1984OF
Mark McLemore2001OFMark Bailey1985C
Chad Kreuter1993CKeith Miller19922B
Craig Worthington19893BLee Stevens19991B
Dan Gladden1984OFScott Cooper19933B
Kevin Elster1989SSGreg Olson1991C
Sean Berry19963BMike Kingery1994OF
Mark Salas1985CJeff Hamilton19893B
Kurt Stillwell1988SSTim Laudner1988C
Chuck Carr1993OFAl Newman19892B
Glenn Braggs1987OFJohn Smoltz1996P
Dave Engle1983CKevin Tapani1991P
Bob Meacham1985SSDavid Cone1993P
Mike Felder1992OFJim Abbott1991P
Randy D. Johnson2002PSteve Avery1993P
Mark Eichhorn1986PTim Burke1987P
Tom Candiotti1991PTom Henke1987P
Doug Jones1997PJoe Magrane1989P
Scott Erickson1991PGregg Olson1989P
Mitch Williams1991PMike Henneman1988P
Eric Show1988PZane Smith1990P
Jeff M. Robinson1988PTom Niedenfuer1983P
Dennis Rasmussen1986PPaul Assenmacher1990P
Kevin Gross1985PCurt Young1986P
Don August1988PTodd Frohwirth1992P
Eric King1990PMike Mason1984P
Ed Vande Berg1982PKen Howell1989P
Paul Abbott2000PCharlie Kerfeld1986P
Mike Fetters1996PDave Schmidt1982P
Rich Rodriguez1992PGreg Cadaret1991P
1990 Illinois_Indiana_Ohio  1990 USA_Northeast  
Don Mattingly19861BKen Griffey Jr.1997OF
Barry Larkin1996SSBrook Jacoby19873B
Kirby Puckett1988OFMickey Morandini19982B
Jesse Barfield1986OFGreg Gagne1996SS
Chris Hoiles1993CDion James1987OF
Bill Doran19852BTim Teufel19842B
David Justice1993OFMike Pagliarulo19873B
Paul O’Neill1998OFRon Karkovice1993C
Lance Johnson1996OFSteve Balboni19851B
Phil Bradley1985OFJoe Orsulak1989OF
Gary Gaetti19863BPhil Plantier1993OF
Kevin Seitzer19873BSid Bream19861B
Mike Marshall1985OFGary Disarcina1998SS
Bob Brenly1984CPaul Sorrento19921B
Jeff King19961BDave Gallagher1988OF
Ron Kittle1983OFTom O’Malley19833B
Dick Schofield1986SSSteve Lombardozzi19862B
Tim Naehring19953BCraig Grebeck19913B
Pat Tabler19861BScott Hemond1993C
Darrin Fletcher2000CRick Schu19853B
Mark Carreon19951BScott Bradley1989C
Pat Borders1990CMark Gubicza1988P
Jim Leyritz1997CTom Glavine1998P
Roger Clemens1997PKen Hill1996P
Bret Saberhagen1989PCharles Nagy1996P
Jeff Montgomery1993PAl Leiter1998P
Jeff Shaw1997PBob Tewksbury1992P
Tim Belcher1996PBill Swift1993P
Allan Anderson1988PJamie Moyer1998P
Andy Benes1991PJohn Smiley1992P
Bill Wegman1992PErik Hanson1990P
Jeff Russell1989PJohn Burkett2001P
Roger McDowell1986PRob Dibble1990P
Walt Terrell1987PSteve Bedrosian1982P
Scott Garrelts1989PTerry Mulholland1991P
Dave Burba1999PBob Milacki1989P
Dan Plesac1987PKevin Ritz1995P
Dave Dravecky1985PStan Belinda1995P
Mike Dunne1987PBill Dawley1984P
Marvin Freeman1994PBrian Holton1988P
1990 New York  1990 USA_South  
Andy Van Slyke1992OFWill Clark19891B
Craig Biggio19972BAlbert Belle1998OF
Edgar Martinez19953BMike Greenwell1988OF
Bobby Bonilla1991OFEllis Burks1996OF
Dave Hollins19923BSteve Finley1992OF
B. J. Surhoff1999OFJoe Carter1986OF
Kirt Manwaring1993CKevin McReynolds1988OF
Shawon Dunston1989SSMickey Tettleton1991C
Mel Hall1986OFTravis Fryman1993SS
Walt Weiss1988SSJohnny Ray19882B
Dave Martinez1997OFJay Buhner1993OF
Dave Valle1993CCharlie Hayes19933B
Dan Pasqua1990OFGeorge Wright1983OF
Mark Lemke19932BJohn Shelby1988OF
Gene Larkin19881BHal Morris19961B
Mickey Brantley1987OFDarryl Hamilton1992OF
Derrick May1993OFBo Jackson1989OF
John Cangelosi1986OFGary Redus1983OF
Bob Brower1987OFJoe Oliver1992C
Henry Cotto1988OFChris Brown19863B
Scott Leius19913BDarryl Motley1984OF
Stan Jefferson1987OFTodd Benzinger19891B
Frank Viola1987PDave Anderson1984SS
Orel Hershiser1988PTerry Shumpert19992B
John Franco1988PJimmy Key1987P
Pete Harnisch1993PChuck Finley1990P
Jim Deshaies1989PMike Moore1985P
Joe Hesketh1991PBryan Harvey1991P
John Cerutti1989PMike Smithson1984P
Jose de Jesus1991POil Can Boyd1985P
Bill Scherrer1983PBen McDonald1993P
Frank DiPino1983PGreg Hibbard1990P
Willie Fraser1987PNorm Charlton1990P
Ricky Horton1986PTed Power1985P
John Habyan1991PJeff Brantley1990P
Neal Heaton1983PStew Cliburn1985P
Roy Smith1989PLee Guetterman1989P
Mark Guthrie1990PWillie Blair1997P
Ray Searage1984PDon Carman1985P
Paul Gibson1990PTom Bolton1990P
1990 USA_Southeast  1990 Florida  
Cal Ripken1984SSHoward Johnson19893B
Frank Thomas19921BLuis Gonzalez2001OF
Marquis Grissom1993OFGary Sheffield2003OF
Brady Anderson1996OFGlenn Davis19891B
Moises Alou1998OFFred McGriff19891B
John Kruk19931BJay Bell1993SS
Mark Grace19981BRobby Thompson19932B
Kal Daniels1988OFTino Martinez19971B
Tony Phillips1993OFDave Magadan19901B
Wally Joyner19911BVince Coleman1987OF
Todd Hundley1997CJody Reed19902B
Delino DeShields19932BMike Stanley1993C
Milt Thompson1987OFBrian McRae1996OF
Larry Sheets1987OFNick Esasky19891B
Jody Davis1986CDante Bichette1995OF
Greg Walker19851BOddibe McDowell1986OF
Franklin Stubbs19901BScott Fletcher1986SS
Otis Nixon1992OFDean Palmer19933B
Mike LaValliere1987CDwight Smith1989OF
Jerome Walton1989OFJim Presley19853B
Mike Sharperson19903BMark Whiten1993OF
Bill Spiers1991SSDeion Sanders1992OF
Billy Ripken19902BLenny Harris19903B
Kevin Reimer1992OFDanny Sheaffer1995C
Bill Schroeder1987CDwight Gooden1985P
Kevin Brown1996PBobby Thigpen1990P
Kenny Rogers1995PAlex Fernandez1993P
Mike Bielecki1989PTom Gordon1998P
Rick Reed1998PAndy McGaffigan1987P
Bobby Witt1990PFloyd Youmans1986P
Scott Bankhead1989PLance McCullers1986P
Bryn Smith1985PJoe Grahe1992P
Tommy Greene1991PAlan Mills1992P
Greg Harris1990PRob Murphy1987P
Bill Landrum1989PGene Nelson1990P
Steve Farr1991PDerek Lilliquist1992P
Randy Tomlin1992PBob Patterson1990P
Chris Hammond2002PJose Alvarez1988P
Darren Holmes1995PTim Crews1990P
Ken Dixon1985PGene Harris1993P
1990 Texas  1990 USA_West  
Ron Gant1991OFRyne Sandberg19842B
Randy Velarde19992BJohn Olerud19931B
Kelly Gruber19903BMike Devereaux1992OF
Glenn Wilson1986OFHarold Reynolds19892B
Chris James1990OFJeff Conine20011B
Spike Owen1990SSBilly Hatcher1987OF
Rene Gonzales19923BJack Howell19893B
Duane Walker1984OFLance Blankenship19922B
Jerald Clark1993OFGreg Brock19871B
Bryan Little1983SSTom Pagnozzi1991C
Sam Horn1991DHSteve Lyons19883B
Andre Robertson1983SSJeff Huson1992SS
Ron Jones1988OFRex Hudler19962B
Bob Johnson1983CMark Parent1995C
Fritzie Connally19853BJoey Meyer19881B
Joe Pittman19812BMike Huff1994OF
Dave Owen1984SSRandy Kutcher1986OF
Phil Lombardi1986OFRicky Nelson1983OF
Doug Gwosdz1983CMike Stenhouse1985OF
Jeff DeWillis1987CBeau Allred1991OF
Ron Shepherd1985OFDave Meier1985OF
Ray Stephens1991CJohn Gibbons1986C
Greg Maddux1995PCurt Schilling2001P
Danny Jackson1988PDuane Ward1991P
Greg Swindell1988PTom Browning1985P
Doug Drabek1990PRon Darling1986P
Storm Davis1984PSid Fernandez1992P
Craig McMurtry1983PRandy Myers1990P
Michael Jackson1998PJeff Ballard1989P
Andy Hawkins1985PTodd Stottlemyre1991P
Bruce Ruffin1996PRon Romanick1984P
Charles Hudson1987PSteve Olin1992P
Brian Bohanon1998PBrian Fisher1985P
Mark Williamson1989PBrian Holman1991P
Mark Thurmond1984PDoug Sisk1983P
Les Lancaster1989PJeff Lahti1985P
Jim Acker1989PKelly Downs1987P
Xavier Hernandez1993PFrank Williams1987P
Chuck McElroy1991PScott Terry1988P
Calvin Schiraldi1986PSteve Ontiveros1994P

Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-1990 – Season 1

Mike Pagliarulo (NE) 4 HR, 6 RBI

Mark McGwire (CA2) 4 HR, 5 RBI

Ben McDonald (SOU) no-hitter

Retro WBC 2000

This one took eleven season replays to determine a winner! Ultimately USA_Northeast prevailed over the pair of California entries. Darin Erstad (MDW) rapped 216 safeties annually and fended off a challenge from Magglio Ordonez to achieve the batting title with a .322 mark. Jason Giambi (CA1) generated a .418 OBP while Javy Lopez (CPR) slugged a League-high .585. Carlos Delgado (CPR) topped the charts with 120 runs and 54 doubles per year. Adrian Beltre (DR) mashed 42 taters to win a tightly contested battle for the home run title over Jim Thome (IIO) and Derrek Lee (CA2) while “D-Lee” staked his claim to the RBI lead, 132 to 128 over Mike Piazza (NE). Kerry Wood (TEX) battled the injury bug but he whiffed 280 batters per season when throwing at least 150 innings. Johan Santana (VEN) placed runner-up behind Wood with 252 strikeouts and finished second to Pedro J. Martinez (DR) in ERA and WHIP.

Season 1

2000    California-2                                                                 96        66        0.593


Season 2

2000    California-1                                                                 106      56        0.654

Season 3

2000    USA-Northeast                                                          101      61        0.623

Season 4

2000    USA-Northeast                                                          114      48        0.704

Season 5

2000    Cuba-Puerto_Rico                                                      99        62        0.615

Season 6

2000    Venezuela                                                                   96        66        0.593

2000    California-1                                                                 96        66        0.593

2000    California-2                                                                 96        66        0.593

Season 7

2000    USA-Northeast                                                          97        65        0.599

Season 8

2000    Venezuela                                                                   96        66        0.593

Season 9

2000    California-1                                                                 100      62        0.617

Season 10

2000    California-2                                                                 105      57        0.648

Season 11

2000    USA-Northeast                                                          105      57        0.648

2000 Asia_Canada_Europe  2000 Cuba_Puerto_Rico 
Corey Koskie20013BCarlos Delgado20001B
Matt Stairs1999OFCarlos Beltran2006OF
Dave Roberts2006OFBernie Williams1999OF
Dave Nilsson1996OFJavy Lopez2003C
Robin Jennings2001OFIvan Rodriguez1999C
Rich Butler1998OFJorge Posada2000C
Rob Butler1997OFMike Lowell20043B
Danny Klassen20003BJose Vidro20022B
Keith McDonald2000CJose Valentin2000SS
Kevin Nicholson2000SSJose Cruz2003OF
Joe Siddall1998CJose Hernandez2002SS
Brian Lesher1996OFWil Cordero1994SS
Trent Durrington19992BBengie Molina2008C
Robert Eenhoorn19973BLuis Matos2003OF
Nigel Wilson1996OFAlex Cora20042B
Ryan Radmanovich1998OFEli Marrero2002OF
Rikkert Faneyte1995OFRey Sanchez2001SS
Andy Stewart1997CRey Ordonez1999SS
Jim Bowie19941BJavier Valentin2005C
Greg O’Halloran1994CMelvin Nieves1996OF
Eric Gagne2003PArmando Rios2001OF
Byung-Hyun Kim2002PRicky Ledee2003OF
Ryan Dempster2008PRicky Otero1996OF
Hideo Nomo2003PJose Molina2008C
Chan Ho Park2000PLivan Hernandez2003P
Danny Graves2000PJavier Vazquez2001P
Tomo Ohka2002PRoberto Hernandez1996P
Jeff Zimmerman1999PRolando Arrojo1998P
Shigetoshi Hasegawa2003POrlando Hernandez1999P
Rheal Cormier2003PJoel Pineiro2002P
Mac Suzuki2000PJ. C. Romero2002P
Kazuhiro Sasaki2001PRicky Bones1994P
Paul Quantrill1997PVladimir Nunez2002P
Hideki Irabu1998PRene Arocha1993P
Jason Dickson1997PBobby Munoz1994P
Masato Yoshii1999PAngel Miranda1993P
Graeme Lloyd1999PAriel Prieto1996P
Paul Spoljaric1997PJose Santiago2000P
Mark Hutton1996PRafael Carmona1996P
Will Ohman2008PMichael Tejera2002P
2000 Dominican Republic  2000 Mexico_Central_S.America  
Adrian Beltre20043BAndruw Jones2000OF
Manny Ramirez1999OFEdgar Renteria2003SS
Vladimir Guerrero2004OFOrlando Cabrera2007SS
David Ortiz20051BCarlos Lee2004OF
Alfonso Soriano20022BVinny Castilla19963B
Miguel Tejada2002SSMarvin Benard1999OF
Raul Mondesi1997OFErubiel Durazo20041B
Rafael Furcal2006SSEinar Diaz2001C
Aramis Ramirez20123BJose Macias20013B
Julio Lugo2005SSRandall Simon20021B
Placido Polanco20072BJolbert Cabrera2003OF
Fernando Tatis19993BRuben Rivera2000OF
Quilvio Veras19982BOlmedo Saenz19993B
Luis Castillo20032BOrlando Miller1996SS
Jose Guillen2003OFMidre Cummings1997OF
Tony Batista1999SSJuan Castro2005SS
Henry Rodriguez1996OFKarim Garcia2002OF
Cristian Guzman2008SSBenji Gil2001SS
D’Angelo Jimenez20032BChito Martinez1991OF
Neifi Perez2000SSGene Kingsale2002OF
Juan Encarnacion2003OFSherman Obando1996OF
Pedro Feliz20093BCarlos Rodriguez1994SS
Tony Eusebio1995CFernando Seguignol20001B
Alberto Castillo1999CYamid Haad2005C
Pedro Martinez2000PEsteban Loaiza2003P
Bartolo Colon2002PMariano Rivera2008P
Jose Lima1999PSidney Ponson2003P
Juan Guzman1992PIsmael Valdez1996P
Armando Benitez2004PFrancisco Cordova1998P
Pedro Astacio1999PVicente Padilla2002P
Odalis Perez2002PRodrigo Lopez2002P
Francisco Cordero2004PElmer Dessens2002P
Octavio Dotel2002PBruce Chen2005P
Damaso Marte2003PArmando Reynoso1993P
Miguel Batista2003PJuan Acevedo1998P
Carlos Perez1998PRamiro Mendoza1998P
Ramon Ortiz2002PAntonio Osuna1996P
Jose Jimenez2000PDennys Reyes2006P
Guillermo Mota2003PRicardo Rincon1998P
Felix Rodriguez2001PCalvin Maduro2001P
2000 California_1  2000 California_2  
Jason Giambi20011BJeff Kent20002B
Jim Edmonds2004OFBret Boone20012B
Brian Giles2002OFDerrek Lee20051B
Mark Loretta20042BPhil Nevin20013B
Nomar Garciaparra1999SSRyan Klesko20021B
Fernando Vina19982BTim Salmon1995OF
Jimmy Rollins2007SSJ. T. Snow19971B
Jeff Cirillo19983BMichael Young2005SS
Troy Glaus20003BMorgan Ensberg20053B
Jason Kendall1998CJermaine Dye2006OF
Eric Chavez20033BRandy Winn2005OF
Eric Byrnes2007OFGarret Anderson2002OF
Mike Sweeney20001BMark Kotsay2002OF
Aaron Boone20033BJacque Jones2002OF
Jeromy Burnitz1997OFGary Matthews2006OF
Milton Bradley2008OFMike Lieberthal1999C
Todd Walker20022BXavier Nady2008OF
Adam Kennedy20022BAl Martin1996OF
Kevin Millar2001OFTroy O’Leary1999OF
Royce Clayton1993SSChris Gomez1998SS
Chris Singleton1999OFEd Sprague19963B
Damian Jackson2000SSBrad Fullmer20021B
Travis Lee19981BJeremy Giambi2002OF
Gregg Zaun2005CRobert Fick2001C
Jon Garland2005PDarryl Kile1997P
Robb Nen1996PTrevor Hoffman1998P
Troy Percival1996PDarrell May2003P
Randy Wolf2002PDoug Davis2004P
Shawn Estes1997PRod Beck1993P
Russ Ortiz2001PSteve Trachsel1996P
Jeff Weaver2002PTed Lilly2007P
Eddie Guardado2003PJaret Wright2004P
Mark Redman2003PDonovan Osborne1996P
Tim Worrell2003PCory Lidle2001P
Steve Reed1995PBobby Jones1997P
Jason Johnson2003PScott Karl1996P
Jeff Tam2000PJim Parque2000P
Bill Simas1998PBobby Ayala1994P
Scott Eyre2005PBob Scanlan1992P
Chad Fox2001PDan Reichert2000P
2000 USA_Midwest  2000 Illinois_Indiana_Ohio  
Darin Erstad2000OFJim Thome20021B
Johnny Damon2000OFShawn Green2001OF
Bill Mueller20033BScott Rolen20043B
