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Billy Martin

The New “Billy Ball”

In 2003, Michael Lewis published his deep dive into what became an analytics revolution. “Moneyball” popularized Bill James theories on analytics and thrust Billy Beane reluctantly into the baseball spotlight. Take away Brad Pitt, an A’s historic win streak, and…

Isn’t It Ironic … Don’t You Think

Bill James, the father of Sabermetrics, called bunting “usually a waste of time.” Super Agent Scott Boras referred to the defensive shift as “discriminatory”, in part because his client Bryce Harper was struggling against the tactic. How do these extreme…

What Happened to Steve Carlton?

Steve Carlton, otherwise known as “Lefty”, will turn 74 this December.  In today’s age of specialization and analytics driven pitching decisions, it seems a lifetime ago since we saw a pitcher amass 280 innings.  Carlton managed to do it 5…