Tony Clark19971BAubrey Huff20101B
Jason Varitek2005CKenny Lofton1993OF
Kevin Young19991BCliff Floyd2001OF
Casey Blake20093BDoug Mientkiewicz20011B
Joe Crede20063BShannon Stewart2000OF
Mark Grudzielanek1996SSCraig Counsell20052B
Joe Randa20053BRich Becker1996OF
Brent Gates19932BDavid Bell20043B
F. P. Santangelo1996OFTodd Hollandsworth1996OF
John Vander Wal2000OFDan Wilson1997C
Damian Miller2004CChad Curtis1995OF
Jerry Hairston2010SSJay Payton2003OF
Pat Meares1997SSEmil Brown2005OF
Scott Servais1996CMike Matheny2005C
Matt Mieske1996OFScott Spiezio20021B
Todd Pratt2000CHomer Bush19992B
George Williams1997CBrian Daubach20011B
A. J. Hinch1998CScott Stahoviak19961B
Damian Rolls20033BRon Coomer19973B
Pat Hentgen1996PKurt Abbott1995SS
Derek Lowe2002PMark Lewis19962B
Joe Mays2001PMark Mulder2001P
Mark Buehrle2005PJeff Fassero1996P
Keith Foulke2003PJason Isringhausen2004P
Jarrod Washburn2002PLaTroy Hawkins2004P
Brad Radke2004PDustin Hermanson1998P
Andy Ashby1998PKirk Rueter2002P
Jon Lieber2001PMark Clark1996P
Cal Eldred1993PAlan Benes1997P
Rick Helling1998PDave Mlicki1999P
Aaron Sele1998PBryan Rekar2000P
Bob Wickman2001PDanny Kolb2004P
Kerry Ligtenberg1998PBrett Tomko2004P
Kyle Farnsworth2005PSteve Parris1999P
Cliff Politte2005PTony Fiore2002P
Darren Oliver1997PMatt Herges2000P
Scott Kamieniecki1997PPaul Shuey1999P
2000 USA_Northeast  2000 New York  
Jeff Bagwell19961BAlex Rodriguez20053B
Mike Piazza1997CRich Aurilia2001SS
Derek Jeter1999SSJohn Valentin1995SS
Paul Konerko20101BPaul Lo Duca2001C
Mo Vaughn19961BRaul Ibanez2006OF
Sean Casey20041BA. J. Pierzynski2012C
Bobby Higginson2000OFDamion Easley19972B
Eric Karros19951BFrank Menechino20012B
Doug Glanville1999OFRonnie Belliard20042B
Mark DeRosa20082BFrank Catalanotto2001OF
Mark Bellhorn20042BChris Stynes20003B
Eric Young19962BMike Caruso1998SS
Brad Ausmus2000CJohn Flaherty1997C
Rico Brogna19951BTony Tarasco1995OF
Jeffrey Hammonds1997OFTony Graffanino20052B
Ben Davis2001CAlex Arias1999SS
Bob Hamelin19941BKevin Polcovich1997SS
Brook Fordyce2000CRoss Gload20041B
Joe McEwing19992BKeith Osik2003C
Kevin Orie19973BChris Jones1995OF
Mark Johnson19961BArchi Cianfrocco19971B
Darren Bragg1996OFClay Bellinger2000OF
Mark Sweeney20051BBilly Koch2002P
Pat Kelly19932BMatt Morris2001P
Mike Mussina1992PDave Fleming1992P
Chris Carpenter2005PJason Marquis2009P
Carl Pavano2004PHeathcliff Slocumb1996P
Wade Miller2001PMike Remlinger1999P
Mark Wohlers1995PJim Mecir2000P
Eric Milton2001PJohn Halama1999P
Joe Borowski2003PSteve Karsay2000P
Jose Rosado1999PFrankie Rodriguez1996P
Robert Person2000PJohn Doherty1993P
Curt Leskanic1995PJohn Johnstone1999P
Ricky Bottalico1996PAllen Watson1997P
Doug Brocail1999PNelson Figueroa2010P
Jerry Dipoto1998PJohn Frascatore1997P
Matt Clement2003PTodd Williams2005P
Steve Kline2001PRob Bell2004P
Tanyon Sturtze2001PFrank Seminara1992P
2000 USA_South  2000 USA_Southeast  
Todd Helton20031BMike Cameron2001OF
Vernon Wells2003OFReggie Sanders1995OF
Rusty Greer1997OFRay Durham19982B
Pat Burrell2002OFBrian Jordan1996OF
Torii Hunter2008OFTrot Nixon2001OF
Juan Pierre2004OFRondell White1997OF
Pat Listach1992SSPokey Reese19992B
Matt Lawton1998OFPreston Wilson2000OF
Dmitri Young2003OFTony Womack20042B
Terrence Long2001OFCorey Patterson2004OF
Marlon Anderson20012BWillie Greene19973B
Bubba Trammell2001OFMichael Tucker1997OF
Warren Morris19992BMichael Barrett2005C
Butch Huskey1997OFRussell Branyan20091B
David Dellucci2005OFShane Halter20013B
Gerald Williams2000OFEric Owens2000OF
Jeff Branson19953BJohn Mabry19961B
Russ Davis19973BQuinton McCracken2002OF
Tike Redman2004OFDesi Relaford20012B
Kelly Stinnett1998CJon Nunnally1997OF
Russ Johnson20013BWes Helms20033B
Lee Tinsley1995OFWayne Kirby1993OF
Adrian Brown2000OFChris Widger1999C
Paul Bako1999CMatt LeCroy2003C
Andy Pettitte2005PTim Hudson2003P
Brad Penny2007PKevin Millwood1999P
B. J. Ryan2006PDenny Neagle1997P
Paul Byrd2002PBilly Wagner1999P
Greg McMichael1993PBrian Moehler1998P
Scott Williamson1999PJohn Rocker1999P
Derrick Turnbow2005PBrian Anderson2000P
Shane Reynolds1996PJake Westbrook2004P
Steve Sparks2001PRyan Vogelsong2011P
Gil Meche2008PTodd Jones2005P
A. J. Burnett2002PTodd Ritchie1999P
Ryan Franklin2009PKris Benson2000P
John Thomson2004PJoey Hamilton1995P
Jeff Suppan2003PChris Haney1996P
Dave Veres2000PMike Williams2002P
Braden Looper2004PJeff Nelson1995P
2000 Florida  2000 Texas  
Chipper Jones19993BLance Berkman20081B
J. D. Drew2004OFChuck Knoblauch19962B
Rick Wilkins1993CBen Grieve1998OF
Carl Everett1999OFTroy Neel19931B
Derek Bell1998OFShane Andrews19983B
Charles Johnson1997CJason LaRue2005C
Ricky Gutierrez2001SSEd Taubensee1999C
Alex Gonzalez2003SSBruce Aven1999OF
Brian Schneider2004CDavid Hulse1993OF
Reggie Jefferson1996OFChad Allen1999OF
Rick Ankiel2008OFScott Livingstone19923B
Bobby Estalella2000CPhil Clark1993OF
Herbert Perry20003BJason Tyner2001OF
Alex Ochoa1999OFDave McCarty20001B
Jorge Fabregas1997CCalvin Murray2001OF
David Howard1996SSJay Canizaro20002B
Shane Spencer2003OFTodd Haney19952B
Jack Voigt1993OFFreddie Benavides1993SS
Brian Buchanan2002OFDonnie Sadler19982B
John Patterson19942BRod Myers1997OF
Ryan Jackson19981BJesse Garcia2004SS
Ozzie Timmons1995OFJustin Thompson1997P
Mike Hampton1999PJoe Nathan2006P
Bronson Arroyo2006PKerry Wood2003P
Tim Wakefield1995PPete Schourek1995P
Jeff D’Amico2000PKip Wells2003P
Gabe White2000PMike Timlin2005P
Roger Bailey1997PFrank Castillo1995P
Matt Mantei2003PWoody Williams2003P
Paul Wilson2004PMike Sirotka1999P
Rusty Meacham1992PRoger Pavlik1995P
Billy Taylor1998PArthur Rhodes2001P
Lance Carter2003PButch Henry1994P
Mike James1996PScott Linebrink2005P
Chris Brock2000PBen Weber2002P
Carlos Reyes1996PSean Lowe2001P
Doug Bochtler1996PChris Holt1997P
Brian Tollberg2000PBuddy Groom2002P
John Hudek1994PMark Petkovsek1999P
T. J. Tucker2002PScott Strickland2001P
2000 USA_West  2000 Venezuela  
Richie Sexson20031BEdgardo Alfonzo20002B
Scott Brosius19983BBobby Abreu2004OF
Geoff Jenkins2005OFMagglio Ordonez2007OF
John Jaha19991BMelvin Mora20043B
Mike Lansing19972BCarlos Guillen2006SS
Brady Clark2005OFRichard Hidalgo2003OF
Marty Cordova1996OFAlex Gonzalez2003SS
Scott Hatteberg20021BRamon Hernandez2006C
Brian Hunter1997OFRoger Cedeno1999OF
Benny Agbayani2000OFMiguel Cairo20042B
Kevin Stocker1993SSLuis Rivas20042B
Toby Hall2005CHenry Blanco2000C
Mike Redmond2002CEddie Perez1998C
Mitch Meluskey2000CWiki Gonzalez2000C
Josh Phelps20031BTomas Perez20033B
Doug Mirabelli2001CRobert Machado2002C
Vance Wilson2003CRobert Perez1996OF
Tyler Houston20023BRoberto Petagine19951B
James Mouton1995OFEddie Zambrano1994OF
Mark Johnson1999CRaul Chavez2009C
Billy McMillon2003OFJose Nieves1999SS
Tony Barron1997OFJorge Velandia20072B
Ben Petrick2000CAlex Ramirez2000OF
George Arias19963BLuis Ordaz1998SS
Roy Halladay2010PJohan Santana2004P
Barry Zito2002PFreddy Garcia2001P
Jason Schmidt2003PKelvim Escobar2007P
Kent Bottenfield1999PUgueth Urbina1998P
Albie Lopez2000POmar Daal1999P
Gil Heredia2000PTony Armas2001P
Steve Cooke1993PFelipe Lira1995P
Glendon Rusch2000PRamon Garcia1997P
Bob Howry2005PGeremi Gonzalez1997P
Scott Elarton2000PGiovanni Carrara2001P
David Riske2003PEdwin Hurtado1995P
Bob Wells2000PCarlos Pulido1994P
Alan Embree2007POrber Moreno2004P
Adam Eaton2000PRuben Quevedo2001P
Mike Thurman1999POscar Henriquez2002P
Rocky Biddle2003PDarwin Cubillan2001P

Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-2000 – Season 1

Adrian Beltre (DR) 3 HR, 3 RBI

Bobby M Estalella (FLA) 3 HR, 5 RBI

Jermaine Dye (CA2) 3 HR , 6 RBI

Troy Glaus (CA1) 3 HR, 4 RBI

Geoff Jenkins (WES) 3 HR, 4 RBI

Carlos Beltran (CPR) 3 HR, 3 RBI

Kenny Lofton (IIO) 5-for-5, 3 HR, 6 RBI

Hideo Nomo (ACE) no-hitter, 12 strikeouts

Mark Clark (IIO) no-hitter

Alex Rodriguez (NY) 3 HR, 3 RBI

Chipper Jones (FLA) 3 HR, 5 RBI

Manny Ramirez (DR) 3 HR, 5 RBI

Retro WBC 2010

USA_Southeast locked horns with USA_Midwest in the Retro-WBC 2010 tournament. When the dust settled, the Southeast squad sat atop the standings with four season wins and a slightly higher winning percentage (.615 to .610). Ichiro Suzuki (ACE) paced the League with 223 base knocks and 39 stolen bases per year, yet he finished second to Midwest backstop Joe Mauer for the batting crown, .332 to .323. Joey Votto (ACE) compiled the highest OBP at .416 while Travis Hafner (MDW) lapped the competition with a .645 SLG. Ryan Howard (MDW) registered the most tallies per season with 117 but placed runner-up to Giancarlo Stanton (CA2) in home runs (57 vs. 53) and ribbies (139 vs. 127). Florida’s Chris Sale was a strikeout machine as he whiffed 335 batters annually across 229 innings pitched! Kris Medlen (CA2) crafted a 2.71 ERA to capture the ERA title by .10 over Clayton Kershaw (TEX) while Florida’s Zack Greinke posted the lowest WHIP at 1.017.

Season 1

2010    USA-Midwest                                                            97        65        0.599

Season 2

2010    USA-Southeast                                                          110      52        0.679

Season 3

2010    USA-Southeast                                                          103      59        0.636

Season 4

2010    USA-Southeast                                                          102      60        0.630

2010    USA-South                                                                 102      60        0.630

Season 5

2010    California-2                                                                 99        63        0.611

Season 6

2010    USA-Midwest                                                                        107      55        0.660

Season 7

2010    USA-Midwest                                                                        105      57        0.648

Season 8

2010    USA-Southeast                                                          113      49        0.698

2010 Asia_Canada_Europe  2010 Cuba_Puerto_Rico  
Shin-Soo Choo2013OFYadier Molina2012C
Ichiro Suzuki2001OFAngel Pagan2012OF
Joey Votto20151BKendrys Morales20091B
Jason Bay2005OFFelipe Lopez20092B
Hideki Matsui2004OFGeovany Soto2008C
Justin Morneau20061BAlexei Ramirez2010SS
Russell Martin2007CYunel Escobar2009SS
Akinori Iwamura20082BYonder Alonso20171B
Kenji Johjima2007CYuniesky Betancourt2007SS
Tadahito Iguchi20052BAlex Cintron2003SS
Michael Saunders2012OFRamon Vazquez20022B
Kosuke Fukudome2009OFRene Rivera2014C
Kazuo Matsui20082BDayan Viciedo2012OF
Hee-Seop Choi20041BAlex Sanchez2003OF
Aaron Guiel2003OFBrayan Pena2015C
Tsuyoshi Shinjo2001OFOmir Santos2009C
So Taguchi2005OFAngel Sanchez2010SS
Jeff Baker20092BRuben Gotay20072B
George Kottaras2012CCarlos Corporan2014C
Luke Hughes20112BWil Nieves2013C
Pete Orr20052BMike Rivera2006C
Koji Uehara2013PJuan Miranda20111B
Edwin Jackson2009PCesar Crespo20012B
Takashi Saito2006PJose Morales2009C
Hiroki Kuroda2012PAroldis Chapman2012P
Chien-Ming Wang2006PJose Contreras2005P
Daisuke Matsuzaka2008PJonathan Sanchez2010P
Erik Bedard2007PDanys Baez2005P
Rich Harden2008PPedro Feliciano2006P
John Axford2011PSaul Rivera2007P
Grant Balfour2012PKiko Calero2006P
Jeff Francis2007PJavier Lopez2003P
Hung-Chih Kuo2010PJuan Padilla2005P
Shingo Takatsu2004PFernando Cabrera2005P
Akinori Otsuka2006PRaul Valdes2012P
Damian Moss2002PDicky Gonzalez2001P
Hideki Okajima2007PFrancisley Bueno2012P
Jesse Crain2005PAlberto Castillo2008P
Hisanori Takahashi2010PLuis Atilano2010P
Jae Weong Seo2003PAdrian Hernandez2001P
2010 Dominican_Republic_1  2010 Dominican_Republic_2  
Albert Pujols20091BJose Bautista2011OF
Robinson Cano20102BHanley Ramirez2009SS
Carlos Pena20071BJose Reyes2008SS
Edwin Encarnacion20121BCarlos Santana2013C
Nelson Cruz2015OFCarlos Gomez2014OF
Melky Cabrera2012OFJhonny Peralta2005SS
Starlin Castro2011SSErick Aybar2009SS
Pedro Alvarez20123BJuan Uribe20042B
Angel Berroa2003SSAlejandro De Aza2012OF
Emilio Bonifacio2011SSEduardo Nunez2016SS
Willy Taveras2005OFWelington Castillo2017C
Ronny Paulino2006CMiguel Olivo2006C
Wilson Betemit20103BEsteban German20062B
Wily Mo Pena2004OFTony Pena2007SS
Alexi Casilla20112BHector Luna20062B
Joaquin Arias20123BWilly Aybar20083B
Antonio Perez20053BRamon Santiago2010SS
Victor Diaz2005OFWilson Valdez2010SS
Juan Francisco20131BEugenio Velez2009OF
Pedro Ciriaco20123BAnderson Hernandez20092B
Felix Pie2009OFTony Abreu20073B
Robinzon Diaz2009CAndy Marte20063B
Ubaldo Jimenez2010PJohnny Cueto2014P
Fernando Rodney2012PRoberto Hernandez2007P
Wandy Rodriguez2009PErvin Santana2008P
Francisco Liriano2006PEdinson Volquez2008P
Jose Valverde2011PNeftali Feliz2010P
Rafael Soriano2010PCarlos Marmol2010P
Joaquin Benoit2013PJorge Sosa2005P
Alexi Ogando2011PIvan Nova2013P
Pedro Strop2018PAlfredo Simon2014P
Jose Arredondo2008PSantiago Casilla2014P
Aquilino Lopez2003PTony Pena2007P
Juan Carlos Oviedo2010PAntonio Bastardo2011P
Frank Francisco2009PRamon Ramirez2008P
Rafael Perez2007PJoel Peralta2011P
Carlos Villanueva2007PJose Veras2013P
Claudio Vargas2006PRamon Troncoso2009P
Julio Mateo2005PDaniel Cabrera2005P
Duaner Sanchez2005PJuan Cruz2004P
2010 Mexico_Central_S.America  2010 California_1  
Carlos Ruiz2012CRyan J. Braun2011OF
Everth Cabrera2013SSAdrian Gonzalez20091B
Ruben Tejada2012SSChase Utley20092B
Luis Cruz20123BMarcus Giles20032B
Roger Bernadina2012OFAdam Jones2012OF
Oscar Robles2005SSAaron Hill20122B
Alfredo Amezaga2008OFTroy Tulowitzki2009SS
Geronimo Gil2002CJack Wilson2004SS
Humberto Cota2005CJason Bartlett2009SS
Wladimir Balentien2009OFAdam LaRoche20121B
Miguel Ojeda2004CAllen Craig20131B
Ramiro Pena20142BFreddy Sanchez20063B
Luis Durango2009OFMark Trumbo2016OF
German Duran20083BDanny Espinosa20112B
Freddy Sandoval20092BJason Castro2013C
Angel Chavez20052BCraig Wilson2004OF
Callix Crabbe20082BTrevor Plouffe20153B
Luis Garcia2002OFMark Teahen20063B
Yurendell de Caster2006DHRyan Church2007OF
Kenley Jansen2017PJason Lane2005OF
Jair Jurrjens2009PJonny Gomes2005OF
Oliver Perez2004PNyjer Morgan2011OF
Joakim Soria2008PBobby Crosby2004SS
Justin Masterson2011PGerald Laird2009C
Manny Corpas2007PCC Sabathia2008P
Yovani Gallardo2015PDontrelle Willis2005P
Jorge De La Rosa2013PBrad Lidge2004P
Jaime Garcia2015PDan Haren2008P
Marco Estrada2015PC. J. Wilson2011P
Alfredo Aceves2011PAaron Harang2006P
Fernando Salas2011PStephen Strasburg2017P
Ernesto Frieri2012PTrevor Cahill2010P
Luis Ayala2003PBobby Jenks2007P
Oscar Villarreal2003PRyan Drese2004P
Wilton Lopez2012PJake McGee2014P
Jorge Campillo2008PNoah Lowry2005P
Luis Mendoza2012PPhil Hughes2014P
Edgar Gonzalez2007PJosh Towers2005P
Manny Acosta2010PBrian Fuentes2005P
Shairon Martis2009PSergio Santos2011P
2010 California_2  2010 USA_Midwest  
Prince Fielder20091BJoe Mauer2009C
Evan Longoria20103BRyan Howard20061B
Giancarlo Stanton2017OFNate McLouth2008OF
Freddie Freeman20161BAlex Gordon2011OF
Dustin Pedroia20082BTravis Hafner20061B
Nick Johnson20061BMark Ellis20052B
Justin Turner20173BEric Hinske20023B
Hank Blalock20043BA. J. Ellis2012C
Carlos Quentin2008OFJason Kubel2009OF
Garrett Atkins20063BLogan Morrison20171B
Lucas Duda20141BIke B. Davis20101B
Coco Crisp2013OFJay Gibbons2003OF
Casey McGehee20103BConor Gillaspie20143B
Will Venable2013OFBlake DeWitt20102B
Skip Schumaker20092BRyan Sweeney2009OF
Reed Johnson2006OFJack Hannahan20113B
Ty Wigginton20083BAndy LaRoche20093B
Daniel Nava2013OFDan Johnson20051B
Johnny Estrada2004CJohn Mayberry2011OF
Kevin Kouzmanoff20083BChris Getz20092B
John Jaso2012CMitch Maier2010OF
Chris Carter20141BChris Coste2008C
Brendan Ryan2009SSJake Arrieta2015P
Bobby Kielty2002OFMax Scherzer2016P
Jered Weaver2011PJ. J. Putz2007P
Mark Prior2003PJosh Johnson2010P
James Shields2011PJordan Zimmermann2014P
Ian Kennedy2011PJeremy Hellickson2011P
Ricky Romero2011PNate Robertson2006P
Cole Hamels2011PShaun Marcum2010P
Doug Fister2011PGlen Perkins2013P
Kris Medlen2012PJoel Hanrahan2011P
Kyle Lohse2012PJustin Duchscherer2008P
Ricky Nolasco2008PBrian Duensing2010P
Chad Cordero2005PJason Motte2012P
Heath Bell2010PBrad Ziegler2015P
Chris Tillman2014PPat Neshek2014P
Tyson Ross2014PMatt Thornton2009P
Joel Zumaya2006PJoba Chamberlain2008P
Casey Janssen2012PLucas Harrell2012P
2010 Illinois_Indiana_Ohio  2010 USA_Northeast  
Curtis Granderson2007OFJason Heyward2012OF
Jayson Werth2010OFAndres Torres2010OF
Ben Zobrist2012OFNeil Walker20152B
Kevin Youkilis20091BDaric Barton20101B
Nick Swisher20061BKhalil Greene2007SS
Adam Lind2009OFJack Cust2008OF
Garrett Jones20121BDavid DeJesus2008OF
Peter Bourjos2011OFMike Aviles2008SS
Jamey Carroll20112BChris Iannetta2014C
Clint Barmes20092BRocco Baldelli2003OF
Jody Gerut2003OFRyan Garko20071B
Rob Mackowiak2004OFChris Denorfia2013OF
Larry Bigbie2004OFRajai Davis2010OF
Josh Thole2011CBrendan Harris2007SS
Adam Rosales20163BJosh Bard2007C
Jordan Schafer2013OFSam Fuld2014OF
Matt Kata20032BEric Young Jr.2013OF
Drew Butera2016CNolan Reimold2009OF
Jake Fox20093BBryan LaHair20121B
Brian Bogusevic2011OFChris Heisey2011OF
Jason Repko2005OFKyle Blanks2013OF
JD Closser2005CMike Baxter2012OF
J. A. Happ2016PErik Kratz2012C
Chad Billingsley2008PRick Porcello2016P
Drew Storen2011PCharlie Morton2019P
Derek Holland2013PAndrew Bailey2009P
Joe Smith2014PJim Johnson2012P
Randy Wells2009PBrian Wilson2010P
Mike Pelfrey2010PAdam Ottavino2018P
Tom Gorzelanny2007PChris Capuano2006P
Jeff Samardzija2014PRich Hill2007P
Jonathon Niese2012PSteve Cishek2013P
Luke Gregerson2015PDave Bush2006P
Matt Guerrier2009PScott Stewart2002P
Craig Stammen2019PJohn Lannan2008P
Clayton Richard2010PTim Redding2003P
Tommy Hunter2013PJesse Carlson2008P
Jason Frasor2009PJosh Fogg2002P
Neal Cotts2013PTaylor Buchholz2008P
Aaron Heilman2005PGeoff Geary2006P
2010 USA_South  2010 USA_Southeast  
Matt Kemp2011OFBuster Posey2012C
Matt Holliday2010OFDavid Wright20073B
Dan Uggla20102BMark Teixeira20081B
Junior Spivey20022BJosh Hamilton2010OF
Alex Rios2007OFJustin Upton2011OF
Josh Willingham2012OFBrian Roberts20052B
Mark Reynolds20093BLorenzo Cain2015OF
Bill Hall2006SSDexter Fowler2015OF
Seth Smith2014OFChone Figgins20093B
Corey Hart2011OFMatt Wieters2012C
Brad Wilkerson20041BNick Markakis2008OF
Desmond Jennings2013OFRyan Zimmerman20093B
Delmon Young2010OFJustin Smoak20171B
Austin Kearns2007OFBrandon Phillips20112B
Ryan Theriot2009SSMichael Cuddyer2006OF
Mitch Moreland20151BBrian McCann2011C
Reggie Willits2007OFB. J. Upton2008OF
Fred Lewis2008OFStephen Drew2008SS
Marcus Thames2006OFChris Coghlan2009OF
Mike Fontenot20082BOrlando Hudson20072B
Michael McKenry2012CChad Tracy20051B
Koyie Hill2009CJosh Reddick2012OF
Cliff Lee2008PBrett Gardner2013OF
Brandon Webb2007PBrandon Moss20131B
Roy Oswalt2005PJustin Verlander2011P
Ben Sheets2004PAdam Wainwright2014P
David Price2015PMadison Bumgarner2016P
Jake Peavy2007PMatt Harrison2012P
Jonathan Papelbon2006PGreg Holland2013P
R. A. Dickey2012PJoe Saunders2008P
Matt Cain2009PJeremy Jeffress2018P
Craig Kimbrel2017PJonathan Broxton2009P
Mike Minor2019PMat Latos2012P
Aaron Cook2008PGavin Floyd2008P
Joe Blanton2007PDaniel Hudson2011P
Jonny Venters2011PMatt Capps2007P
David Robertson2015PMicah Owings2007P
Tyler Clippard2011PBrendan Donnelly2003P
Travis Wood2013PIan Snell2007P
Scott Baker2008PSean Marshall2011P
2010 Florida  2010 Texas  
Andrew McCutchen2012OFChris Davis20131B
Alex Avila2011CCarl Crawford2010OF
Ryan Ludwick2008OFAdam Dunn2004OF
Mike Morse20111BHunter Pence2013OF
David Eckstein2005SSMichael Bourn2012OF
Billy Butler20121BJay Bruce2013OF
Jeff Keppinger20102BKelly Johnson20102B
Chris Johnson20133BAustin Jackson2012OF
Steve Pearce20141BChris Young2011OF
Casey Kotchman20111BLew Ford2004OF
Ryan Freel2004OFScott Podsednik2003OF
Jarrod Saltalamacchia2013CJorge Cantu20083B
Danny Valencia20163BBrad Hawpe2007OF
Matt Murton2006OFDavid Murphy2012OF
Lastings Milledge2008OFDavid Freese20123B
Elijah Dukes2008OFJames Loney20131B
Robert Andino20112BRyan Roberts20113B
Matt LaPorta20111BDrew Stubbs2010OF
Clete Thomas2009OFConor Jackson2008OF
Tyler Greene20122BChris Snyder2007C
Brian Buscher20083BBen Broussard20041B
Andrew Romine2014SSKelly Shoppach2008C
Zack Greinke2015PScott Hairston2009OF
Chris Sale2017PBrandon Wood20113B
Brett Myers2010PClayton Kershaw2013P
Andrew Miller2016PJohn Lackey2007P
Wade Davis2015PClay Buchholz2010P
Gio Gonzalez2017PJosh Beckett2007P
Scot Shields2005PJohn Danks2008P
Chris Perez2010PHuston Street2005P
Jesse Litsch2008PJason Jennings2006P
Chris Ray2006PScott Kazmir2007P
Mike Maroth2004PJohn Patterson2005P
Darren O’Day2015PAndrew Cashner2017P
Anthony Swarzak2017PHomer Bailey2012P
Nick Masset2009PChris Young2006P
Scott Proctor2006PMike Adams2011P
Sean Burnett2010PDaniel Bard2010P
Jeff Fulchino2009PMatt Belisle2010P
Chris Volstad2008PJordan Walden2011P
2010 USA_West  2010 Venezuela  
Chase Headley20123BMiguel Cabrera20111B
Jacoby Ellsbury2011OFVictor Martinez20141B
Michael Brantley2014OFPablo Sandoval20093B
Grady Sizemore2008OFMiguel Montero2011C
Ian Kinsler20162BCarlos Gonzalez2010OF
Jed Lowrie20182BElvis Andrus2017SS
Shane Victorino2011OFMartin Prado20102B
Aaron Rowand2007OFAsdrubal Cabrera2011SS
Andre Ethier2009OFWilson Ramos2016C
J. J. Hardy2008SSAlcides Escobar2014SS
Lyle Overbay20061BCesar Izturis2004SS
Kurt Suzuki2008CMarco Scutaro20122B
Ryan Doumit2008CFranklin Gutierrez2009OF
Shea Hillenbrand20023BJose Lopez20082B
John Buck2010CJosh Barfield20062B
Cody Ross2009OFLuis Valbuena20143B
Chris Duncan2007OFGerardo Parra2011OF
Eric Sogard20192BAlberto Callaspo20092B
Nick Hundley2011COmar Infante20102B
Nate Schierholtz2013OFFrancisco Cervelli2015C
Darwin Barney20122BJuan Rivera2006OF
Matt Diaz2009OFMaicer Izturis20092B
Chris Shelton20051BDioner Navarro2008C
Tim Lincecum2008PGregor Blanco2014OF
Jon Lester2016PFelix Hernandez2009P
Mark Melancon2015PCarlos Zambrano2005P
David Aardsma2009PCarlos Carrasco2017P
Jeremy Guthrie2010PFrancisco Rodriguez2006P
Scott Feldman2009PAnibal Sanchez2013P
Jeremy Bonderman2006PRafael Betancourt2007P
Jeremy Accardo2007PJhoulys Chacin2013P
Brandon Lyon2010PCarlos Silva2004P
Jeremy Affeldt2003PGustavo Chacin2005P
Dallas Braden2010PArmando Galarraga2008P
Shawn Chacon2005PJorge Julio2002P
Eric O’Flaherty2011PJuan Rincon2004P
Brandon Kintzler2017PYusmeiro Petit2017P
Brian Bannister2007PEdward Mujica2013P
Kevin Gregg2008PVictor Zambrano2003P
Brian Matusz2010PRonald Belisario2012P

Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-2010 – Season 1

Chris Sale (FLA) no-hitter, 18 strikeouts                  

Josh Johnson (MDW) no-hitter

Carlos Pena (DR1) 3 HR, 5 RBI

Jake Arrieta (MDW) no-hitter

Robinson Cano 3 HR, 7 RBI

Retro WBC 2020

USA_West manufactured a run differential of +136 per year en route to securing the Retro-WBC 2020 championship. Gerrit Cole (CA2) registered 286 strikeouts per season. Jacob deGrom (FLA) and Jose D. Fernandez (CPR) finished one-two in ERA (2.56 vs. 2.86) and WHIP (1.050 vs. 1.051). Tim Anderson (SOU) and Dee Strange-Gordon (FLA) both batted at a .325 clip. Bryce Harper (WES) bested Mookie Betts (SOU) in on-base (.419 vs. .402) and slugging (.577 vs. .551) percentage while also leading the circuit in runs scored and bases on balls with 105 apiece. Pete Alonso (FLA) crushed 47 long balls and plated 116 baserunners per year to lead in both categories over Aaron Judge (39 HR) and Cody Bellinger (111 RBI) respectively .

Series 1

2020    USA_West                                                                 95        66        0.590

Season 2

2020    Dominican_Republic_2                                              104      57        0.646

Season 3

2020    USA_West                                                                 106      55        0.658

Season 4

2020    Dominican_Republic_2                                              98        63        0.609

Season 5

2020    Texas                                                                           95        67        0.586

Season 6

2020    Texas                                                                           100      62        0.617

Season 7

2020    USA_Southeast                                                          101      61        0.623

Season 8

2020    USA_West                                                                 94        67        0.584

Season 9

2020    USA_West                                                                 105      56        0.652

2020 Asia_Canada_Europe 2020 Cuba_Puerto_Rico 
Didi Gregorius2018SSFrancisco Lindor2018SS
Max Kepler2019OFJose Abreu20141B
Jung Ho Kang20153BYasiel Puig2014OF
Nori Aoki2012OFJavier Baez20182B
Brett Lawrie20123BYoan Moncada20193B
Ji-Man Choi20191BCarlos Correa2016SS
Aaron Altherr2017OFYoenis Cespedes2015OF
Vladimir Guerrero20193BYasmani Grandal2019C
Hyun Soo Kim2016OFJorge Soler2019OF
Dae-ho Lee20161BYuli Gurriel20191B
Munenori Kawasaki2013SSEddie Rosario2018OF
Josh Naylor2019OFAledmys Diaz2016SS
Tyler O’Neill2018OFRoberto Perez2019C
Bruce Maxwell2017CYordan Alvarez2019OF
Jim Adduci20181BLeonys Martin2014OF
Byung Ho Park20161BChristian Vazquez2019C
Rob Refsnyder2016OFEnrique Hernandez2018OF
Tsuyoshi Nishioka2011SSAdeiny Hechavarria2014SS
Tzu-Wei Lin2018SSMartin Maldonado2017C
Alex Liddi20123BJose Iglesias2018SS
Dalton Pompey2015OFYasmany Tomas2016OF
Rene Tosoni2011OFLourdes Gurriel2019OF
Abraham Toro20193BAdonis Garcia20163B
Chris Robinson2013CYandy Diaz20193B
Hisashi Iwakuma2013PEdwin Diaz2018P
Yu Darvish2013PJose Fernandez2013P
Masahiro Tanaka2016PRaisel Iglesias2017P
Shohei Ohtani2018PJose Berrios2019P
Hyun Jin Ryu2019PAlex Claudio2017P
Mike Soroka2019PJoe Jimenez2018P
Liam Hendriks2019PRoenis Elias2014P
Seunghwan Oh2016PXavier Cedeno2015P
Wei-Yin Chen2015PYoan Lopez2019P
Kenta Maeda2016PAriel Miranda2017P
James Paxton2017POdrisamer Despaigne2014P
Scott Diamond2012PDalier Hinojosa2015P
Jim Henderson2013PMichel Baez2019P
Yoshihisa Hirano2018PNestor Cortes2019P
Alex Wilson2015PJorge Lopez2018P
Nick Pivetta2018PRogelio Armenteros2019P
2020 Dominican_Republic_1  2020 Dominican_Republic_2  
Jose Ramirez20183BKetel Marte2019OF
Marcell Ozuna2017OFJean Segura20162B
Juan Soto2019OFJorge Polanco2019SS
Rafael Devers20193BJonathan Villar2016SS
Miguel Andujar20183BAmed Rosario2019SS
Starling Marte2015OFDomingo Santana2017OF
Ramon Laureano2019OFGregory Polanco2018OF
Gary Sanchez2017CFernando Tatis2019SS
Willy Adames2019SSDanny Santana2014OF
Miguel Sano20193BVictor Robles2019OF
Nomar Mazara2016OFMaikel Franco20163B
Franmil Reyes2019OFHanser Alberto20192B
Eloy Jimenez2019OFJuan Lagares2014OF
Manuel Margot2017OFWilin Rosario2013C
Teoscar Hernandez2018OFLeury Garcia2019OF
Yairo Munoz2018SSJorge Bonifacio2017OF
Wilmer Difo2017SSPedro Florimon2013SS
Alen Hanson20182BRonald Guzman20181B
Raimel Tapia2019OFJimmy Paredes20153B
Jefry Marte20161BJunior Lake2013OF
Aristides Aquino2019OFAbraham Almonte2015OF
Elian Herrera20153BPedro Severino2019C
Francisco Mejia2019CJordany Valdespin2012OF
Cesar Puello2019OFMoises Sierra2013OF
Luis Severino2017PLuis M. Castillo2019P
Jeurys Familia2015PCarlos E. Martinez2016P
Yordano Ventura2014PHansel Robles2019P
Hector Neris2019PDanny Salazar2015P
Kelvin Herrera2016PWily Peralta2014P
Alex Colome2017PJose Leclerc2018P
Sandy Alcantara2019PSeranthony Dominguez2018P
Jose Urena2017PMichael Pineda2011P
Juan Nicasio2017PDomingo German2019P
Arodys Vizcaino2017PReynaldo Lopez2018P
Frankie Montas2019PPedro Baez2019P
Edgar Santana2018PReyes Moronta2018P
Richard Rodriguez2018PLuis A. Garcia2017P
Rubby De La Rosa2015PDiego Castillo2019P
Carlos Estevez2019PWander Suero2019P
Hector Noesi2014PAl Alburquerque2011P
2020 Mexico_Central_S.America  2020 California_1  
Ozzie Albies20192BChristian Yelich2018OF
Xander Bogaerts2018SSAaron Judge2017OF
Jonathan Schoop20172BDJ LeMahieu20192B
Andrelton Simmons2013SSMatt Chapman20183B
Gio Urshela20193BRhys Hoskins2018OF
Yan Gomes2014CKhris Davis2018OF
Jurickson Profar2018SSMark Canha2019OF
Johan Camargo20183BBrandon Crawford2018SS
Paulo Orlando2016OFKevin Newman2019SS
Oscar Mercado2019OFKevin Pillar2015OF
Jorge Alfaro2019CDavid Fletcher20193B
Cheslor Cuthbert20163BStephen Vogt2015C
Harold Ramirez2019OFJames McCann2019C
Christian Villanueva20183BKeston Hiura20192B
Donovan Solano20192BAustin Barnes2017C
Mauricio Dubon20192BTravis d’Arnaud2015C
Luis Urias2019SSDaniel Robertson20182B
Dilson Herrera20152BMatt Davidson20181B
Jabari Blash2017OFRyan McMahon20192B
Christian Bethancourt2016CGreg Garcia20192B
Meibrys Viloria2019CAnthony Gose2015OF
Jhonatan Solano2012CTony Wolters2019C
Allen Cordoba2017OFAlex Dickerson2016OF
Daniel Castro20152BAustin Hedges2017C
Julio Teheran2014PZack Britton2016P
Jose Quintana2016PKyle Hendricks2016P
Roberto Osuna2016PAaron Sanchez2016P
Miguel Gonzalez2014PLucas Giolito2019P
Giovanny Gallegos2019PRyan Cook2012P
Erasmo Ramirez2015PTrevor Williams2018P
Jaime Barria2018PAddison Reed2016P
J. C. Ramirez2017PMax Fried2019P
Julio Urias2019PA. J. Griffin2013P
Hector Velazquez2018PTanner Scheppers2013P
Victor Arano2018PDan Straily2016P
Randall Delgado2015PMike Montgomery2017P
Luis Cessa2019PJoe Kelly2013P
Ariel Jurado2019PScott Alexander2017P
Jharel Cotton2016PKyle Barraclough2016P
Andres Munoz2019PNick Wittgren2019P
2020 California_2  2020 USA_Midwest  
Marcus Semien2019SSDerek Norris2015C
Mitch Haniger2018OFLuke Voit20191B
Nolan Arenado20183BScott Van Slyke2014OF
Jeff McNeil2019OFAndy Dirks2012OF
Aaron Hicks2018OFScott Schebler2017OF
Mike Moustakas20153BDarin Ruf2013OF
Stephen Piscotty2018OFSteve Lombardozzi20122B
Joc Pederson2016OFClint Robinson20151B
Matt Duffy20153BCody Asche20143B
Eric Thames20171BJon Berti2019SS
J. D. Davis2019OFBen Paulsen20151B
C. J. Cron20181BEd Lucas20133B
Tommy Edman20193BJacob Stallings2019C
Robbie Grossman2018OFRyan LaMarre2018OF
Ryon Healy20171BRichie Martin2019SS
Matt Dominguez20133BDusty Coleman2017SS
Adalberto Mondesi2019SSGavin Lux20192B
Garrett Cooper20191BBubba Starling2019OF
Jordan Luplow2019OFJared Walsh20191B
Willie Calhoun2019OFAnthony Bemboom2019C
J. P. Crawford2019SSBlake Treinen2018P
Tyler Saladino20162BBrad Hand2017P
Jett Bandy2016CTrevor Rosenthal2015P
Curt Casali2019CMichael Wacha2015P
Gerrit Cole2019PJosh Collmenter2014P
Shane Bieber2019PDavid Phelps2016P
Trevor Bauer2018PTony Watson2015P
Jack Flaherty2019PSean Doolittle2018P
Danny Duffy2016PChris Rusin2017P
Garrett Richards2015PMatt Shoemaker2014P
Michael Lorenzen2019PJohn Means2019P
Tyler Chatwood2016PZach Putnam2014P
Chris Devenski2016PNick Anderson2019P
Steven Wright2016PJake Diekman2016P
Tommy Milone2012PJake Petricka2014P
Aaron Bummer2019PAaron Crow2012P
Matt Bush2016PMatt Strahm2018P
Joey Lucchesi2019PAnthony Bass2019P
Keone Kela2018PRyne Stanek2018P
Justin Wilson2013PCaleb Thielbar2013P
2020 Illinois_Indiana_Ohio  2020 USA_Northeast  
Jason Kipnis20132BMike Trout2015OF
Adam Eaton2016OFAJ Pollock2015OF
Andrew Benintendi2018OFGeorge Springer2019OF
Josh Harrison20143BDevin Mesoraco2014C
Scooter Gennett20182BTodd Frazier20143B
Travis Shaw20173BMatt Adams20141B
Kyle Schwarber2019OFJoe Panik20152B
Derek Dietrich2018OFNick Ahmed2019SS
Kevin Kiermaier2015OFChristian Walker20191B
Carson Kelly2019CHarrison Bader2018OF
Tucker Barnhart2017CMike Yastrzemski2019OF
Mike Tauchman2019OFCory Spangenberg20173B
JB Shuck2013OFJeimer Candelario20183B
Josh Phegley2019CColin Moran20183B
David Lough2013OFIan Happ2017OF
Nick Martini2018OFChris Colabello2015OF
Danny Jansen2019CTom Murphy2019C
Adam Engel2018OFBrandon Guyer2015OF
Ryan Rua2016OFJesse Winker2018OF
Jeremy Hazelbaker2016OFTommy La Stella20192B
Nicky Lopez20192BTravis Jankowski2018OF
Tanner Roark2016PRyan Flaherty20132B
Lance Lynn2019PMarcus Stroman2017P
Jerad Eickhoff2016PPatrick Corbin2019P
Mike Foltynewicz2018PMatt Harvey2013P
Kyle Gibson2015PDellin Betances2015P
Collin McHugh2014PAlex Cobb2013P
Jake Odorizzi2019PBrad Brach2016P
Jarrod Parker2012PKevin Siegrist2015P
Sean Manaea2018PHector Santiago2015P
Chris Bassitt2019PAnthony DeSclafani2019P
Zach Plesac2019PJared Hughes2018P
Andrew Chafin2015PScott Oberg2019P
Tony Cingrani2013PLou Trivino2018P
Zach McAllister2013PSean Newcomb2018P
Trevor Richards2019PJeff Locke2013P
T. J. McFarland2018PNate Karns2015P
George Kontos2015PSteven Matz2016P
Eric Lauer2019PTom Koehler2014P
Dan Winkler2018PDominic Leone2017P
2020 USA_South  2020_USA_Southeast  
Mookie Betts2018OFPaul Goldschmidt20151B
Brian Dozier20172BCorey Seager2016SS
J. T. Realmuto2018CKyle Seager20163B
Tim Anderson2019SSChris Taylor2017OF
Brian Anderson2018OFAustin Meadows2019OF
Logan Forsythe20152BWhit Merrifield20182B
Zack Cozart2017SSWil Myers20161B
Corey Dickerson2017OFJackie Bradley2016OF
Adam Duvall2016OFBryan Reynolds2019OF
Billy Hamilton2014OFMatt Olson20191B
Jordy Mercer2016SSJoey Wendle20182B
Hunter Renfroe2019OFAdam Frazier20192B
Jace Peterson20152BTim Beckham2017SS
Ryan Schimpf20162BDansby Swanson2019SS
Johnny Giavotella20152BJedd Gyorko20132B
David Dahl2019OFJustin Bour20171B
Caleb Joseph2015CByron Buxton2017OF
Mikie Mahtook2017OFDustin Ackley20122B
Pete Kozma2013SSDelino DeShields2015OF
Tony Kemp2018OFBilly Burns2015OF
Collin Cowgill2014OFLonnie Chisenhall20143B
Corey Kluber2017PBrandon Lowe20192B
Aaron Nola2018PSpencer Kieboom2018C
Dallas Keuchel2015PGrayson Greiner2018C
Sonny Gray2019PAlex Wood2017P
Robbie Ray2017PJosh Hader2019P
Drew Pomeranz2017PEmilio Pagan2019P
Michael Fulmer2016PChris Archer2015P
Wade Miley2012PWill Smith2019P
Walker Buehler2019PZach Wheeler2018P
Rex Brothers2013PZack Godley2017P
Dakota Hudson2019PBrad Keller2018P
Seth Lugo2019PChad Green2018P
Jon Gray2019PJordan Montgomery2017P
Archie Bradley2017PRyan Dull2016P
Drew Smyly2014PJordan Lyles2019P
Dylan Bundy2017PDavid Carpenter2013P
Blake Parker2017PJohn Gant2019P
Taijuan Walker2017PCarl Edwards2017P
Nate Jones2016PSeth Maness2014P
2020 Florida  2020 Texas  
J. D. Martinez2018OFMatt Carpenter20132B
Anthony Rizzo20151BCharlie Blackmon2017OF
Manny Machado20153BAnthony Rendon20193B
Pete Alonso20191BTrevor Story2018SS
Eric Hosmer20171BBrandon Belt20131B
Dee Strange-Gordon20152BJosh Bell20191B
Nick Castellanos2018OFMax Muncy20192B
Trea Turner2018SSHunter Dozier20193B
Paul DeJong2019SSEvan Gattis2016C
Trey Mancini2019OFTyler Naquin2016OF
Mike Zunino2017CCameron Rupp2016C
J. R. Murphy2015CCavan Biggio20192B
Addison Russell2016SSRandal Grichuk2018OF
Mallex Smith2018OFBrock Holt20152B
Brad Miller2016SSNick Williams2018OF
Michael Taylor2017OFRyan Goins20152B
Jemile Weeks20112BWill Middlebrooks20123B
Devon Travis20162BBlake Swihart2015C
Dan Vogelbach20191BChris Herrmann2016C
Ben Gamel2017OFTyler Collins2015OF
Albert Almora2018OFBilly McKinney2018OF
Nick Franklin20132BSam Hilliard2019OF
Keon Broxton2017OFNoah Syndergaard2016P
Bo Bichette2019SSCorey Knebel2017P
Jacob deGrom2018PBrandon Workman2019P
Mike Clevinger2018PChase Anderson2017P
Miles Mikolas2018PAJ Ramos2015P
Jameson Taillon2018PShawn Tolleson2015P
Sam Dyson2016PTyler Thornburg2016P
Cody Allen2014PShelby Miller2015P
Matt Moore2013PCarson Smith2015P
Brad Peacock2017PWill Harris2016P
Mike Fiers2018PChad Bettis2016P
Shane Greene2019PChris Paddack2019P
Mychal Givens2017PJarred Cosart2014P
Dan Otero2016PMerrill Kelly2019P
Luke Jackson2019PRyan Pressly2018P
Carlos Rodon2015PNathan Eovaldi2015P
Zach Eflin2019PRyan Yarbrough2018P
Lance McCullers2015PParker Bridwell2017P
2020 USA_West  2020 Venezuela  
Bryce Harper2015OFJose Altuve20172B
Alex Bregman20193BRonald Acuna2019OF
Cody Bellinger2019OFGleyber Torres2019SS
Kris Bryant20163BMarwin Gonzalez2017OF
Kolten Wong20192BOdubel Herrera2016OF
Brandon Nimmo2018OFRougned Odor20162B
Michael Conforto2019OFEugenio Suarez20193B
Kole Calhoun2015OFCesar Hernandez20162B
Tommy Pham2017OFEnder Inciarte2017OF
Steven Souza2017OFAvisail Garcia2017OF
Jake Lamb20173BDavid Peralta2018OF
Mitch Garver2019CJesus Aguilar20181B
Joey Gallo20173BEduardo Escobar20183B
Scott Kingery2019OFSalvador Perez2013C
Alex Verdugo2019OFJose Martinez20181B
Brandon Drury20172BOrlando Arcia2017SS
Jordan Pacheco20123BYangervis Solarte20153B
Tommy Joseph20161BFreddy Galvis2017SS
David Bote20193BOmar Narvaez2019C
Isiah Kiner-Falefa20183BWillson Contreras2018C
Joey Rickard2016OFJose Peraza2018SS
Garrett Hampson20192BWilmer Flores2015SS
Reese McGuire2019CCarlos Sanchez20183B
Johnny Field2018OFLuis Arraez20192B
Blake Snell2018PMiguel Rojas2019SS
Kyle Freeland2018PRobinson Chirinos2017C
Tom Wilhelmsen2012PFelipe Vazquez2017P
Kirby Yates2019PHector Rondon2015P
Jimmy Nelson2017PGerman Marquez2018P
Zach Davies2017PEduardo Rodriguez2019P
Taylor Rogers2019PHenderson Alvarez2014P
Ken Giles2017PJunior Guerra2019P
Kevin Gausman2016PMartin Perez2016P
Marco Gonzales2018PJose Alvarado2018P
Matt Boyd2019PLuis Avilan2013P
Tyler Anderson2018PAntonio Senzatela2017P
Tony Barnette2016PYonny Chirinos2019P
Trevor May2019PAlex Torres2013P
Adam Conley2016PJose Alvarez2018P
Ty Blach2017PJean Machi2014P


Special Boxscores – Retro-WBC-2020 – Season 1

Yu Darvish (ACE) strikes out 15                  


Sonny Gray (SOU) perfect game!


Alex Bergman (WES) 3 HR, 7 RBI


Alex Wood (SE) no-hitter


Jorge Soler (CPR) 3 HR, 5 RBI


Kris Bryant (WES) 3 HR, 3 RBI


Josh Bell (TEX) 3 HR, 4 RBI


Marwin Gonzalez (VEN) 3 HR, 5 RBI


Jeff McNeil (CA2) 3 HR, 3 RBI


Yasmani Grandal (CPR) 3 HR, 4 RBI


Dan Straily (CA1) no-hitter


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Playthrough – Hardball Retro


Seamheads – Baseball Gauge

Sean Lahman Baseball Archive

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Don Daglow (Intellivision World Series Major League Baseball, Earl Weaver Baseball, Tony LaRussa Baseball) contributed the foreword for Hardball Retrospective. The foreword and preview of my book are accessible here

“Hardball Retrospective - Addendum 2014 to 2016” supplements my research for Hardball Retrospective, providing retroactive standings based on Wins Above Replacement (WAR) and Win Shares (WS) for each "original" team over the past three seasons (2014-2016). Team totals from 2010 - 2013 are included for reference purposes. “Addendum” is available in paperback and digital (Kindle) format at Amazon.com. 

I am a New Jersey native with a passion for baseball, statistics, computers and video games who enjoys spending quality time with his family. Co-chair of the SABR Games and Simulations Committee (https://sabrbaseballgaming.com) since August 2022. Visit my Amazon author page to check out my books, promotional videos, and post a review if you're a Hardball Retro fan! https://www.amazon.com/author/derekbain My Books: Hardball Architects – Volume 1 (American League Teams)”, published in July 2020, is available in paperback and digital (Kindle) format at Amazon.com.  Hardball Architects – Volume 2 (National League Teams)”, published in April 2022, is available in paperback and digital (Kindle) format at Amazon.com.  “Hardball Architects” examines the trades, free agent acquisitions, draft picks and other transactions for the 30 Major League Baseball franchises, divided into a 2-volume set (American League and National League). All key moves are scrutinized for every team and Sabermetric principles are applied to the roster construction throughout the lifetime of the organization to encapsulate the hits and misses by front office executives. Hardball Retroactive”, published in June 2018, is available in paperback and digital (Kindle) format at Amazon.com. A cross-section of essays that I penned for Seamheads.com along with my Baseball Analytics blog spanning nearly a decade touching on subjects including "Taking the Extra Base", "General Manager Scorecard", "Worst Trades", "BABIP By Location" and "Baseball Birthplaces and the Retro World Baseball Classic". Rediscover your favorite hardball arcade and simulations in "Play Retro Baseball Video Games In Your Browser" or take a deep dive into every franchise's minor league successes and failures in relation to their major league operations in "Minors vs. Majors". “Hardball Retrospective” is available in paperback and digital (Kindle) format at Amazon.com. Supplemental Statistics, Charts and Graphs along with a discussion forum are offered at TuataraSoftware.com. In Hardball Retrospective, I placed every ballplayer in the modern era (from 1901-present) on their original teams. Using a variety of advanced statistics and methods, I generated revised standings for each season based entirely on the performance of each team’s “original” players. I discuss every team’s “original” players and seasons at length along with organizational performance with respect to the Amateur Draft (or First-Year Player Draft), amateur free agent signings and other methods of player acquisition. Season standings, WAR and Win Shares totals for the “original” teams are compared against the real-time or “actual” team results to assess each franchise’s scouting, development and general management skills. Don Daglow (Intellivision World Series Major League Baseball, Earl Weaver Baseball, Tony LaRussa Baseball) contributed the foreword for Hardball Retrospective. The foreword and preview of my book are accessible here “Hardball Retrospective - Addendum 2014 to 2016” supplements my research for Hardball Retrospective, providing retroactive standings based on Wins Above Replacement (WAR) and Win Shares (WS) for each "original" team over the past three seasons (2014-2016). Team totals from 2010 - 2013 are included for reference purposes. “Addendum” is available in paperback and digital (Kindle) format at Amazon.com. 


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